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The beauty of the beast

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Today’s day was just as usual for me.
As usual, the clock struck six at evening.
As usual, the sun had almost set.
As usual, the darkness of the night crept in the sky.
As usual, I gave my black cat, Scarlet, her usual bowl of cream with a drop of blood in it.
I stared out of the window, watching the sky grow dark. I thought of the one who is going to be my target tonight. Destination: Selena’s party tonight.
I walked to my closet and pulled out a short, black satin dress , matching high-heeled shoes & a platinum bracelet with the letter ‘Z’ engraved on it. After putting them on, I applied red lipstick & nail polish. The dress fitted me so perfectly that every curve of my body could be seen.
I stared at my reflection in the mirror. My dark red colored eyes could see a very beautiful girl with straight black hair, very kind & pretty face & a stunning sexy body. But also I could see the beast beneath my which perfection nobody else can. Perfect.
Soon, the clock struck nine.
I looked out of the window. Enough darkness.
Leaving Scarlet alone in the room, I headed out taking my car keys. After locking the front door, I got into the car and started to drive to the destination.
Soon I reached the destination. As I got in the party, many eyes stared at me. Some were glaring with envy and some were thirsty with lust. And why not, I was the hottest girl in the college. And now, I was in the birthday party of my very rich friend, Selena. And now you can guess how the rich gal’s party was. Guys, alcohol-alcohol, guys. And some girls who’s faces were green with envy after I caught their eyeballs.
Soon people became busy in themselves. I could see a big birthday cake on a table in the center of the hall. I walked towards it.
“ Oh wow, you came here at last.” Said a tall girl, walking towards me, wearing a pink gown. Selena. The birthday girl.
“Happy birthday, Selena!” I said giving her the present which I bought for her.
“Thanks very much, Ziesha. I’m so glad that you’re here.” Selena said, giving me a hug. I could smell the perfume she was wearing. It smelled like lavender. Too bad, I hate lavender.
“God, you’re looking ravishing.” She said.
“You too.” I said, smiling at her.
“Go on, enjoy the party.”
Then Selena got busy with other people in the party. I started looking around to look for a target. I caught a guy staring at me continuously. I recognized him as Allen, the guy from my physics class who had a crush on me and had asked me out several times throughout the year. Allen was a cute guy with tanned skin, caramel hair and dark blue eyes. Allen’s dark blue eyes looked as deep as an ocean.
I noticed Allen walking towards me. So, Allen was my target for tonight. I stood at the most sensual position that I could.
“Hey beautiful, wanna spend some time with me tonight?” Allen said to me. You can always find Allen flirting with me.
“Of course. Why not.” I said in my beautiful velvety voice.
“So what?”
“I mean this place is not too good for two of us to…”
“Yeah this place not too good for that.” I said cutting him off. Poor Allen never knew what I meant by ‘that’.
“So where are we going?” I asked.
“Over my place or yours? Or do you have any other suggestion?” He asked.
“Well, there’s an abandoned cottage on the highway which belongs to my friend. How about that?”
“That’s a brilliant idea. Come on, let’s go.”
We drove to the certain on the highway near the woods which belonged to me cousin who mostly lived out of the city due to his job. The cottage was on a hilly region. Soon we reached the cottage.
“This place looks deserted.” Allen said getting out of the car & staring his surroundings.
“That’s why I brought you here.” I said smiling at him. “Come on, let’s go inside.”
I knew my cousin always kept spare keys under the doormat. So we got in the cottage. Of course it was furnished. I lead Allen to the balcony of second floor. The moon was shining in the sky and no soul could be seen. Perfect opportunity.
Allen did what I expected. He pulled me toward him till no gap was left between us. His arms were around my waist and his dark blue eyes stared into mine. Being so near, I could smell him. He smelled nice.
“You never knew how much I love you Ziesha.” Allen whispered to me. I kept quite.
“I spend my everyday trying to get near you. And now, after so long, you are with me. This is the most beautiful moment of my life. I won’t forget this moment ever.” He said.
‘This may look as the most beautiful moment to you, but unknown to you, Allen, it’s going to turn out as the worst moment of your life.’ I thought.
“Yes, you will never be able to forget this moment, Allen.” I whispered to him.
“To me, you are everything. You are the most beautiful person I’ve ever seen. You’re just perfect for me.” He said,
“And you’re just perfect for me…” I trailed off.
But sadly, his sweet love for me was unacceptable to me.
Before he could crash his lips on mine, I pretended to kiss his neck. As soon as my lips touched his neck, I couldn’t control myself any longer.
“No! Ziesha stop!” He screamed.
I dug my fangs deeply into his skin, enjoying the taste of his blood as the venom from my fangs spread into his body.
“No! You can’t do this to me. Just stop it…”
“Only till I drink the last drop of your blood Allen.”
“I love you Ziesha…” It was the last thing he said seconds before I drained the last drops of his blood.
“I love you too Allen.” I said looking at Allen’s lifeless body before I pushed him down from the balcony.

I wiped my mouth and drove to my home.
Soon I was sitting on the window sill with Scarlet, gazing the moon and thinking about Allen for the last time as the clock struck twelve in the midnight as usual.

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