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Albion Part 1

The Hero of this story is Agondra. Most of the time he is a trouble maker. Sometimes he is nice but not usually he is extremely mean. He also hangs out with his friends quite a lot. One day he and his friends find this mysterious cave that they haven’t ever seen before. So they checked out the tunnel one last time.

“I think we shouldn’t go in there,” said Bob, one of Bust’s friends.

“Don’t be a chicken,” mocked Agondra.”How much trouble could we get in.”

“A lot when you are around!” exclaimed Tim.

“You’re a chicken like Bob,” sneered Agondra.” Who’s with me?”

But to his surprise no one joined him. “What are you waiting for, aren’t any of you coming with me?” asked Agondra.

“None of us are going in there!” exclaimed Joey.

“Fine I’ll go alone then,” sneered Agondra. As he went into the tunnel, he stopped, turned on his flashlight and shined it in front of him.

While he was exploring he had tripped and cut his leg, but he continued on alone without noticing. After about ten minutes his friends came looking for him. When they found the blood they got scared, so they just followed the trail of blood.

“I’m not sure about this,” said Bob.

“I know but we need to make sure he is okay,” said Joey.

“Just stop arguing ok guys,” said Tim, “We need to find Bust before the adults start looking for us.”

“He’s right guys let’s keep going,” said Bill.

“Only one problem though,” said Bob.

“What’s the problem now Bob?”

“There isn’t any more blood on the ground!” exclaimed Bob, “Which means we don’t know where he went after this point.”

“You’re right Bob but you already found me,” said Agondra, “Now will someone help me get out of this tunnel before it collapses.”

“Why would it collapse?” asked Tim.

“Here come over here and I will show you the crack in the wall that is hidden behind the support beams,” said Agondra as he showed them the crack in the wall.

All of a sudden the tunnel in front of them started to collapse. But what they didn’t know is that it was set off because of an earthquake near the tunnel.

“RUN!” they yelled in unison.

“Does anyone remember the way we got here to begin with?”, asked Tom, who had brown curly hair, and was a very quiet person.

“Well look at you, you’ve finally spoken up,” sneered Bill.

“Yeah what about it huh?” asked Tom, “Just because I like being quiet doesn’t mean you have to be mean when I do talk.”

“Let’s just get out of here ok,” said Agondra.

“Fine,” said Tom and Bill in unison.

As they searched for the way out Tom cut his arm, Bill sprained his ankle, Bob’s leg almost got broken, and Tim was the only one that didn’t get hurt surprisingly since he is the clumsiest of everyone.

When they finally got out they noticed that someone was waiting for them at the entrance. When they tried going around the person went to the same side they tried to use. When they tried walking past him, he just pushed everyone back towards the entrance of the tunnel. When he did that they got mad at him and tried to attack him with rocks and sticks. When nothing worked Tom spoke up.

“Who are you and what do you want with us?” asked Tom.

“My name is Archangel and I am here for Bust.” said the mysterious man.

“Well we don’t know anyone named Bust,” said Bill.

“Then what are your names?” asked Archangel.

“Our names are Tim, Tom, Bill, Bob, Joey, and Leon.” said Bust.

“You are lying,” said Archangel, he then pointed to each person and said their names, “Tom, Tim, Bob, Bill, Joey, Agondra.”

“How would you know?” asked Bill.

“Because you left a friend of yours out here and he told me everything,” said Archangel, “I think his name was Leon, he was skinny, weak in the arms, strong in the legs, and all of you thought he was stupid because he never answered a question correctly even if he knew the right answer.”

“That’s Leon alright,” said Agondra. “So what do you want with me anyway.”

“I am here to tell you about the evil Lord Nyan.”

“So what I don’t care about what happens to other islands,” said Agondra.

“You will when he comes to take this island,” said Archangel.

“Yeah right you’re just saying that to get me to help fight this person called Nyan,” sneered Agondra.

“I’m not just saying that to make you come with me,” retorted Archangel, “Besides I can make you come with me whether you wanted to or not.”

“Just leave us alone alright,” cackled Joey, who had a sore throat from the tunnel dust getting in his mouth.

“You Joey are in enough trouble as it is young man, I bet you haven’t even told your friends about your condition have you?” asked Archangel.

“Joey what condition is he talking about,” asked Bob.

“I have a condition which makes it so I won’t live as long as the rest of you do if I keep fooling around with you guys.”

“What is it called Joey?” asked Tim.

“It doesn’t have a name so no one knows what it truly is,” replied Joey.

“Oh so I guess we won’t be able to hang around anymore can we?” asked Agondra.

“I take it everyone forgot I was here and the answer is no Agondra you can’t, because you are coming with me got it,” sneered Archangel.

“Why should I come with you huh?” retorted Agondra.

“Because you are the only one that can stop him,” growled Archangel.

“I can’t come with you even if I wanted to my parents wouldn’t be okay with,” sneered Agondra.

“I already have their permission to take you with me,” retorted Archangel.

“Then let me go talk to them or I will fight you until I win,” growled Agondra.

“Have it your way I will take you to them because I don’t think you will go straight there,” sneered Archangel.

“You’re probably right I wouldn’t go home,” sneered Agondra.

“And besides I don’t need permission from anyone to take you away from here since your parents aren’t actually your real parents,” said Archangel.

“How would you know if they are my real parents,” retorted Agondra.

“Because I am your father Agondra,” said Archangel.

“No I’m your father Bust believe me ok,” said Archangel.

“Fine I’ll believe you for now,” Sneered Agondra.

“Good because I was going to take you anyway,” said Archangel.

“Then let’s go then,” said Agondra.

As they left the others, Archangel walked towards the harbor. When they got there Agondra noticed there weren’t any boats and was confused. But before he could ask any questions he slipped and hit the leg that was cut.

“Are you alright Agondra?” asked Archangel.

“No I’m not alright I just learned that my father isn’t a beaver and that I’m suppose to fight some evil guy named Nyan!” exclaimed Agondra.

“Diejenigen, die frustriert sind, kann führen zu der Dunkelheit, während diejenigen, die ruhig sind können Blei ans Licht,” said Archangel.

“What did you just say?” asked Agondra.

“I said ‘those who are frustrated can lead to the dark, while those who are calm can be lead to light,” replied Archangel.

“Oh where did you hear that from,” said Agondra.

“I of thought of it just now,” said Archangel. “Now it is time for you to swim to the island named Meh.”

“Did you just say swim to it!” exclaimed Agondra.

“Yes is there something wrong with that,” said Archangel.

“Yes there is a problem with that I can’t swim are you stupid or something!” yelled Agondra.

“Aren’t you part beaver?”asked Archangel.

“No I am your son remember,” replied Agondra.

“Oh yeah my bad I guess I forgot,” said Archangel.

“Yeah sure you forgot about that,” retorted Agondra. “Isn’t there some sort of boat I can take?”

“Not all the way because you would be spotted by Nyan and he would send phoenixes after you and then you would die,” replied Archangel.

Then Archangel went towards the water, summoned a boat out of nowhere, and climbed in to make sure it was sturdy. The boat itself was blue like the water, the details were gold and the inside was transparent so you could see if anything was below you. But if you looked at the bottom from the outside you couldn’t see through. So if tipped it over you wouldn’t be spotted.

“Is this sufficient enough for you Agondra?” asked Archangel.

“The boat is but what about food and water for the journey I don’t suppose you can conjure that up can you,” replied Agondra.

“That is easy enough since I will be accompanying you on this journey so you don’t get too lonely,” retorted Archangel.

“Why didn’t you tell me that to begin with maybe I would have come sooner,” growled Agondra.

“Get into the boat right now young man,” said Archangel.

“I’m not that young you know and I’m not doing anything you say until you answer my question,” said Agondra.

“It doesn’t matter right now!” yelled Archangel.

“Fine lets go then since you won’t tell me the answer,” said Agondra.

As they got closer to the island Agondra got a lot more scared. The reason he was scared was because he saw all the heads on the shoreline on spears. Some of the heads still had bodies attached to them. But another reason he got scared was because he saw the blood red castle that had Lord Nyan standing next to it. What Agondra hadn’t realized was that Lord Nyan was so big.

“So what is the plan archangel?” asked Agondra.

“The plan?” said Archangel, who was confused.

“Yes the plan to defeat Lord Nyan,” said Bust, “Since he is huge and is almost as tall as his castle.”

“Oh that plan, I will tell you when we get to the shore,” said Archangel, “now if I were you I would help me flip the boat so we can get to the shore safely.”

“Why do we need to tip it over?” asked Agondra.

“Because the phoenixes are coming over here,” said Archangel as he was rocking the boat.

When Agondra saw the phoenixes he started to rock the boat along with Archangel. To his surprise it was fairly easy to tip. Since the boat was transparent they could tell when the phoenixes were gone. And lucky for them the boat was painted blue like the ocean.

To Be Continued...

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