As you take your last breath

June 30, 2012
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The last of it seeped from his lips and out into the cold frigid winter air.His broken and fragile body lay on the snowy white ground,still,chest unmoving.His last breath escaped him before he could say goodbye,before he had even lived his life.Black tears poured from my eyes and dripped onto his dead face.What was wrong with me?Why had i done this?Because it was an order?Or because i was being selfish?I didn't want to watch my best friend grow old and die when i was this....this monster that never aged.I couldn't escape this curse that had been brought upon me,so i welcomed him within the curse itself.I slowly and carefully get to my feet,swaying with each step that i take away from him.I know soon he will open his eyes into this new world that he had unwillingly been dragged into.He was now apart of our war against humanity.

~Two days earlier~
My long black knee-length hair swayed softly behind me as i led Daniel to the empty classroom.I pushed my white bangs out of my red eyes which were lined in black.I closed the door to the room and locked it behind us.I slowly turned towards Daniel."Why was it you needed to talk to me in private?"He asked innocently with a smile.His chocolate brown eyes shone with sincerity."There is an Important matter that we need to discuss."I said.His soft smile faded and he nodded seriously."My sire has requested that you..." I stopped.My throat caught and i could feel the tears threatening to pour down."Do what?" He asked,completely oblivious to the pain he was about to endure."Since you now know our must become a vampire."I took a deep breath."And i am the one who must do it."I hid my face within my hands and began to cry.I didn't want to cause him this pain and yet i felt almost glad that i could spend eternity with him."I'm so sorry,Daniel."I cry."I have to be a vampire?" He asks.His face shows no emotion.The tears burst from my eyes and stream down leaving black eyeliner etched onto my face."yes." I whisper.He nods and looks down at his feet."I'm sorry." I say,praying for his forgiveness."It's okay." He says sadly."No its not okay!You will have to be bonded with me for eternity!!I know that isn't' what you want.I know that you just want to be a normal human!I don't want to change you...but i must...I don't know what i should do!"I look to him with a frightened face stained in black.I look to him with an aching in my chest,a longing for him to stay just the way he is,and yet i also want him to become what i stand to be.He wipes my eyes and smiles down at me."Anitra,it's okay." He says simply.Then he leaves me alone with my empty thoughts,wondering how he really feels and what he is thinking.

The next morning is slow as the moment for his death quickly descends upon us.I am frightened for not only him but for myself.He will be the first human that i have ever bitten,and I'm not sure if i can handle it.When i tell him this he looks behind me in deep thought."well then," He looks down at me. "Maybe we should practice."His smile is warm but there is also a fakeness behind it.I nod as he takes my hand and leads me behind the school.He leans against the red bricked wall and closes his eyes.He lifts his head,exposing his neck and says,"Go ahead,Take some."I grab his face in my hands and lean down to his neck.My sharp teeth break the surface of his soft skin.I moan in pleasure as the warm blood enters my mouth and drips down my throat.He tastes of sweet candy.I pull back and see that he is staring at me with his big brown eyes.I blink up at him.He closes his eyes and slides down to the ground."Did it hurt?" I ask.He chuckles softly."Not bad enough that you should be worrying about it."He says.I sigh and sit next to him."In a way,i want you to become a vampire."I confess.He opens one eye and looks at me."If you are a vampire with me then..we can stay friends forever.In every meaning of the word."I say softly.He smiles and kisses the top of my head."That might be nice.Then i could protect you like a brotherly figure should couldn't i?"He says playfully.I pout at him."I can protect myself!"I say defensively.He ruffles my hair."I know." I beam up at him.He was like my big brother in many ways.He had always been there to protect me and guide me.And when i found out what i was he was there to console me.I guess in a way i would have suggested he be turned sooner or later.After all i couldn't live without my big brother now could i?

I blink slowly as i stare across the field which is painted with white snow.Daniel stands in the center of the field with my sire at his side.My sires long black hair is pulled back in a ponytail as he motions for me to come.I take my time walking across the snowy field.I was stalling for Daniels sake.The gray sky loomed above us,no sun in sight.Daniel took my hand as i reached him.He smiled reassuringly and nodded.The ritual began.My sire recited words from ancient Greek that neither Daniel nor i understood then Daniel and i pricked our fingers and then pressed them together."May this blood floe from one to the other and be the link that bonds them eternally."My sire said.Now it was time for the bite.This bite would be the reason for Daniels death and rebirth.I lowered my lips to his neck and bit him....


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DanielM said...
Jul. 17, 2012 at 1:32 am
Primy....Primy.... This was so awesome. I remember we had this role playing game that was intense. Great imagery. I really liked your use descriptions. Suggestion: a few spelling errors. Great job!!!! Thanks for the credit.
Silver2black said...
Jul. 11, 2012 at 5:33 am
I kinda felt a little weird in the biting scenes, very deep emtions and thoughts, and Romance XDDDD Decently written, I like your story line !
B.Madu said...
Jul. 11, 2012 at 5:33 am
it's hauntingly wonderful, Pann.
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