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Evermore Blood Lust

His heart pounded in his chest furiously as he hesitantly looked up at the girl who had his neck in her vice grip. Her pale fingers left purple and black indents on his papery skin, and he let out a biting curse as the fingers danced lightly over his pulse and hands shoved him onto his back. He felt the plush, firm mattress underneath him as he stared up in shock. He watched with wonder as her cream-colored legs slung over his waist, straddling him, before pale hands pinned his arms to the bed. Gulping in fear, his eyes locked onto the stomach pressed up against him.

He let out a low groan as fingernails dug into his neck, causing a pool of blood to rise to the surface and stain his skin a dark red, the color of roses. It trickled down his neck and slipped down his chest, staining his white long sleeved shirt. He shuddered under her power and let out a low whimper, unwilling to accept the fact that he was completely at her mercy.

"St... Stop." A weak pant escaped from his lips before he craned his neck away from the dark haired devil, his brown eyes flashing with fright as strands of blond hair fell in his face. He panted deeply as his heart jumped at the sight of her.


She loomed over him like a predator, like a sleek panther, and the moonlight cascaded over her. Under the moon, her pale skin seemed to glow and sparkle, as if diamonds were imbedded in her skin, and her black hair seemed to come alive. It twisted and twirled around her head, like a cobra waiting to strike, before lying still against her back. Her cherry red lips curled into a diminutive coy smile as she leaned forward, her chest pressing against his. Those eyes, those large shining moon eyes, sparkled with delight as her tongue shot from between her lips and lapped up the small droplets of blood clinging to his collarbone.

He groaned.

God, she was truly something to fear. This she-maniac. This devil is disguise. He grunted as her teeth came out and nibbled on his sweat slicked flesh, her teeth scrapping his collar bone lightly. His hands shot out and twisted the girl's wrist in front of her, his brown eyes frozen over with ice. She blinked out of her stupor and smiled, her sharp teeth peeking between her reddened, swollen lips.

"What are you doing?" He asked sharply as he took a deep breath, shuddering as he felt her warm breath on his exposed throat. Unconsciously, his hand shot to his neck and he let out a weak growl, warning her to stay away.

A twinkling laugh fell from her lips before she slunk over to him, her eyes flashing with delight as his breath hitched in his throat. Her French came out smoothly in a low purr as her hand crept up his leg in a slow, tantalizing pace. Her voice was like honey covered arsenic.

"I couldn't stay away from you, Michael. You know that."

She gave him a cattish grin before pressing her lips to his in a deep, urgent kiss. Her slick tongue swiftly darted into his mouth and he shivered as fingers slid to the back of his head and entangled in his hair, jerking him closer. Heat enveloped them as they got lost in one another, passion building up around them. A whimper arose from his swollen lips as she nipped the underside of his jaw lightly, her eyes flashing blood red as she drew her hand across his chest.

He didn't even notice the sharp fangs slipping from her mouth- deadly, glinting in the moonlight. As if trying to warm Michael.

She pulled back and he panted heavily, his eyes darkened with lust, need and love. A shaky hand reached out for Azalea, but she expertly dodged it, her own hand gripping Michael's neck. The dark twisted smile that deformed her terrifyingly beautiful face was the last thing he saw as a painful sensation coursed from the side of his head to his toes, and blackness descended over his head.

He could feel her breath tickling his ear as he floated in and out of consciousness, and he fluttered his eyes open to see those smoldering blood red eyes burning into him. A flash of ivory and a sting to his neck made it all go away. He inhaled a shaky breath as a suckling noise filled every corner of the room, filling the empty shadows. He felt her very poison sinking into his skin and settling in his veins before the darkness crashed over him again, dragging him into the dark abyss of nothingness.

"Bonne nuit, mon amour."

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