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Love's Pure Song

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In a far off land there was a peaceful kingdom that was surrounded by a magical forest filled with many wonders. For not only were there forest animals, but also enchanted creatures. And living in the castle was a princess named Gita, whose song could tame even the mightiest of beasts. One of her favorite pastimes was to go into the forest and roam.

Gita had a tendency of losing track of time and spent hours in the forest. A knight would come and take her back to the castle each evening. It was during one of these outings when Gita first saw it, a creature so magnificent that all others paled in comparison: the unicorn.

Her bright green eyes widened with wonder and she began to cry with joy at the sight before her. Gently she sang, coaxing it forward.

“Oh kind darling;

Please let me linger, please let me stay here.
Oh lovely darling;
Come little closer, step a little nearer.
Oh sweet darling;
I will not harm you, I will not hurt you.
I just wish to hold you…”

Slowly the unicorn walked forward and nuzzled Gita’s hand. Warm breath tickled her palm. Giggling softly, she ran her fingers through its silky, crisp white mane and buried her face in the long strands, letting her dark ebony hair and the unicorn’s mane melt together. The smell of fresh rain and damp earth filled her nose and when she took a deep breath, Gita could taste sweet honey sticking to the roof of her mouth.

After a few minutes, the two of them nestled on the forest floor, the unicorn’s head resting in Gita’s lap. The unicorn gazed up at her with deep violet eyes and neighed quietly. Smiling, Gita parted her lips and sang once more, although this time she sang of the bliss she felt when she was with the unicorn.

As the sun set and the moon rose, one of her father’s knights came calling for her. The unicorn jumped up and began to shy away, back into the depth of the woods.

“Wait!” Gita begged. “I wish to see you again, please!” Standing a few feet from the unicorn she held her hands out and smiled. “I wish to lie on the soft grass like we did today, meet me here tomorrow?”

Shaking its head up and down the unicorn pounded one hoof against the ground with agreement. Beaming, Gita ran back to the castle, excited for morning to come. Unbeknownst to them though, an evil witch had watched their encounter and began to hatch a plan that would help her claim the powers the unicorn possessed.


At dawn’s first light, Gita scurried through the empty streets and out the gates. Soon she arrived at the spot and carefully sat down to wait.

Suddenly, out of the corner of her eye she saw a silver streak pass. Jumping up, she looked about.

“Unicorn?” she called out in anticipation.

Then she saw a faint glimmer further in the woods. Slowly, Gita walked towards it, wondering if it was the unicorn. Although, she soon realized that she had wandered too far into the forest.

Her eyes widened in fear as shadows loomed down upon her. Turning around in a tight circle, Gita looked for something to help lead her back.

“Unicorn?” she cried, but she received no response. Wrapping her arms around her, Gita sat on the ground and cried.

“My child,” spoke an old, weathered voice. “Are you lost?”

Looking up, Gita saw a hunched over women with bumpy nose and squinted eyes gazing at her with a distant expression.

“Sadly, yes,” Gita replied, not noticing the callous smile appearing on the woman’s face.

Holding out a boney hand, the women beckoned to her as she muttered under her breath. Suddenly, Gita felt a weird sensation. Her mouth turned dry and she could taste something putrid rising from her throat. Unwillingly, she pulled up and led through the forest. She tried to run, but she held no control over her movements.

After a few minutes, they came upon a small crooked house that was squashed between two trees. The old woman pulled Gita into the house and roughly shoved her into a ragged chair.

“Stay put,” she hissed coldly.

“With you here my precious, Vimal will surely come. For I’ve never seen him like this. After you left, the idiot pranced about the forest like a love drunk fool,” she snarled. “But when he comes I will finally gain control of his powers and I will use them as my own!”

“I don’t understand?” Gita cried. “Who is Vimal?”

Suddenly the old woman let out a high-pitched, cackle. “He’s here…”

Now having been released, Gita looked through the smeared window and saw a gleaming white body approach. The unicorn had come. Swiftly, the witch left the house and began to entrap the unicorn with enchantments. Gita’s eyes widened with horror as the unicorn was forced to the ground.

A loud neigh was released as Gita rushed towards the witch. With a great shove, she got the witch away from the unicorn, weakening the spell. The unicorn jumped up and with a squelch, ran the witch through with its horn. An agonizing scream echoed out as black smoke spewed forth from her caving body. The unicorn rushed towards Gita, shielding her from the poisonous smoke.

Collapsing from exhaustion, the unicorn landed in a heap. Quickly, Gita sat down and brought its head into her lap, placing a gentle kiss just below the single ivory horn.

A bright white light flashed out, blinding Gita instantly. As her sight came back, she noticed that the unicorn was gone and in place was a young man with wavy white hair and deep violet eyes.

“Unicorn?” she inquired, her hand rising to his cheek.

With a nod, he nuzzled into her warm hand. A wide smile stretched across her face as she flung herself into his arms.

Brushing his face against hers, he softly whispered into her ear. “Oh beautiful darling, please let me stay here, beside you forever…”

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RaindropsCatcher This work has been published in the Teen Ink monthly print magazine. said...
Apr. 23, 2012 at 6:43 am:
I enjoyed the story quite a lot. But everything happened a bit too fast. The last words the unicorn uttered were words of love that could have not possibly developed under only one encounter and a few hours spent together between the two. However, I understand that you had a limited word count, so that is alright. Great write. 
A_Blair replied...
Apr. 23, 2012 at 8:47 am :

Thanks for the understand, but this was also from a project called 'fairy tale' and we had to have archetypes from that genre and one of them is love at first sight.

But I am possibly thinking about making it longer, although...who knows!?

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