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I Was a Teenage Dragon

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Once upon a time, there was a kingdom on the outskirts of a group of mountains, and living in these mountains were dragons of all different shapes, sizes and colors. There were dragons big and small, fat and skinny, red and blue, old and young, and there were baby dragons as well. A group of dragon eggs was blown off its perch on a mountain by a gust of wind. Most of the eggs fell and broke, but one landed in a bird’s nest, and there it lay until a young girl named Megan, with dark hair and blue eyes, found it and took it to her home in a village within the kingdom.

Megan showed the unusually large egg to her parents, who then started to argue about if they should eat it. As they continued to quarrel, Megan watched the egg wobble on the table, then crack, and finally hatch. The parents stopped their argument, and were amazed to discover the last thing they expected to come out of the egg: a baby dragon! They first wanted to let it go in the woods, but then Megan started to cry and begged them to let her keep it as a pet, promising to feed it, care for it, and always look out for it. Her parents, anxious to make her happy, agreed to let her keep the dragon.

Years passed, and both Megan and the dragon, which she had named Cameron, had grown quite a bit. Cameron was dark blue with hints of green shimmer in his scales and bright gold eyes. He wasn’t yet a fully-grown dragon, but he was big enough to take up half of Megan’s room where he slept. Cameron and Megan loved each other very much, and neither could imagine life without the other. Cameron was getting big enough that Megan decided to let him go out and stretch his wings for longer periods of time. He spread his wings and took off, feeling very happy and content with his life.

Cameron had been flying through the big blue sky for a while when he saw three dragons, about the same size he was, but of different colors, flying near him. Cameron had never seen other dragons before, but he mustered up the courage to say, “Hello!” The dragon in the middle, a bright red dragon, stopped his companions of green and purple and whispered something in their ears. Then he turned and said, “Hello there, friend. Where do you come from?” Cameron introduced himself and told them of his roots, and when he was done, the red dragon said, “Very interesting. I am called Sebastian.” Then he asked Cameron if he knew how to breathe fire, the amount of gold he’d ever taken, and the number houses he’d ever burnt down. When Cameron said no to all of these questions, the other two dragons started to laugh. Sebastian held up his claw, signaling them to stop, and then said, “Looks like you have a lot to learn. Come with us tonight and we’ll show you everything a real dragon should know.” Cameron wasn’t sure if he should go out at night, but he wanted to find out what other dragons knew that he didn’t, so he agreed.

Cameron waited until Megan was asleep, then, as quietly as he could (he was a dragon, after all), he flew out of the house and into the night. He’d only had to wait a few minutes when Sebastian and his friends came into view. He joined them and said, “Tell me, where are we going?” “I’m going to show you how a real dragon breathes fire. Here we are,” said Sebastian. They had arrived in front of a small but homely-looking house in the village where Cameron had just left. “What are we doing here?” he asked.

Sebastian said, “This is the perfect place to practice our fire-breathing techniques. Now watch and learn.” He took a big breath in, and breathed out red-hot flames from his mouth, burning a part of the house. “Got it? Now you try.” A stunned Cameron said, “But…there could be people in there. Why?” Sebastian replied, “It’s fun, and it feels great. Besides, the people usually run once we get started.” “I don’t know…” said Cameron. He wasn’t sure it was right to practice breathing fire on someone’s house, and he shuddered at the thought of what Megan might say.

Sebastian looked at Cameron and said, “Oh, I see how it is. I should have known. Only a real dragon is tough enough to breathe fire.” He and the other dragons laughed at Cameron very loudly, which made him feel so bad that he said, “I’ll do it. I am a real dragon. You’ll see.” He took a big breath in, and breathed out red-hot flames similar to Sebastian’s. The flames hit the roof of the house and caused it to cave in. Sebastian looked impressed. “Not bad, Cameron. What do you think?” “I’ve never felt better in my life!” said Cameron, who found that breathing fire was the most fun he’d ever had. He loved the sensation of the heat coming from his mouth and the feeling of control over the flames. For the rest of the night, Cameron, Sebastian, and the other two dragons took turns breathing fire on different parts of the house. When dawn came, Cameron said yes to Sebastian’s offer to go with them again the next night, then snuck back into his own home, where Megan was still asleep, unknowing of Cameron’s actions.

The sun rose, and the people of the village woke to find of their neighbors’ homes burnt down to the ground. They knew that a dragon lived in the house of the little girl Megan and her family, so that’s where they went to confirm their suspicions. Megan opened the door, and when the villagers told her what had happened, Megan asked them to wait outside. Then she called to Cameron and said “Tell me why you did this.” Cameron told her everything, and as he did so he felt badly about it all. “I’m sorry about this, don’t let them take me away,” he pleaded. Megan believed him and, eager to protect her pet, told the villagers of Cameron’s innocence. They left, and then Megan said, “Now, please promise me you won’t do this again.” Cameron promised her, and all was well for the rest of the day.

Night fell, and Cameron wasn’t sure if he should go out again with Sebastian and his friends. He decided to go and just watch them do what they wanted to do. He flew out of the house, found Sebastian and said, “What are we doing tonight?” “You’ll see,” said Sebastian. This time they went to a row of houses in the same village. Sebastian then said, “Tonight, we’re going to burn the houses, but also we will try to get as much gold as we can. Are you ready?” “I don’t know…” said Cameron. “I think I’ll just watch you guys do it.” “Well, I guess you may be right,” said Sebastian. “After all, only a real dragon is tough enough to take gold.” They laughed at Cameron again, who said defiantly, “I’ll do it. I am a real dragon. Just you wait.” He took a big breath in, breathed out the red-hot, brightly-colored flames, then when the house was sufficiently burnt, he went and took all the gold from the slightly charred money-box. Sebastian, again looking impressed, said to Cameron, “Well done. Let’s go to the next one.” The dragons continued along the row of houses, burning them down and taking the gold and riches as they went. Cameron had forgotten how much fun breathing fire was until now. At the end of the night, Sebastian asked if Cameron would join them the next night, and Cameron said yes once again. Just before the sun rose, he buried the stolen gold in the backyard, snuck back into Megan’s room, and thought everything would be fine.

Morning came, and the villagers saw that a row of their houses were burnt like the first one. They knew it had to be the dragon’s doing, so they went to Megan’s house for a second time. Megan opened the door, and the villagers told them of their suspicions. She told them to wait again, turned to Cameron and said, “Tell me why you did this.” Cameron felt worse and worse as he told her. “I really am sorry, you’ve got to give me another chance,” he begged. Megan considered him, then opened the door and told the villagers to leave her pet alone. She looked at him and said, “Now please promise me you won’t do it again, Cameron.” He promised as she asked, even though he wasn’t sure if he really meant it.

That night, Cameron was conflicted as to whether he should stay or go out again. He made the decision to try and talk Sebastian into doing something else. Cameron flew out of the house one more time, and when he saw Sebastian and the others, he asked them if they could find a different activity they could do. Sebastian said, “We are going to do something different tonight.” The dragons stopped in midair, looking down at the village. “Tonight,” said Sebastian, “we’re going to take this whole place down. We’ll burn all the houses and take all the gold. That is, if you think you’re ready.” “I don’t know…” said Cameron. “This seems like a really bad idea.” Sebastian argued, “No, it’s not. It’s fun! Besides this is what we young dragons look forward to doing. I guess you have a point, though. Only a real dragon is tough enough to take a village.” He and the other dragons laughed so hard and so loudly that Cameron felt he had no choice but to say, “Okay, I’ll do it. I am a real dragon. I know I am.” He took a big breath in, bigger than any other breath, and breathed out the brightest, hottest, flames he’d ever done. He felt great afterward, and spent the night going all around the village with Sebastian and his pals, burning everything in sight and taking all the gold they could carry. Cameron was having too much fun to hear the screams of the villagers, to notice the terror in their faces as they fled, and he wasn’t even thinking about Megan. The dragons didn’t stop until the sun came out, and when it did, Sebastian said to Cameron and said, “You were great. We’re going to go for the whole kingdom later tonight. Want to come?” Cameron said yes without thinking, and with that Sebastian and his friends flew away and out of sight.

Cameron turned around and gasped. The whole village was destroyed! All the houses were completely burnt down, and those villagers that had not escaped lay hurt or dead upon the ground. Cameron suddenly realized that he and Sebastian had done this to his home and panicked. He raced to his house, which looked no different from the rest of the village, and his heart sank. Nearby the charred frame of the door lay Megan, with a deep cut on her head. Cameron saw that she was not dead but she was gravely injured, which made him feel horrible about what had happened and what he had done. He gently lifted Megan in his claws and took her to the castle, where the surviving villagers had taken refuge.

As the servants tended her wound, Cameron went to the king, gave back the stolen gold, and told him of Sebastian’s impending attack on the kingdom. At first the king was suspicious, but when Cameron had told him his tale, the king felt bad for the young dragon and agreed to put up defenses against Sebastian and the others. Then Cameron went back to Megan and stayed by her side for the rest of the day. She still had not stirred, but the healer there assured Cameron she soon would.

The sun had set, and Cameron did not go out to meet Sebastian as he had done the past three nights. Sebastian wasn’t happy that Cameron hadn’t come, but decided to attack the kingdom without him. “We don’t need that little wannabe, he’s not a real dragon anyway.” So Sebastian and his companions flew to take it as they had done the village, but the people, thanks to Cameron’s warning, were prepared, and had set up cannons and catapults and all their best knights waiting for the dragons. They had walked into a trap, but there was nothing they could do. One by one, the dragons were defeated, and Sebastian saw Cameron looking through the window, and he was furious. Before he could try to attack Cameron, however, a great cannonball hit him right in the chest, and he fell down to the knights waiting with their swords to finish him.

Once it was over, Megan finally woke up, and Cameron sincerely apologized for everything. He promised that he would help to rebuild the village and would search for the gold stolen by Sebastian and the others. “I just wanted to feel like a real dragon,” he said. Megan looked at him and said, “You are a real dragon. Trust me.” Cameron was so happy to hear this, and he spent the rest of his days looking after Megan, thinking to himself, “I am a real dragon after all.”
The End

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