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Secrets For Protection

Chapter One
There is a house in a nice neighborhood surrounded by that stereotypical family with the white picket fence and the trophy wives and the bring home the bacon husband. They all live a daily routine that you'd always see in movies with all the men leaving for work at the same time and the wives hanging out and gossiping while getting their hair and nails done. They all had connections to each other and were so close but very two-faced. But something was not right on the day of August 16th 2006, at house 1323 Maple Terrance. On this day people were having an annual block party that is always the last one before school starts back up for the kids. At this house the vibe was very strange and just then Giavette LaHens, a little girl who is about 13 years old, storms out of the front door running after her father as he is going to his car parked down the road due to the block party. He tells her "I am sorry my sweet angel but I have to get out before it is to late and it would be better if I left. My life is falling and so is my family but I can only help that it is my fault. Tell you mother I love her but its not working and I don't mean to hurt her but its the only way." As he flies down the street and he turns the corner Giavette stops chasing the car and drops to her knees and cries. Her best friend, Jeremy Suffski, from two houses down cames and lifted her up and asked if she was okay. As she stared down the road she started to speak "My father left and I don't know why." He walks her to her house and as he opened the door, her mother swiped Giavette's arm and yanked her inside and with a tone and her eyes glaring it seemed she was not inside herself or in her right mind "Why don't you go on your way and leave this be and you never heard or saw what just happened, ya hear." As he complied with a nod because he was so scared to even open his mouth he saw Giavette crying and worked up the courage and said "This won't be hidden for long and everyone will know that he left." And mother slammed the door shut.
When school started back up again Giavette's mother didnt enroll her and Jeremy wondered if it had to do with her father. After school he went to go see Giavette and as they were in her room he asked her "Why can't you come to school anymore." As she shivered from nerves to tell she finally opened her mouth and said "I am being home schooled now and I am getting a private tutorto teach me." Jeremy looks at her like why is your mom putting you through this and then he asks to open the curtainand she was so scared as he started to walk towards the window and she made a hissing noise towards him as she jumped in front and he backed off. She apologized "Sorry I don't know what is wrong with me I haven't beem myself since the night my father left me and went away to a better place." As Jeremy looked confused said "What do you mean by a better place?" She looked at him and said "My father hit a deer when he was driving at night and swerved out of control and hit a tree and he got out of the car and he heard a noise in the woods and apparently a bear attacked him and he had no blood left in his body and barely any of him left." Jeremy couldn't stope looking at her and he felt curious on how that happens after her father left and after he threatened Mother.

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