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Modern Immortals

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She was new. I’ve seen her around but was never really able to communicate with her. She is popular and quite smart. Her appearance isn’t too bad, either: an olive-like complexion and dark straight hair that becomes a deep burgundy in the sunlight. It’s cut at an angle that just skims her shoulders, giving her personality. Her eyes are a piercing bright blue, the kind of azure that you’d never expect from such deep skin and hair. Normally you’d need to look at the person directly to know their eye colour, but not this girl. You could see her eyes from a glance. It was endearing, yet a kind of warning signal.

I am just that normal kid who’d look at others from a safe distance thinking, imagining and wondering about their background. It’s my little hobby and I call it ‘People-Watching’. My friends understand and love me, but sometimes they know when to back off. And I don’t need to show them why.

I watch the new girl a lot nowadays. She is very different and that’s just so appealing to me. Her name is Erica. As I watch her now, I realize that we are kind of alike. She cracks her knuckles as often as I do, and our friends hate it. Erica is very aware of her near surroundings practically twenty-four seven. I’m exactly like that because it’s my nature.
Looking at her now between the trees, I know I’m in safe territory. She seems slightly lost, but then something happens. She stares at my hiding spot, looking slightly to the right of me. She smiles knowingly; I frown and begin to slowly retreat into the woods, letting a small whimper escape. Her head twitches, alert. She heard it. That was the final clue; I now know exactly what she is.

I hear a whimper. I turn sharply to the sound; it came from those woods. The woods that I am told are the place. I hear more sounds coming from that same place: a rustle of leaves, then a hard galloping going further and further into the woods. I grin at the challenge, two can play at that game, you little wretch. I begin to jog into the woods, blood pulsing with excitement. I break into a run and soon I am in my form, following the sounds of my prey. As the type of people that we are, we love the chase. And right now I’m ecstatic about because it’ll be my first catch for my new friends. Looks like my transition here is going absolutely fantastic!

…Now, where is my prey?

I’m taken aback, I cannot believe it. ERICA was one of us! No wonder we had the same traits, and the fact that she was indeed very different. And now, I’m being chased. The sad fact is that a girl is chasing me. And it isn’t one of those playful chases. It is a violent one, and I’m willing to bet on my life that she thinks I’m her prey, maybe one of those little rabbits or deer. But NO. I am the second in-charge of our pack. And there is no way I’m letting a little feline change that. Abruptly, I stop running. I look around and swiftly dive into a nearby shrub. I peer through a small space in the shrub, and patiently wait for Erica to enter my view.
She stops, slightly confused with one paw in the air. She turns her head, sniffing and growling. I can hear her stomach joining in on the growling as well. I smile in my thoughts at the fact that she can’t even sense her own species nearby. Erica continues sniffing, her aura frustrated. After a few minutes, Erica sits upright and stares straight ahead. Her ears are still twitching at the smallest of sounds.
Finally, I decide to put an end to her misery and reveal myself. I silently pad out of my shrub, and she turns her head towards me. She stares, taken aback like I was.

It’s another Wolf! Well, that is a very interesting discovery. He must be part of the pack that I will be joining. This territory is for one pack and one pack only. That, I know. But wait, what if he isn’t? All of my hairs begin to rise, he must be a threat. I crouch into an attacking position, my unique growl echoing into the tense atmosphere. I see him begin to retreat, confused. Confused? Why? This wolf is a threat and not in his correct territory. I can easily tear his throat out with one simple move. I am not a normal werewolf. He should be able to sense my furious aura. After all, I can sense this wolf is maybe at least half a century younger than me which makes me a little less strong but far more wiser. I snort triumphantly.
My enemy is extremely confused now. What is he doing? He is going to attack is he not? He feels… threatened. Well, of course he should!

This isn’t right, l must’ve intimidated her into thinking I was a threat. I size her up; noticing that for a young-looking girl, she is a wise yet powerful wolf. Erica must be decades older than me. I bow down in surrender, hoping she’d notice that I mean no harm. I paw the ground three times. It’s a special signal that every wolf should know. She sees my signal, and then slowly sits upright. I’m sure she is thinking that I’m not trustworthy, but I would not come in this territory if I were not part of the pack that is stationed here! And right now I am absolutely sure she’ll be joining our pack. Erica has got the protective instinct part done hands down.
I look at Erica, expectant. Then I realize she wants me to shift first, to show that she really can trust me. In my human head I roll my eyes, wondering why I am so untrustworthy these days. I nod and shift into my human form.

I noticed when he pawed the ground three times. I knew exactly what it meant. So I calmed down but only slightly as I am still not one hundred percent sure he is not a threat. I stare at him, my eyes only half glowing. He needs to shift first. Expectantly, he continues looking at me. He cocks his head to the side and raises his paw to bring out the signal once again but stops- paw midair. Realization finally brings this wolf to his senses. Then he shifts.
I recognize him immediately. He is in a couple of my classes and we were partnered once in a school project. Now I’m really surprised. I think back to all of the times I’ve seen him at school, passed him in the halls, seen him excel in sports and then disappear at the end of the day. He did seem quite mysterious to me. But all werewolves seem to have a mysterious character, mind.
I come back to reality, he arches a dark eyebrow at me. Oh right, I’m supposed to shift too. I nod and go into my all too-familiar, popular, and pretty cute yet strong human form.
I examine his expression, expecting it to come across as shock or even better, so surprised that he is speechless. I love that. But he isn’t read as any of those facial expressions. He’s smirking at me as if he already knew. Isn’t that kind of like stalking?

When she shifts, I am still taken away by her beauty as her wolf. She is pretty and strong as a human, but in the immortal form, she is just…stunning.
I snap back to reality and I see the girl I have been following over the past few months. I smile knowingly when she is in her human form. She frowns. I love it when she’s confused. It shows how sometimes she isn’t the one that seems like the Oracle. I realized it was time to say something so I try to initiate conversation.
“Hello, Erica.”
“…You, Tristan, are such a stalker!”
I laugh, both of us cracking our knuckles.

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