The Lost

June 2, 2012
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My name is Glass. I live in Main. But my family has a trend of moving everywhere. We go to France. The drive is aweful, smelling like sweat and dirty feet. Like my mother, I have long black hair. So black it gives mid-night a run for its money. My eyes, they are a deep blue eith yellow centers. But my mothers dead. Only my step dad and little sister, both looking nothing like me, I am forced to live with. When I doze off, I dream of Shadows. They suround me, suficate me. I scream. My father turns around in alarm. " Bee!" I lied. Kylie looked at me, and shook her head. She didn't believe it. The car jerked to a hard stop. We stepped out. The streets were full of preps, goths, shredders, and whores by the looks of it. Kylie held my hand as if she saw a ghost. I followed her eyes. In the street over was a boy, at least 17. My age. He had neck length blond hair. He wore a long jacket. He looked like a vampire hunter or something. He stared at me, eyes wide. Could he hear my thoughts. Kylie stiffened. " Girls, come on! We'll be later!" Dad yelled. I turned back. The boy was gone. Kylie let me go. I heard a crash. My head snapped around. " Dad!" I yelled. Leave it to him to knock a whole stand of fruit to the ground! Kylie laughed. I remember before we came to France. We were in her room. Mom was in the hospital after being hit by a truck. I was doing Kylies hair. She looked at me. " Where's Mommy?" I remember how I cried, how I held her. She is now 10. She acts so grown up. I don't bring up mom. Not anymore. I am no longer weak. Not anymnore. My name was Glass. Just like my soul.

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