fake world

November 23, 2016

Part 1

In this world there is a boy named Matthew. Matthew is a average 14 year old boy who is attends at a middle school. He has average grades, no special talents, and a few friends. There was nothing special about Matthew just completely and totally average. The only thing wrong about Matthew, is that he is living in a fake world.

“Matthew MATTHEW MATTHEW!” screams out AJ. “Matthew you're always dozing off” says AJ. I’m sorry, it’s not on purpose. “ what do you think of when you doze off like that?” says AJ. I don’t know I can’t remember, it always gets foggy when I try to remember. “Hey it’s starting to get late let's head home” says AJ. Yeah I’m gonna go home. I start walking home trying to not make any noise, to not disturb any of my neighbors.

I walk into my lawn and notice that the grass hasn’t been cut for a while. I try to ignore it and go to bed so i can get sleep for school the next day. I wake up in the morning take a shower and get dressed for school. I opened up the window and noticed that the grass was completely cut. I guess that dad most of cut it last night or something. I really didn’t have time to question it because I still had school stuff to do before the bus came. The bus arrives and i start to get into it so i can head to school. I don’t want to sit with anyone today because i want to lay down on the seat this morning, but my bus is packed. I get onto the bus and to my surprise there are three people in one seat. I sit down in my seat alone not knowing what to think so i just decide to lay down.

I get to school and the first thing I do is meet up with AJ. We both have the same classes together so me and here hang out a lot after school. When I get into math the teacher ask everyone to have out their homework. Crap i didn’t and i hope it was optional were the only two things going through my head. I know it isn’t optional but i have to have hope. “Everyone the homework last night was optional” said the teacher.

I start thinking to myself everything I think of comes true. After school i run straight home then i doze off for a little bit before trying my power. I start thinking of something I wanted to happen. All of a sudden i remember AJ’s question “ what do you think of when you doze off like that?”. Then like a raging waterfall memories came flowing back to me. I remembered I was in a whole different place with and my parents were there too. Yet something is different here something happened that I can’t remember. I try harder to remember and it hits me like a bullet.

I was shot in the back of my head and pronounced brain dead. My parent kept coming in every day to check on me and help take care of me. They rolled me around the hospital to keep me entertained and fed me everyday for 20 years, until I pasted away. Then it hits me the world i’ve been living in is fake. I want to see my parents again i want to go back there! Still nothing happened at all. From that moment i vowed to find a way to see my real parents again and thank them
By: Killswitch

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