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True Love

I walked up to the beginning of the massive concert stage, knowing all too well that she wouldn’t be on there for at least another 30 minutes. I grabbed a beer and slammed it down, holding the large cooler I grabbed the 40 oz. that I always adored. “Ah….rolling Rock… beautiful fools make such an epic beer!”

I had just finished my third 40 oz. and after going to the restroom I returned to my spot, noticing a steady stream of wolf people, Neko’s and humans all piling into the stadium.

Then the crowd started to go wild as I heard her voice coming from behind the curtain that separated the stage from the crowd. The curtain lit on fire as she walked forward, a beautiful white wolf person. She had on black lipstick and had piercings in her nose and lip. Her eyes were a cool gray and she seemed to take everyone in for a second before grabbing her microphone. “Are you ready to rock!?” She screamed as she raised one of her fists into the air. The crowd, including me roared with excitement as the rest of her band started to walk out onto the stage.

I smiled and looked at her….Artemis….the god of Hunting and one of the most popular singers of this decade, especially in her genre. I looked at the rest of her band, Blood, aptly named due to his red fur and eyes was rocking the drums. A fairly large panther was starting to get a bass rhythm going and on the lead guitar was a Naga, a snake man.. A regular sight now that most people could actually change into a half animal of their choice since genetic science had advanced that far in just ten years since 2012.

After the concert I looked at Artemis and laid my head on the stage looking at her. “Good show tonight babe….you really rocked the crowds out there.” I stood on my massive snake tail and glided onto the stage, easily a few feet longer than her. She wrapped her arms around me and I her, as we had been married since 2020. I looked at her, “Jackie, you really need to keep some of those bastards off the stage.” I said that as one of the crowd had launched himself to the stage and attempted to kiss her. I made short work of him as he went crowd surfing into a mosh pit before he could blink. She merely wagged her tail at me in the manner she usually did and started to go off the stage.

Jackie had chosen her favorite character she used to be to become in reality, as had I. I was more formally known as Jormungander, one of the first to suggest using anything larger than a garter snake for DNA. I had chosen the largest snake in the world, an anaconda, as my DNA package, making me far larger and stronger than most other Naga, as our population was now known as. I followed her to our tour bus and piled in the back taking up most of the space but leaving enough for Jackie to sit next to me. She flopped down and grabbed a beer, taking a hearty swig before laying it down in a crevasse in my snake coils.
“So where are we heading next?” I asked her. She smiled at me and said simply, “We have to get you home, you have a videogame to design. You’ve been so preoccupied with my concerts you’ve completely forgotten about your job.” She punched me hard in the shoulder. I rubbed the sore spot and looked at her, my eyes changing from a slight blue to a submissive grey. “Yeah….your right like always hun….So are you still going on tour with the others or are you gonna stay home for a while?” Was my next question. She looked at me and smiled. “I might stay on tour for a few more weeks…..then I’ll be home you big baby…” I smiled and wrapped my arms around her again before starting to doze off due to the booze. She passed out quickly in my arms.

When I woke I realized we had already reached our destination. My eyes turned a very sad teal as I lowered my head to her. I gave her kiss which we held for a while before I left the bus. As I sat at the door to our house, she blew me a kiss from the bus. I waved and then she disappeared into the distance.

A few weeks passed and I had made great progress on my game….but I was worried. Jcie hadn’t called in about 2 weeks, since her last concert. I was starting to panic more and more as she didn’t call for two weeks after that, or even answering my own calls. I turned on the television. Then my heart sunk…her bus had been in an accident when the driver had overdosed on cocaine, stroked out, and slammed into a tree. I Rushed to the hospital she was at, and found her. She was mostly unharmed but the force had knocked her into a coma. With a great sob I stood over her. “ I vow as long s I live…to protect you…in sickness and in health.. I won’t leave your side.”

About 5 years had passed after that moment, and I and kept my vows. She hadn’t woken up yet, and every day after work I would stay near her side, often passing out nearby. A day after our 7th anniversary of being married, I nearly had a heart attack due to excitement. She was moving. Her eyes opened and she was looking at me, smiling gently. “Why does it feel like I moshed too hard?” I looked at her and after kissing her, “It’s because you have been in a coma for the last 5 years Jackie…” Her eyes widened, “W…what?” I nodded, “ I rarely left your side since then, even blowing back my game for a year. It’s finished now, but the more important thing is that you’re alive!” My arms wrapped her in a hug as Blood, Panther, and Ssslither walked into the room, each one charging forward and tackling us both to the ground. We all enjoyed a very epic party, and then lived our lives happily ever after….at least till our first child came.
The end
(Moral, stick by those you love.)

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Feb. 20, 2013 at 2:56 pm:
This a very expressive prose and a joyful read!!! Keep up the good work :)
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Aug. 27, 2013 at 7:39 am :
Oh, thank you.
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