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The Era of The Phoenix

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Deadlines. Rent. Heating bills. Water bills. Bills I haven't even heard of. They smothered my creativity, and then they took a toll on my health. I couldn't think straight one day, I was fine the next, then another flu hit, but this time I wasn't recovering like I used to. So I took the pill. A tiny, orange pill. It tasted salty from my sweaty palm. I choked it down with a ton of water. Hopefully, I would feel better soon.

Four days after I took the pill, my hair turned into firelight, hues of crimson and copper and gold. And the colors twisted and swirled, wild. When I tried to dye my hair black again, the dye disentegrated into flaky ash.

Five days after I took the pill, my mouth and nose morphed together to form a beak. If I smelled trash I would taste it, too. If I tried to eat, I would have to break up the piece of food into minute pieces; a twenty-minute meal now took three hours!

Six days after I took the pill, my finger and toes and nails sharpened into talons. The sound of nails on a chalkboard screeched if I walked. I tore up my couch and clothes by the end of the day.

Seven days after I took the pill, my arms grew a down of feathers stretching to the floor. Same hues as my hair, but all it did was look pretty, I couldn't fly.

Eight days after I took the pill, I became the phoenix. I no longer had arms, I had wings. I no longer faded into the background, I radiated beauty. I no longer felt cold, I had fire. I was no longer helpless, I was powerful.

Nine days after I took the pill, I flew to the forest. I set every plant on fire. The animals weren't mad or sad or revenge-seeking. They were afraid; and like humans in the past, they worshipped what they were afraid of. Me.

Ten days after I took the pill, I told the animals of the forest about the humans, how they made things, how they got their food. They weren't happy. Not happy at all.

500 years after I took the pill, the humans were gone. After I taught the animals of the forest about the humans, they stole their things, released animals from zoos and farms, and a war raged between humans and animals. But after 500 years of struggle, we finally ended the human race. And under my rule, I would start a new era.

My Era.

The Era of the Phoenix

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OneoftheThreeThis teenager is a 'regular' and has contributed a lot of work, comments and/or forum posts, and has received many votes and high ratings over a long period of time. said...
Dec. 5, 2012 at 7:51 pm
That was extremely creative! I didn't think it would end like that!
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