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"Natalie wake up or else you'll be late." Al, my butler, said to me in his thick British accent.
I groaned and lifted my head. "I'm up." I said.
"Good," he said smiling at me.
"What time?" I asked him,
"Oh around one-thirty," he knew what I meant, what time were my parents home.
"Were they fighting?" I asked him,
He nodded his head, "Sadly, yes, your clothes are set out, now get dressed before you're late again Ms. Hall won't like it if you're late again, I have also made you you're favorite breakfast, so hurry!"
I smiled and quickly got dressed in jeans and a grey concert T-shirt, and after getting dressed I ran down stairs, and quickly ate breakfast, when I was done eating breakfast Al made me go put on a jacket before I left for school. I ran up stairs to my room and went over my closet to get out my sweatshirt, but as I got closer to my closet a light started flashing inside it. "What the heck?" I muttered. I opened the closet door, and the light grew so bright it almost blinded me. Then I pulled the stupidest move ever, I grabbed my sweatshirt that was right in front of the light. As soon as my hand came in contact with it I was sucked into the light and I blacked out.
As soon as I looked around I knew I wasn't in Philly anymore. "Where am I?" I muttered under my breath. As I said that someone flipped out of a tree and held a stick to my throat.
"I'll answer that as soon as you tell me who you are," the kid said without looking I grabbed the stick and pulled the stick out of his hand. "What?"
"Now," I said holding the stick up to the kid's throat. "Who are you and, where am I?"
The kid looked nervous but he answered my questions. "My name's Leo," he said, "you're in Zenith."
"Zenith?" I asked him.
"Yeah, Zenith. Now if you would be so kind as to let my idiot brother go," a girl said from behind me I turned around. "I'm Lola."

"Natalie." I told her hoping I didn't sound too hostile. "How did I get here?"
"Probably the same way we did, the portal probably appeared in your closet because your parents. At least that's how it is for everyone else here." Lola said to me as I reached over to help Leo up. Then a flash of light appeared and a kid who looked like he was about fifteen appeared in front of us.
"Welcome," the boy said, "to Zenith. This is a place that was designed without adults where kids never have grow up and take responsibilities."
"Sounds like my kind of place," I said to the boy. "I'm Natalie."
Leo rolled his eyes as the kid held out his hand formally so I could shake it, "And I am Edward."
"Call him Eddy," he muttered under his breath, I laughed and ignored Eddy's hand.
"Well Leo for your disrespect you get to walk home. While I take your sister and Natalie back with me." Eddy said to Leo.
"I'll walk with you, Leo." I said, Eddy shrugged his shoulders and left with Lola. "How long have you been here?" I asked
"A year maybe two," Leo said
"Wow. Don't people look for you?" I asked him.
"Probably not," he said.
"Oh." I said.
"What about you?" Leo asked me.
"If my parents even ask about me my butler, Al, and my chauffeur, Grey, will probably have heart attacks. After they have their heart attacks my parents will forget all about me again 'cause their going to have to hire a new chauffeur and butler for me." After I said that I looked over and saw Leo attempting not to laugh so I lightly smacked him, "Sadly it's funny, horrible but funny." I said to him and we both laughed.
"Do you think you'll stay here?" Leo sounded uncertain, like he was afraid to ask me the question,
"Probably, it's cool here, no adults and stuff to mess this world up like they did to Earth," Leo nodded his head agreeing with me, "what is Eddy's job?" I asked Leo,
"Zenith's Biggest Jerk," He said, I laughed, "I'm serious,"
"I know, let's race,"
"You don't even know where we're going." Leo said to me looking shocked.
"Well," I said, "now is the best time to find out." I said as I started running in the direction we were walking and behind me I heard Leo start running too. The whole time we ran, he was yelling directions barely keeping up. Finally, I slowed down to wait for Leo.
"Damn you're fast," he said grinning at me, I shrugged my shoulders, for the past couple of years my math teacher, who was also the track coach, had been bugging me to join the track team but, I was always involved in other sports and never had time.
"I've been told I'm fast."
"Fast? You're like Road Runner or a cheetah or Speed Racer." Leo said incredulously.
"Speed Racer didn't run, Leo. He drove the Mach 5," a little girl's voice said behind me, I turned around and saw a little girl who looked like she was about ten or eleven. "Hi," she said to me, "you must be Natalie I'm Kylie."
"Hi. Yeah. I'm Natalie." I said to the little girl.
"Our camp is over here." Kylie said, she motioned to a hidden path and I followed her and Leo to their camp.
"We're here." Leo announced after we had walked for about five minutes.
I looked around, "I don't see anything" I said.
"Look up." Leo said to me.
"Whoa!" I said. Almost every tree in this part of the woods had small building built in them and connecting the buildings to the other buildings there were about a hundred different zip lines, bridges, ladders and ropes. "How many people live here?" I asked Kylie and Leo.
"There were about 150 or 160 at one point. Now there's about 70 or 80" Kylie said.
"Were at one point?" I asked Kylie and Leo.
"Yeah, we think the planet is sending kids back whenever their parents start looking for them alot or they start to miss their families," Leo said.
"That sucks." I said and Leo and Kylie nodded in agreement.
"Dropping in!" a kid yelled directly above us, I followed Leo and Kylie's lead and immediately backed up.
"Antonio," Kylie said, helping the younger boy up off the ground. "How many times do I have to tell you-"
"Don't drop in on any newbies you could give them a heart attack, yeah, yeah, yeah. Quit being a buzz kill, Ky." The boy said, he looked about six or seven, and when he looked at me he gave me a big goofy grin and said, "Hi, I'm Tony."
"Nice job, Tony!" Another kid yelled down, "My turn," the kid yelled and she jumped down and landed on Leo.
"WHOA!" Leo yelled and I laughed he glared at me. "Not funny, Nat. Are you okay Audrey?"
"Audrey!" Kylie yelled.
"Yeah, yeah, yeah I heard," the little girl, Audrey, said attempting to help Leo up off the ground.
"Here," I said pulling Leo off the ground.
"Hi," Audrey said, "I'm Audrey, Tony's twin."
"Hi, I'm Natalie." I said.
"Are you going to give her a house," Tony stage whispered, Leo nodded,
Then, Audrey tugged Leo's shirt sleeve and he leaned down, she looked at me and whispered something into his ear, Leo looked at her and smiled when she finished, "I know," he whispered to Audrey, she pulled him down again and whispered something else into his ear, he nodded, Audrey looked at me and hummed to herself as Kylie led us through the trees,
"Steven," she yelled up to a kid, whose foot was visible.
"What?" the kid yelled down.
"I want the rope." Kylie yelled up.
"Then come and get it." Steven yelled down. I looked over at Kylie and whipped my head back around when I heard Steven yell. "Fine, here," Steven called down throwing a rope down.
"What happened?" I asked Audrey.
"Leo threw a rock at Steven," she told me.
I nodded appreciatively, "Nice shot." I commented and Leo grinned in return.
Kylie who was already halfway up the rope looked down at us and yelled, "Are you guys coming or what?"
Tony, grabbed onto the rope and climbed to the top, Audrey followed close behind him. Leo and I went up after Audrey. When we reached the top Kylie was standing there yelling at Steven about being lazy.
"Come on," Leo said to me. "If we wait for her we'll be here all day."
"Yeah," Audrey said, "but it's only because she likes him."
"Audrey," Kylie yelled.
"Time to go," Audrey muttered, she jumped off the platform and landed with a roll, Tony followed her down landing on his feet.
Leo had already started walking while I was watching Tony and Audrey, when he turned around I was still staring at the place where they disappeared.
"Don't worry about them," he said to me, "they'll come back when it's lunch time."
"I'm not worried," I said and Leo gave me a look that told me he knew I was lying. "It's just I know what it feels like to run away from people and problems."
"You don't seem like someone who runs away from things." Leo said looking at me curiously. "You seem more like a fighter."
"I am now." I said, "I learned how to fight when I was nine-years-old."
"Oh," he said a silence followed that and although it was not uncomfortable I felt as if the silence did not belong.
"How old are the twins?" I asked Leo as we walked.
"They should be about six," he said, "I think."
"How long have they been here?" I asked Leo.
"Not long, about a year," he said, after walking for a few minutes Leo stopped abruptly, "here," he handed me a rope. "We've have to go higher up," we both climbed a few stories to the top of the tree. On the top of the tree you could see all the kids and animals that lived on Zenith.
"Whoa," I said.
"Cool, ain't it?" Leo asked me.
"It's awesome." I said.
"Yup." Leo said as he started walking over one of the rooms that branched off along the walkway. "This is would be where you'd sleep if you decided to stay. Okay?"
"Yeah, it's great." I said.
"The twins sleep on that side," Leo said motioning to one side. "I sleep here," he motioned to the room directly across from where I slept. "Oh yeah, and we're going to have lunch soon."
"Cool," I said.
"You're going to have to decide whether or not you're going to stay here." Leo said. "But choose wisely because if you choose to go the twins are going to be mad and sad."
"Only the twins?" I said innocently.
"Yeah they're the only ones that would be mad," Leo said smirking. "I do know people who would be extremely sad though."
"I don't know, I think we should go find Tony and Audrey to see what they think."
"Yeah maybe after lunch Antonio, Audrey and I will play Fifty Reasons to Stay in Zenith with you," he said.
"Fun," I said. "A field trip with you, Tony and Audrey. What could go wrong?"
"Once we played 101 Reasons to Never go on a Field Trip with Leo and the twins." Leo said to me and we both started laughing.
"This time we'll play fifty bad things that happen when you go on a field trip with Leo and the twins." I said to Leo who was laughing so hard he was crying.
"Cool," Leo said to me, one we had stopped laughing enough to speak."Now lets go find the twins."
"Coming down," Audrey yelled at Leo and I, we both jumped out of the way.
"Watch it," Tony yelled down to us, he landed on Leo.
"You have the worst luck," I said to Leo laughing.
"Not funny, Nat," he said to me.
"You're right it isn't funny," I said to Leo. "It's hilarious." Leo pouted and that made Audrey, Tony and I to laugh even harder. Back at the camp a bell rang and Audrey, Leo and Tony jumped up.
"What was that?" I asked Leo.
"Lunch," he said to me. We all started running towards the camp and got in line to eat. As soon as we sat down with Kylie and Steven, Lola and Eddy came over and sat with us.
"Good afternoon Natalie," Eddy said to me.
"Hey Eddy. Hey Lola," I said to him and he flinched.
"Hey Nat," Lola said to me.
"Yo Eddy," Leo said. "The twins and I are taking Nat out after lunch."
"Nat are you ready for reasons to stay in Zenith with Leo and the twins?" Lola asked me.
I smiled, "Definitely," I said. "It sounds like fun." Lola laughed and nodded her head.
Leo, Audrey, Tony and I ate as fast as humanly possible with out choking, while talking to each other, Kylie and Steven.
"Come on let's go," Leo said grabbing me by the arm as soon as I was finished eating. We ran all the way through the woods and finally stopped at a cave.
"WATER SLIDE!" Tony yelled and he jumped into the cave and disappeared.
"Wait," I said as Audrey disappeared. "What's happening?"
"Don't worry just jump," Leo said trying to push me into the cave. I obliged as soon as I got into the cave I slipped and fell on Leo who was laughing. We slid down the water slid through the cave.
"What's happening?" I yelled to Leo, again, over the roar of the water.
"Zenith's best water slide!" he yelled back to me. All of a sudden I saw a light at the bottom of the slid and we flew out of the tunnel landing in the middle of a lake.
"That was awesome!" I yelled to Leo, Tony and Audrey.
"Told you we should have saved these for last." Tony muttered.
"What's the second reason?" I asked Leo.
"Look up," he said.
"Awesome," I said above us there was a huge water fall and it stopped short a few yards from us.
"You should see it after a rain storm. It's so much cooler," Tony said.
"You do realize you don't have to show me all of this," I said looking at Leo, Audrey and Tony, "I'm definitely staying here."
Leo, pulled me into a hug and, the twins cheered hugging me too. "Awesome," Tony yelled. "Now we can show her everything about Zenith."
That night was like a party, Leo said I would get used to it eventually. We had marshmallows, ice cream and pizza, then Eddy introduced me to the rest of the camp. I mainly hung out with Leo, Kylie and the twins but, every once in a while a kid would come up and introduce them self to me.
After a few hours at the camp Tony came over to me and whispered, "We're going to the water slide meet us at the campfire in five minutes." I smiled, finally, I thought, something fun, Antonio and I met Leo and Audrey at the campfire and, we ran to the water slide.

"It's raining." Audrey yelled at the top of her lungs, "Nat get your butt out here."
I smiled and walked out of my room onto the bridge that connected my room to the other rooms and saw Audrey, Tony and Leo on the bridge.
"Are you ready?" Leo asked me.
I nodded, "Uh huh," I said.
"Then let's go!" Tony said to me. Audrey, Antonio, Leo and I ran down to the cave with the water slide through the rain, as fast as we could. When we got there I could hear the water roaring.
"Awesome," we all yelled as Tony jumped down and immediately disappeared Audrey followed him and the water seemed to suck her up as well.
"You ready?"Leo asked me I nodded.
"I've been waiting six months for this let's go." I said back to him and we both went down the water slide at the same time.

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