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Pure One... Part Two

But enough wih the sob story i'm finally getting out of this dump and finally going to college and its going to be where the best memories will be made for me.I am not going to cry and say I will miss everyone of you when I know it will be a lie. But i will say this... I wish you the best with your life and take care.
When I was young I always dreamt about leaving this place that haunts me in my dreams. I never called it a place of safety and comfort, it was a place that was worry and trouble. I always told myself when I leave all the nightmares will disappear.
See the nightmares started to come when my father left with his sister's best friend when I was 12 and he never came back and my mom was devastated and didnt know how to react so my life has been a living hell trying to help her through but she just takes her pain out on me and she stopped lovng me because I look to much like my father and it hurts her. He was her first love.

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