Lady Lydia's Last Birthday

February 7, 2017
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Lady lydia was riding her unicorn to the stable. She flew high in the sky. Lady
lydia lived in a huge castle, and she had magical powers. She could shoot ice
from her fingertips.

Lady lydia had servants who waited on her hand and foot. They did
everything for her. “Get me some ice tea,what’s taking so long?, I will Fire
You!” she never had to do anything for herself. They helped her get dressed
in the morning, and had UNI, her Unicorn ready every morning for School.
She was too cold in the morning, so samantha a beggar they brought in to
live as house slave, uses her fire powers to heat up the rooms. Someday,
Samantha just wants to set Lydia’s room on fire.
-but she has more sense than that. She’d be stoned in an instant,if she stole
an extra biscuit from dinner, she can’t imagine what they’d do if she killed
the next in line for the throne.

One day, lydia was out “berry-picking” , or so everyone thought that’s what
she was doing. She was really freezing the servant’s beds and blankets. The
servants came together.. They were going to take care of Lydia once and for

They waited until, the 12th of may, Lady Lydia’s birthday. She was in the
bathTub, waiting for the servants to come bring her a towel. They weren’t
going to dry her, or clothe her , but she wouldn’t be wet, when they got
through with her.

Lady lydia got out of the tub and was sitting on the sink, trying to braid her
hair. She was wet, and wanted to just go down and eat her birthday cake.
She loved today, it was the day everyone celebrated her even more than
they already did. The servants walked in,Samantha -the leader,and they
shoved Lydia’s cold,wet body onto the floor, and burnt her to a crisp. Lydia
had tried to resist, ice covered the floor. -but she was gone.
Samantha & the servants were scared they would be killed. Witchcraft. They
packed their bags, and stole all of lydia’s “shiny things” and drove away into
the sunset in a little pink carriage, chuckling and eating the birthday cakethey were forced to prepare....THE END

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