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The Dark Side of the Moon

I am the story teller.
So let me tell you a story.
There is a child that is to grow up and become a well-known, cherished man. That man will be famous for the day he- oops. Sorry, that is not a story I can tell.
But there is another I can tell you on this dark, warm night around this blazing campfire of yours before I travel on. Most you will know, but I know more. Parts of it have been kept quiet for generations- now, now child, be quiet! Let me tell the story of the goddess Kah-yula.
Yes, the goddess of the night. You have all heard the story before of how our dear Kah-yula watched this planet we’re on now, and decided it needed life. So what did she do?
Right, yes, dear boy, that’s exactly what she did, but can you be quiet now? Everyone else is impatient.
Anyways, as the boy has just told us all correctly, Kah-yula made her very own stars collapse under her very black night eyes, and with those pieces, the goddess created our race. We are star-people. We were created out of light, and when our bodies wear out, our souls return, and piece by piece, the stars will be made up again. Kah-yula will start all over again.
But there is more, as I have had said previously. It didn’t take our good goddess a small period of time for her to create us, but months after months. When the other gods discovered her doings, they banned Kah-yula from continuing.
In secret, Kah-yula did keep sculpting her ideas and experimenting. Then she did it. She created the first man of our race. He had a face with eyes and lips and hands with fingernails and arms well-toned. But that creature in beginning, was mindless. He could not think nor form his own words and walk or sleep.
So Kah-yula took a piece of her stars and put it here and here, so our bodies could work and our minds could think.
But the god Snila, the trickster, discovered her continuation of the experiment. He gave her two choices- dear boy! This is the third time I’ve told you to be quiet; where is your mother? Let her take you away, it is rude to interrupt.
Oh, alright, I’ll give you one more chance.
One choice was that he’d take man to the highest god, a god yet still today we don’t know the name of. He is mysterious, dark, unknown, and silent. Snila would tell the god to let off Kah-yula, but to terminate the planet so Kah-yula could never again express her interest in creating a race that could potentially ruin them all.
The second choice Snila gave our goddess was that he wouldn’t tell any of the gods about her trials, but he would have an input on her final decision.
Kah-yula is a loner goddess. She is the night and is a beautiful loner. Look above you, at the stars! Her gift to us all, for us to see at the darkest of hours. They can guide us on our journeys. Yet, Snila kept on Kah-yula’s promise
Kah-yula gave into Snila’s second choice. When she was completed with her work, and it was time for her to launch our race, Snila came and added an ironic, finishing touch. The sun. Snila gave us the sun, when our goddess intended us to be creatures of the dark.
Ironically, we became creatures of the day, and ignore the night. We praise our goddess, but ignore her at her most important moments. We defeat her purpose.
When the high god discovered the deed, instead he was actually… fascinated by the creatures that could think and move for themselves, so as a deal for Kah-yula to keep her planet, he made her add the moon. In doing so, it changed our environment and way of living. In a sense, the moon helped Kah-yula, for it brought light in the dark.
Here we are on this dark night. Water to our east, the mountains to our west, our bright, mysterious moon above us, and the stars in our hearts.
Dear boy, once again, be quiet. I am done with the story, but-
Oh, child. I have said in the beginning, I cannot tell that story, even though I am the story teller.

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