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I ran down the shadowy city street. The only lights that filled the streets were the very few stores that stayed open late and the flickering lighting poles.
The streets are deserted at night. Not much people dare to walk outside at night, ever since VAMPS took over. I kept running down further and further away from the VAMPS that jumped me, until I tripped... I fell flat on my face. I looked behind me to see what I tripped over. My jaw dropped. She was beautiful. The girl was crying into her knees and looked up at me. Her eyes all watery, as if they were looking into my soul. The girl looked at me as if she were terrified of me. Boy was I wrong...
She wasn't terrified of me, she was terrified of what she could do to me. I knew that as soon as she bared her fangs and bit into my neck. I fell in and out of consciousness until I just blacked out and hit the cold black cement ground......

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