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Secrets of Protection ... continued 2

As the rest of the week went by Giavette and Jeremy had laughs they never had before. But a green monster of jealously grew inside of Jeremy because he saw they way guys looked at her like she was a fine piece of meat and they are the dogs. He has never felt like this way before about a girl.They walked to the park after school to hang out after they want and got coffee. Jeremy confronts Giavette about how he is feeling. Giavette tries to reassure him there is nothing to be worried about "I can take care of myself and trust me if a man tries to hurt me they will get whats coming to them ten fold." she says "Giavette lately you have been talking in tiny intervals when something comes up about you getting hurt and me protecting you. I can't help but notice that you have become more violent and I think something inside of you is trying to get out and it is very evil." he responds she laughs and continues "I just want to tell you that I can take care of myself and I won't get hurt and you can't protect me when I don't need protecting" "Fine but I would like to say I am here for you and do anything for you." He says.
As the weekend passed Giavette blew off Jeremy twice. She wouldn't tell him where she was going and who she would be with. That's not like her to go somewhere without telling him where she was going. He asked around to everyone he knew and people who would probably know where she was. He finally worked up the courage to go talk to her Mother, the devil. He thinks that her Mother is the reason she is acting the way she is.
As he knocked on the door the windows suddenly slammed open and they door crept open and mother came out. "May I help you?" mother asked. Jeremy, heart racing answered "Is Giavette here or do you know where Giavette is" the mother laughed in that laugh where why would he ask such a question or the question was that funnny "She is out to eat she was feeling weak and wanted to go out to her favorite place. You know when a girl craves something she's got to have it." Jeremy asked "Where is that place?" mother suddenly gets angry "It is none of your business you will see her soon get over your feelings for her because there will never be a you and her. She is with someone and they are happily dating and there relationship is forever. She doesn't stop talking about him and she canceled her plans to be with him and go out to eat with him. Sorry about your luck but if you can get any girl go after her not my daughter. Oh.. and I would like you to know that i would never let my daughter be with a breather like you." As Jeremy's face gets depressed he somehow catches that last part and questions it "What do you mean breather like me" "The way you live ,its a name we came up for you all how they have there life set for something a routine. And eating what you eat. We have a diet here." She says as she smerks. Jeremy not all the way satisfied with the answer is at least satisfied enough with what was answered because lately he hasn't gotten a full answer from Giavette or her Mother. Mother smiles at Jeremy and shuts the door. Jeremy walks down the steps with his hands in his pocket and his head down. He walks home and tells his mom he is going to bed for the rest of the evening.
As Giavette walks in the door of her house her mother sat her down and wanted to talk about Henry. Henry is Giavette's boyfriend. Mother feels like Henry is the best thing that happened to Giavette. Giavette asks her mother to stop asking. Mother answered "Well it seems you are very found of him since you have broken plans with Jeremy." Giavette started to open up with the conversation "Henry is the best man I have ever met and maybe I might be to young and he may be to young for me to call him a man but when we are together I feel like a grown couple knowing that we would never be separated. I am a vampire and as he is too. I love that fact that it will be us against the world." "I love how you finally have admitted to being a vampire he makes me so happy you are embracing who you are." mother say with a smile "Yeah well I have been a skeptic because vampires don't age or so they say in books. And they certain don't like sunlight." Giavette continues her mother replied "Giavette you will age to a certain point and wake up one day and you will be as young as the day you were turned and then grow old and do it again. Also, people would notice if you were a vampire when your constantly walking around every night not sleeping and being asleep during the day."

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