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      "Baby, I miss you" Jin whispered to me and I was about to reply her when I remembered that she was dead.

"Help. Me.  Please. "

Those were the last words I heard my girlfriend say. Five years had passed since Jin died but I hear her last words everyday. I headed to her grave  to put my mind at ease.

She's gone.
She's never coming back.
She's dead.

     As I reached her grave, I froze. Her tombstone had been raised up--scattered. Someone had dug her grave. I ran to it and found it empty. Someone had stolen Jin!

      I smelt her before I saw her. Everywhere smelt like strawberries. Suddenly, I spotted her waving at me from the next tombstone. I did not care that she was dead, I ran to her and I hugged her.
"But how...?" I asked
"Shh.... My love" she said and pulled me closer till I had to take a step back.

     She still smelt like strawberries even after five years. Tears flooded my eyes and I let Jin drag me to her tombstone as I wept. My eyes dried as she pushed me to the spot she was buried on.

"Weep not my love, we will be together forever now" she said to me.

      She lay on me and began to cover us in her tomb sand.   Just then her skin began to peel off and I could see her bones. A cold finger ran down my spine as I realised that her body was disintegrating before my very eyes. The strawberry scent vamoosed and all I could smell was dirt and rot.

How did I not notice that she had maggots crawling on her skin or that the sockets of her eyes were exposed?

      I tried to get her off me but she kept on pouring the sand till I could see and smell nothing but soot. I said a quick dust--subdued--prayer and a loud sound rang in my ear.   I opened one eye slowly and was faced by the black souless eyes of Jin's teddy bear on my bed.

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