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The cat is alive.

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“It worked!” said the scientist, exhilarated, as indeed it had. Before her stood an almost uncomfortably familiar scene--a young woman, her back to the doorway, lost in thought while thinking of a particular time machine.
But our arbitrary protagonist had no time for thinking. In the instant that these thoughts developed, the young woman in front of her turned swiftly toward the door. In the following instant, she remembered where the box had been resting, and in the instant after the following instant, she grabbed it. Before there was even enough time for the amount of thought which constitutes a new instant to form, she had vanished.
An absurd amount of thought is capable of happening in a single moment, if the person is the right kind of person and situation the right kind of situation. And so was the single moment between 3:09 and 3:10 for our time traveler; in words which even she would not be able to think aloud quickly enough, she was able to mentally articulate dozens of questions that a typical person could not possibly have thought about at the same time. Like a person staring at a messy arrangement of parallel gears, her focus shifted, but she was constantly aware of all the movements.
But even the longest moment is over almost as quickly as any other moment, and in words which even she would not be able to call up quickly enough, she attempted to describe the scene before her to herself.
“…Hello again, I suppose."

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