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We walked hand in hand as we climbed into the time machine. I looked over to my right to see Gavin’s face. He showed no emotion. He pulled me in closer. That’s when I saw the worry in his light blue eyes. He looked as though he was trying to hide it…
I woke in the morning, with the sun gleaming through my window. Afraid to waste a precious day, I got out of bed. My seventeenth birthday was just around the corner. I remembered when I used to be excited for my birthdays, but this birthday was different. This birthday would get me killed…
Ever since I read that news article on the internet about the government deciding to pass a law that shortened the life span of people who didn’t work in or for the government, my life changed forever.
By Mary Edgley
Our population has grown in the many years we lived and so has our technology. Our technology helps us live longer and happier lives, but now over-population throughout the world has caused problems like limited living space and limited amounts of food and water. Our governments all around the world have been trying to figure out the best solutions to end these problems. Unfortunately, there weren’t many. They recently passed a law in every country that prohibits anyone from living to the age of seventeen or older, UNLESS they work for or with the
government; otherwise, there will be NO exceptions. Anyone planning to work for or with the government will be denied a job from now on. The only people allowed to take over a government position are family members and close relatives.
My parents, grandparents, older brother, aunts and uncles all were killed at the hands of a “reaper”. I was left all alone. A “reaper” is a serial killer who was given its job to kill by the government. All “reapers” were promised to live a long, full life as long as they killed people the age of seventeen or older. But, what really bothers me about “reapers” is that they are allowed to kill their victims any way they like. They are allowed to kill their victims any way they like. They could torture them for days if they wanted to, as long as they died in the end. I don’t like to think about “reapers” too much though, because I don’t want to find out how they killed my family. There is nothing friendly about a “reaper”. They dress in all black, with long black hooded capes that would hide their eyes, so that you couldn’t see them, but so that they could see you.
I threw on a pair of jeans and a casual T-shirt; put my black high tops on left to meet Gavin at the park. He was waiting for me on a bench. The sky was the same color as his bright blue eyes and his light brown hair matched with mine. Like me, he had no one. His family was killed at the hands of “reapers” too. I was glad that we had each other though; otherwise we both would be completely alone.
We talked about the planes in the sky, the ducks in the pond, and other little things like that. While we talked, a girl passed by. She seemed upset about something. I couldn’t put my finger on what though, until I heard the scream…
A “reaper” dragged the girl into his sleek looking car and drove off. Her scream echoed in my ear, and I couldn’t, get the expression on her face out of my mind. The look of hopelessness…
I broke into tears thinking about my seventeenth birthday coming up. I looked to my left to see Gavin, and that’s when I realized that his eyes never left my face, when he heard the girl scream.
He must have known what I was thinking about. The thought probably hurt him as much as me. Not only would his family be killed be a “reaper” but so would his only friend. He would have absolutely no one. I don’t think I would ever want to put myself in his place even though im the one that’s going to be killed soon.
We walked home silently. The birds didn’t even sing. When we walked on my porch, he stopped me from opening the door. His hand was on my arm. He couldn’t even look me in the eyes we he told me “So your birthdays tomorrow, right?” he said almost as a whisper. I replied slowly, “Yeah.” He didn’t say anything. I said “Bye.” He told me “Never say good bye.” “What?” I said. He walked away, but stopped at the edge of the driveway. The last words he told me were, “I won’t let them take you.” But that time he looked me in the eyes and that’s when I knew he was serious.
I had a hard time falling asleep all night but when I did eventually fall asleep, I had a dream about a “reaper”. He had a sickle axe in his left hand. Blood fell from the sickle axe in droplets. He slowly pulled down his black hood. He had a sinister smile on his lips. He had bright blue eyes and light brown hair. He was Gavin…
I woke in cold sweat. The daylight was flowing through my window. It looked like a beautiful day but I knew it was just an imposter, because this would be the day I die.
The view out my window was wonderful, until I saw the “reaper”. He stood still across the street as if he were a statue. I couldn’t get that dream out of my head. Was Gavin really going to kill me? But I quickly dismissed the thought after I remembered what he told me yesterday. I won’t let them take you. I kept repeating the words over and over again. Those words comforted me. I knew he wasn’t lying.
I ran down the stairs and into the kitchen. I saw the “reaper”. He was dressed all in black. His back was to me. I slowly tried to walk back up the stairs, while I held my breath. I somehow knew he knew I was there. He quickly turned in my direction. His eyes were covered, so I couldn't see them. He had the same sinister smile in my dream. I slowly asked “Gavin, is that you?” He slowly started to pull down his hood, all while he had a sickle axe in his left hand. Blood dripped to the floor. My dream, I thought. He had blue eyes and light brown hair, but it wasn’t Gavin. It couldn’t have been Gavin.
Gavin didn’t have a two inch scar above his eyebrow, but his brother did. “Trey? I asked confused. His smile stayed on his face. “Oh Star, of course it’s me!” he said enthusiastically. “When I saw your name on the list to kill, I right away took this as an opportunity. I hate you, Star and now this is my chance to really show you.” He took his sickle axe, and kept his hood down to show me every second of my murder that he would enjoy. He grabbed my wrist and pulled me into the living room. He threw me onto the floor, and raised his sickle axe in the air.
The living room door slammed open and there Gavin was. He ripped the sickle axe out of Trey’s left hand, and stabbed Trey. Gavin stabbed to injure not kill. Gavin helped me up and hugged me. “I told you I wasn’t going to let them take you.” He pulled me out of the house and we didn’t stop running until we got to a grey building. “I thought you said the “reapers” killed your brother.” He replied “They sort of did. They were short on serial killers so they forced my brother to become one of them. Who you met at your house wasn’t my brother anymore, it was a lost soul. A “reaper.”
We ran into the grey building. “Where are we?” I said “An abandon building that my father used to bring me when he was still alive.” We walked down the steps and there was a huge machine that had a steel door attached to it. Gavin unlocked the steel door. “My father created it but never got to finish it. So I took it into my own hands when he died.”
We walked hand in hand as we climbed into the time machine. I looked over to my right to see Gavin’s face. He showed no emotion. He pulled me in closer. That’s when I saw the worry in his light blue eyes. He looked as though he was trying to hide it.
After a few minutes Gavin opened the steel door. There was a beautiful island on the other side, with crystal blue, clear water surrounding it. He turned to look at me and all worry left his eyes. We both walked out together still holding hands. He looked at me and then whispered in my ear “I told you that I wouldn’t let them take you.” He smiled and we walked off, tired of running, into the sunset ready to seek our new beginning.

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