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Kipp of the Underground

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Kipp Disketre, 17, lives in the Underground, a worldwide system of tunnels and neighborhoods miles under the earth's suface. His father, Fi, was a scientest, but when Kipp was just 4, he disappeared after having been said to have created a new element. This element would have filled the holes in the ozone layer. It would have sealed out the sun's harmful rays that originally forced everyone into the protective layer of earth that was now above them. The element is but a myth; Fi a forgotten whisper drifting in the wind. But Kipp knows something that no one else even thinks of anymore: the element is real. Can he finish what his dad started?   

Chapter 1: Introductions

Our story begins on a dark November morning, in the year of 3091, with a boy named Kipp Disketre. 17 years old and 5’2”, Kipp was a little tall for his age, but nothing out of the ordinary. Everything about Kipp was ordinary.  His dirty skin, dusty hair, and baggy clothes resembled everyone else’s in the Underground. His family’s den looked just like the rest of the dens covering the floor of the 5 acre space containing their 24-den neighborhood, set apart only by the different metal scraps contributing to the walls and rounded ceiling. Kipp’s family included him, his brother, age 13, and his mom, who stayed home while Kipp was at school with his brother.
Kipp’s brother’s name was Evan, after their father, of whom Kipp only had a few memories from when he was little. He left when Kipp was four, and Evan still in their mom’s belly. The story was that Fi Evan Disketre, Kipp’s dad, was a scientist, who was intent on bringing humanity back to the surface, and that he had invented an element that would fill the holes in the ozone layer. It would seal out the sun’s harmful rays that ended up forcing everyone miles below the earth’s surface and causing the Underground to become what humanity called home. A worldwide system of tunnels and neighborhoods in the earth’s crust.  
Then one day he disappeared. There was no warning; no trace left behind. “Just gone,” is what Kipp says when asked. No one knows where Fi might have went, and many think he ran away because he hadn’t actually found anything and couldn’t admit it to his family. But Kipp knew better, for although I said Fi didn’t leave any traces behind when he disappeared, narrators don’t always tell the truth. Parts of stories are changed, glorified, or diminished to make things flow nicely and keep people listening. I don’t care if you listen to this part–skip ahead if you’d like– but the truth will be heard by someone eventually, and then if I wasn’t the one who told it, where would I be?  Nowhere. So, in the selfish interest of my own wants, here is the truth, and let it be heard. Fi Evans left his oldest son a note, containing three very important things. You can decide for yourself what they are.
Kipp- take care of your mom and brother for me. I wish I could watch you guys grow up but I have to go. I have to finish what I started. I don’t know if I’ll see you three again. There are some very bad men after me that want the element. There’s number one. Sorry: I lied again. But I am the one telling this story, after all. I named it after you! It’s called Kipnean. Thing number two: the element’s name. I love you so much, and I will do all that I can to get home to you. Number three. I love you! -Dad Evan was born the next day.
That was 13 years ago.

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