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Piper The Fairy

You’re on a golf course taking part in a fundraiser to cure a disease that’s near and dear to your heart. On the eleventh hole you hit a ball into the woods. While searching for that ball, you see a white rabbit that stops.

He looks you in the eye and says, “Follow me.”

You point at yourself in a way of saying, ‘Me?’ then look around to see if anyone else can see what’s happening.

The rabbit sighs, stands up, then walks over to you taking your hand, “I have no time for silly games, we must hurry.”

He leads you deeper into the forest, well he more or less drags you, “Where are you taking me? I have to get back to the fundraiser.”

The rabbit sighs again, “I have a much more important task at hand, than a silly golf game.”

Insulted you dig your heels into the ground and pull your hand from his paw, “Wherever you are taking me is not more important! The game I am playing is raising money for an illness my sister had.”

“You silly humans and your silly need for money. Come along, I can pay you twice what you would have earned, and you’ll have the satisfaction of helping someone.”

“Twice?” You ask skeptical.

“Yes, where I am taking you, they have money, but they do not use it. It is only for emergencies like this. When we need the help of humans. Now please, do hurry.”
The rabbit continues walking on his hind legs, and you have trouble keeping up with him. You can’t imagine how fast he would be on all four of his legs.

When the rabbit finally stops it’s outside a large settlement in the middle of the woods. You’re exhausted, the sun is almost down, and you can practically feel the layers of makeup you put on this morning dripping off your face.
“Come along dear, this way,” The rabbit leads you through a maze of different small hut like buildings. They are very close to each other. The walls and roof are made out of wood and leaves, but they’ve been painted colorfully and each of them has a name on it.
You can’t believe your eyes, there are women flying around with wings! The wings are gorgeous colors and match their hair. Their long flowing hair seems to mix in with their wings, it’s hard to say where their hair ends and their wings start.
Everyone seems very polite even though it’s clear you are an outsider in their little world. They all smile and wave at you. Many greet the rabbit, he must be popular. You mumble replies but you’re still unsure of why you’ve been brought here. You must be going crazy, rabbits don’t talk and women don’t fly.
“What are they?” You ask the rabbit.
“Fairies, clearly,” The rabbit has a snarky attitude that you don’t care for.
You must be close to your destination because the rabbit begins to slow down. The settlement is very large, it took close to half an hour to cross it. There has to be over one hundred fairies living here. The rabbit opens a door to one of the huts and pushes you in.

“This is Piper,” The rabbits says pointing at a girl around the age of seventeen laying in a bed, clearly in pain.
“Who have you brought with you, Thilo?” A woman sitting next to Piper stands, eying me up and down. The rabbit has to be Thilo and the woman must be Piper’s mom.
“I grabbed the first human I could find that looked nice,” Thilo explains.
“What have you told her?” The women questions.
“Mai, I didn’t tell her anything. I figured you could explain it better than I could,” with that he leaves.
“Can you please explain to me why I am here?” You ask looking at Thilo.
“Are you a doctor?” Mai asks.
“No, I’m not. I’m an intern though.”
“It has been awhile since I was in the city, but that means you want to be a real doctor, right?” Mai asks.
“Yes, well no. I’m an intern at a veterinary clinic. I’m doing an internship to enhance my skills.”
“A vet? I guess Thilo lucked out picking you. My daughter, Piper, seems to have injured her wing somehow. We can’t figure out what it is. That is why I sent Thilo to find someone to help.”
“May I sit there?” You gesture to the seat Mai is standing in front of.
She steps out of your way. You sit next to the bed looking over Piper’s wing. You’re amazed to see that her wing looks much like a bird’s wing. Only much larger and wider.
“Hi Piper,” you speak to the girl in hopes of making her feel more comfortable. “My name is Casadie, but you can call me Cass. What happened here?”
“I was flying from my boyfriend’s house to see my mother,” her voice is weak, but she doesn’t seem to be in extreme pain.
“What’s your boyfriend’s name?” You hope if you keep her talking that you will be able to keep her mind off of what you’re doing. You gently run your hand over her wing in hopes of finding the source of her pain without the use of an x-ray.
“His name is Mateo. He’s my best friend,” Piper has a huge grin on her face thinking about her boyfriend.
“Do you live with him?” You ask, hoping that question isn’t too intruding.
“Yes. I’m not ready to live in the settlement yet. I haven’t finished aging anyways, so I can stay in civilization. And I’d miss Mateo too much.” You don’t know what she means by aging, but you’ll be able to ask all the questions you want later, you hope. The least they can do is answer your questions after they practically kidnapped you.
“Did you hit a branch when you were flying here?” Piper slowly nods her head looking at the wall. “Okay, Piper I think I’ve found the issue. It seems like you’ve popped one of the bones in your wing out of the socket. I can put it back, but it will be painful. The pain won’t last very long, but you won’t be able to fly for a couple weeks.”
Mai moves to the other side of the bed and grips her daughter’s hand, “Are you sure this will help her?”
“Yes, I’m sure.” You kneel next to Piper on the bed and gently take hold of the bone that is out of the socket and the joint where you will be putting the bone back in.
“Take a deep breath,” you coach her. When she exhales you push the bone back into place.
Tears are streaming down Piper’s face, but it is clear she isn’t in as much pain as she was before. It’s most likely just sore now.
“Are you okay, baby girl?” Mai asks her daughter.
“Yes, I am. I would like to go home though. I miss Mateo.” Now that Piper is well, all she can think about is getting back to her boyfriend. You wish you had someone that loved you like Piper clearly loves Mateo.
“Piper, you can’t fly for at least two weeks. Then you must be very careful after that.”
“Momma, can you bring me home?” Piper asks her mother, her eyes huge.
Her mother shakes her head, “I’m sorry baby girl, I’m needed in the council meeting tonight. I think you should stay here tonight.”
“I want to go home, I’d be more comfortable there,” Piper argues.
You stand up from the chair, “I need someone to show me back to the golf course, I’m sure my game is done by now. It took a long time to walk here, I don’t think I could remember the way. I’d gladly drive her to her boyfriend’s house,” You offer your assistance.
Piper practically jumps off the bed. “Will you? Really?”
“Piper, it’s sweet of Casey, but I don’t think that’s a good idea. We just met her,” Mai argues.
“Mom, you just pulled her from her life and expected her to help me. Which she did, much quicker than I had expected. I don’t think you are in a position to say because we just met her she can’t bring me home.”
“I understand your concern Mai, but I don’t have anything better to do tonight. I’d like to talk to you a little too, if that’s okay...” You look at Mai. You haven’t been here very long, it’s clear she doesn’t trust you.
“Of course it’s okay!” Piper says grabbing your hand and pulling you out of the hut.
“Wow, you’re really in a hurry to leave here,” You observe looking at the neighboring huts. The beautiful vibrant colors amaze you.
“I love my mom, but I hate it here,” Piper says whispering close to your ear.
You nod in understanding. Suddenly Thilo is walking beside you.
“It’s good to see you smiling again, Piper,” You can feel his hand near your waist. You swat at his hand, but he’s persistent.
You turn to yell at him, but he’s gone as fast as he appeared. Shaking your head you reach into your pocket. There is a large wad of cash, at least he held up to his end of the deal.

Piper isn’t very talkative for the walk back to the golf course, you think she’s afraid to say something and that there is someone in the shadows to report it back to her mom. When you two get close, she slowly pulls her wings in. You see her wince a little, but don’t say anything. You’re glad she thought to hide her wings, because it suddenly dawns on you that you’ve been gone close to three hours, you’re dirty, and you’re walking out of the woods with a girl with light purple hair.

The golf course is empty, the woods are silent. You’re bothered because it’s obvious they didn’t notice that you were missing. In the back of your head you had hoped there was a group of people searching the woods for you, that someone had noticed you were missing moments after you started following Thilo.
Piper can sense something is bothering you, “Cass, what’s wrong?”
“I just thought there would be someone looking for me. It’s just, I was gone for a long time. It’s fine, they were probably just caught up in the game.” You rub your arms and lead Piper across the green to the parking lot where your car sits waiting.
Your old run down Subaru Legacy looks even worse compared to the brand new cars sitting around it. You open your door and get in your car, Piper opens the passenger door but doesn’t get in.
“Hold on!” You tell Piper as you pick up the trash on the floor. Empty coffee cups, Taco Bell bags, mail, you even find a pair of shoes you haven’t seen in over a year.
Once you’ve cleaned out the seat and Piper is in the car you tell her, “I never really have friends in my car.”
She laughs, “It’s fine. Mateo is like that. I’m kind of OCD, everything has to be clean and orderly all the time. I think he doesn’t pick up after himself because he knows I’ll redo it after.”
“He doesn’t mind that?” You ask, personally knowing if someone re-did what you had just done you’d be mad.
“Nope, he’s really good about understanding my quirks.”
Again, you feel a pang of jealousy. Piper seems so happy, but then again she’s still a teenager. She probably hasn’t experienced much hardship in her life like you have. You are both silent as you pull out of the golf course parking lot and get on the highway.

“So, where do you live?” You ask so you know ahead of time what exit you must get off.
“I live in downtown Foxedge.”
“Oh really? I live in the next town over, Silverelf.”
“Cass, I hope you don’t mind me asking, but how old are you?” Piper asks.
“I’m twenty-three,” You want to tell her about how being an adult isn’t fun, but you’re sure she’s already heard that.
“I’m twenty! If you were a couple years younger I bet we would have gone to school together. Silverelf kids go to Higman High, right?” Piper never seems not to be excited.
“Yeah, my little sister goes there currently, she’s a freshman.” You wish you could have some of her enthusiasticness.
“What’s her name? Oh, I hope I’m not troubling you with all these questions.”
“Her name is Livia. So, if all of those fairies live together and it’s obvious they’re all happy, why don’t you live there?” You ask Piper.
“Well, when my mom stopped aging she left my dad. She also left me in the care of my dad. He didn’t take that very well...He began to drink every night until he passed out...Eventually I couldn’t take the verbal abuse and left my dad. I moved in with Mateo for a couple months until I was on my feet and had a place of my own. Mateo is, like I said, my best friend. He knew all about me being a fairy, as well as how my dad was,” Piper pauses and looks out the window. “Mateo’s mom, Carmella actually grew up with my mom. She knew that my mom was a fairy. She taught me a lot about being a fairy. She told me that fairy's hair matches the color of their wings, and that there is no real explanation of why. She explained to me why fairies don’t age.”
You’re afraid she won’t explain that and speak up, “Piper, I don’t mean to be rude, but I’m really curious as to why fairies don’t age.”
“You’re not being rude at all! Well, at one point in our past it was very difficult to find a man that would have intercourse with the fairies. This was also about the time that the Black Death swept through Europe. The fairies that were alive at that time created a potion that would cause them to live forever. This potion was injected directly to the blood stream and now it is in our genes. Many of the fairies were accused of being witches, so they created settlements deep in the woods just like the one we were at today.”
You stare at the road for a moment before asking, “Can you die?”
You can see Piper nodding out of the corner of your eye, “Yes, we can. There are fairy hunters. They have created a dust called, Faerie Death. They will coat Faerie Death onto an arrow and shoot us with it. That’s how my aunt died just a few weeks ago.”
“I’m so sorry, Piper,” You reach out and gently pat her hand without thinking. Someone’s horn blares behind you and you realize you’re going ten under the speed limit. You pull your hand away and pick up the speed.
“It’s fine, honestly. She lived a good life. Is there anything else you want to know?” Piper pulls her legs up to her chest and wraps her arms around them.
You just realized there were no men at the settlement, “This is probably a silly question, but are there boy fairies?”
Piper laughs, “No question is silly, Cass. No, there are not guy fairies. There are only girl fairies. I’m not really sure why. If a fairy has a son, he is just like a normal boy. There really isn’t much more to it.”
I turn off the highway with Piper occasionally giving me directions, we quickly find ourselves in the driveway of her apartment.
Piper gets out of your car and closes the door. You roll down the window to hear her better, “Thank you for the ride. I really enjoyed talking to you. You’re welcome to come hang out whenever you want.”
A boy around Piper’s age comes running out of the building. He’s taller than Piper. His hair seems to be barely tamed by a backwards baseball hat. “Baby!” He yells picking Piper up into his arms. “Are you okay? I’ve been worried about you.”
Piper kisses Mateo before responding, “I’m fine, I’ll tell you when we get inside.”
Mateo kisses Piper again, the look of love in his eyes. Suddenly you feel very out of place with Piper and Mateo and back out of her driveway, giving a short honk of your horn before heading home.

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