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Nox Arcana

It was a dusky and tranquil night in the dead of the winter cold, no soul was in sight and not even the sounds of the animals of the night. A little boy, naive and full of childhood fears, walk to the edge of the village which is a forest to collect water for his widowed mother. As the child walks through the thick black trees shadowing fear, he suddenly has a suspicion that someone is watching him. He turned around and saw something he couldn’t believe. Someone is following him. The figure is all black except two extremely wide milky eyes, looking directly to him. Completely filled with panic, the boy ran. Trees pass through him and kept running till he got tired. When he stopped, he realized that he is at the lake and the figure is gone. The lake is surrounded by thick trees and the only thing that reflected the lake is the moon. As he scoops the water with the bucket, he heard wailing and a scream like a ghost crying in an empty house.

The wailing keeps saying," Woe is my child!! Woe is my child!!!!"

The boy looked around his surroundings, but he couldn't see a being that's making this horrible sound. He hurried to his beaten home, but something wasn't right in his stomach and he doesn’t know why. When he got home, there is something wrong. His home was dark and empty like nobody lives there. As the little boy come closer, the door creaked slowly as he comes closer.

The little boy came in with a sudden fear that the wailing was a harbinger of some sort. As he opens the door and came in, he saw something that shocked him like a tsunami wave. A body was laid lifelessly on the floor on its belly. He turned the body over and gasped. It was his mother, brown eyes empty and blood coming from her mouth. There were seemly tears from her eyes that were dried a long time ago. On her hands was a cross and the picture of the Blessed Virgin Mary and both are coated with blood. Blood was coming from her neck and it looked like teeth marks.

He ran out of the house and went back to the pond. When he got there, he sat on a rock and wept like a baby. When he looked up, he saw a figure. The figure was female, her skin pale catch the moonlight, wearing a red and black wedding gown, and carrying a knife with the edge showered with red solid-like liquid. But it wasn’t the clothing or the knife that scared him. It was the face, her eyes are moonlight white, lips blood red, batwing black hair and a speckle of blood at the corner of her mouth. She smiled a scary grin with her fang-like teeth at the boy.

The boy, in fear, asked the female, “Who are you?”

The female,” I am Karayan.”

The boy with wide eyes, ran as fast he could. But, no matter how fast he goes, the female still follow him.

He could hear a whisper in his brain, “Ave Nox Arcana. Ave Nox Arcana. Ave Nox Arcana!”

Each sentence would get louder and louder in his mind that he could not stand it anymore. When the boy got to a graveyard that was far away from his village, the vampire was gone. With a sigh of relief, he sat on the ground, damp and warm. The boy had a feeling that something is going to grab his hand, but he doesn’t know why. Out of nowhere, a hand, pale and wrinkled, grabbed the boy’s hand. The boy turned and gasp in horror. It’s a man. The man had rotting green flesh, empty blank eyes, suit ripped, organs exposed, looking evil, and was coming out of a fresh-made grave.

“Come…With…..Me………” The ghoul groaned as he pulled the boy toward the earth.

The boy tried to let go the hold, but it was too late. The boy was buried alive, without a trace. To this day, people will look through the wood in search of the boy and his murdered mother. But, no one could find out where the boy disappeared and was believed to be a myth, but they're wrong. 

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Carstairs said...
yesterday at 6:49 pm
I would say that for the most part this was good, but I would check your use of tenses. Stick to one. Also I would not put the moral of the story at the end. The reader is supposed to figure it out for themselves. I liked the suspense, and the idea is really cool.
SpeakerofWolvesThis teenager is a 'regular' and has contributed a lot of work, comments and/or forum posts, and has received many votes and high ratings over a long period of time. replied...
today at 8:48 am
Thanks, I actually knew that I wasn't supposed to do like the morale. This was actually my first time to write a story. I will probably make another scary story like this one. Thanks for the comment and I'm glad that you like it. I may edit when I have time.
SpeakerofWolvesThis teenager is a 'regular' and has contributed a lot of work, comments and/or forum posts, and has received many votes and high ratings over a long period of time. replied...
today at 9:59 am
There we go, all fixed!
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