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Secrets of Protection ... continued

Chapter two.
As Jeremy walks down the halls the next day at school he is just thinking about Giavette. He is constantly hoping he will see her walk out of a class or be walking towards him with her shimmering smile. Then his face goes white as he sees Giavette's mother walking out of his teacher's room and shaking hands with the principal. Then he starts to think maybe she is letting Giavette come back to school. Mother walked up to him and whispered in his ear "You better watch her here otherwise she will get herself into to a whole bunch of trouble and you'll never see her again." He shook his head in agreement with a big smile and then Giavette walks out of the classroom and runs to Jeremy and gives him a hug.Jeremy is stunned, she looks so much different. Her hair is long and curly and she has a new style. He is so confused because he saw her yesterday and she looked sick and now she looks like a model or an actress.But he hugs her back and doesn't care cause he missed her and says "This is amazing, how did the witch let you out?" "I begged her until she got annoyed but she is a little scared of me now." as she laughs with her response. Jeremy laughs and then is confused "What do you mean scared of you your only 13." she laughs and says "You'll know sooner or later but its a secret."
The day is over as Jeremy watches Giavette run into her mother's car and nods at her mother as she stares at him hoping that Giavette stayed out of trouble. As he thinks to himself as he is confused about how sick she looked yesterday and now she is stunning like nothing was wrong. And how she is not talking about her dad like everything didn't happen or like he never existed. He is worried that something is going to happen to her and he won't be able to help.
But he doesn't know the worst has already happened.

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