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Parallel Inception

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She slammed the door as hard as she could and flopped down on the creaky old bed, tripping over a still unpacked suitcase on the way. She knew she was behaving like an immature brat, but seriously, how much can a girl take? She heard her mom pounding up the stairs, and then, “Auriane, get out of that room and apologize. Right. NOW.” Auriane politely told her mother to shut up, before rolling over and trying to sleep.

That didn’t happen.

Sighing, she rolled over onto her back, staring at the ceiling, and started wallowing in self pity over her far from glamorous life. Her father had cheated on her mom with his secretary (seriously, that’s not even original), and left when Auriane was 13. The past three years were hard, but her mother took it the hardest, taking refuge in alcohol and soap operas. Needless to say, they were dead broke with a broken family. Last month, in a rare moment of clarity, her mother decided to have a “fresh start.” Hence the moving into a “new” house, with a new school. It had been a week, and she managed to not find a single friend in her high school. Her mom hadn’t stayed sober for long, and they soon fell into their old routine of constant bickering.

Auriane got off the bed to go get her worn and tattered copy of The Labyrinth, hoping it would lull her to sleep. As she walked over to her bookshelf, she tripped over a loose floorboard. Grumbling to herself, she slowly got up and was about to try to put the floorboard back in place when she saw something wedged under the floor. She pried it out, surprised to see that it was a small silver necklace with a crystal pendant, shaped like a top. She supposed that she shouldn’t be surprised. It was an old house after all, and there were bound to be things left behind from past owners. She slowly tried spinning the locket on her nightstand, and was shocked to see that it spun quite well for a pendant. And it kept spinning. And spinning. Before she knew it, Auriane had fallen asleep, her hand clutching the top.

When she woke up the next morning, an unexplained happiness settled in over her. She stretched contentedly and got off her amazingly soft bed and sank her feet into the plush carpet - Wait, what? Auriane looked around. Her room would have made Bill Gates jealous. And that was when she realized that she was dreaming. As long as a monster didn’t pop out of nowhere, she could deal with a dream in which she was apparently a millionaire. No problem. She took a luxurious bath in the jacuzzi, and got dressed in designer clothes, which she had way too many of in the walk in closet. She heard her mom call her down to breakfast. This should be interesting...

Her mother greeted her with a dazzling smile, offering her a plateful of chocolate chip pancakes. Her mother, and father sat down at the table and started chatting and smiling. It was slightly creepy, but not wholly unwelcome. She drove her Lamborghini to school, where she was instantly greeted by her (many) friends. As she was sitting in history class, which they were watching a movie in, Auriane absently twirled the top on the necklace. With a start, she woke up, her back aching from the uncomfortable position she had fallen asleep in. Wishing she lived in the parallel universe she had dreamt of, she slowly started getting ready for school.

She rushed home straight after school, lying to her mom that she had a headache and needed to rest. Auriane locked herself up in her room, and promptly spun the crystal top, and was once again transported into dreamworld. In her dream, she felt someone patting her shoulder and faintly heard, “Auriane! Auriane, wake up!” She jerked her head off the desk - she had fallen asleep during history. The dream had started where it had ended last night. Of course, the teacher laughed it off, and she wasn’t in any trouble. As the dream continued, Auriane felt as happy and amazed as she had felt before. In the evening, she was even invited to a party at a club. Auriane finally felt like she belonged - something she had never even come close to in reality. At the club, she had the time of her life dancing, singing, and just going crazy with her newfound friends. She almost didn’t notice when her the chain of her necklace snagged on someone else’s shirt. Almost. Auriane was immediately pulled out of her dream, and she woke up in her room, gasping for breath. She no longer had the necklace.

And then, she woke up again, finding herself on her bed, lying on top of the book she had picked out to read.

In another world, Auriane woke up in her mansion, wondering why she was having dreams about having a disastrous life and finding a crystal.

At the same time, a boy in a club found the crystal necklace hanging from a loose thread on his shirt.

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mnm08 said...
Apr. 3, 2013 at 10:49 pm
this sounds like a really good idea for a novel, if u decided to expand on it :) I think it's well written and could fit really any genre once u expand on it, great work :)!! 
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