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Lavender Cloud

I jump up and run to the bathroom. That spicy banana pepper in my sandwich from lunch just hit my intestines and it’s not settling well. After a long twenty minutes of reading shampoo bottles I tip toe through the house back to my bedroom. It’s cold and dark, but not for long. It’s a stormy night and occasionally lighting will crack filling the house with light. I’m thankful for the lighting, because I almost walked onto the stairs and fell down them. That wouldn’t have been good.

Thunder booms over my house and I run to my room diving under the covers on my bed. I love lightning but hate thunder. It’s too loud and you never know what could come from it. I close my eyes and try to fall asleep.

The next morning everything seems weird. I can’t place it, everything seems out of whack. I walk downstairs expecting to find my mom getting ready for work, only she’s not there. I walk to the living room, she’s not there either. Maybe she left for work early, I walk to the hall and open the garage door, her car is still here.

“Mom?” I yell walking through the house.

I don’t get a response. I walk to the sliding glass door and go outside. There is a lavender cloud floating in the middle of your back yard. I step closer to it and pick up a stick on the ground. I throw it at the cloud, it goes through it and falls on the ground on the other side. I step closer to it. I think it came from the thunder last night. It had to have. A weird smell is coming from it. I turn around quickly and run back to the house.

Everyone thinks I am crazy for thinking something would come from the thunder. But I was right! I knew it. I knew thunder held something evil.

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