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The Abyss

The night was young, and everyone had already left. They left men in a strange cabin in a strange town on a deserted mountain top. There were mostly tourist tarrying away with little shops and eateries, in the little valley. Industrial tourism was such a profit for the little valley; buildings were going up the mountain. Ignorant apathetic people, waste their money on futile items; like mini pan scrapers, animal shaped hats, and rocks with no real value. Store owners walk away with a handful of cash and a smirk. Anyway, my family feels the need to go be a part of the majority of dense people.

They left as the sun was about to go down so my guess was it was 6 o’clock. They took the only car, my only way off the mountain; unless, I wanted to risk hypothermia or mauled by a bear. Of course we had to rent a cabin on the very top of the mountain, and no neighbors for miles. I said good bye to my family as they walked out the door, and locked the door behind them.

I sat there and watched TV as the sun went down. The city lights were bright; you could see little bright dots from the top of the mountain. The view was great. Then unanticipated, a tidal wave swept over the city. I thought what? This is the mountains why is a massive wave hovering over the city. My brain could not even grasp what to do in a situation like this; although God gave us a gift,adrenaline an instinct to keep us alive through life risky situations.

I could hear people screaming in the valley, but there was nothing I could do but watch and wait.For me, was safe from the raging waters, for now anyway. I was in shock what was going to happen? Would there be another one? Would it reach me? When would someone come to help? Then it hit me; that what I’ll do! Call for help! I ran to my cell phone upstairs and dialed 911, but wouldn’t you know it? The phone lit up, vibrated, and said “No service!” I ran downstairs and ran to the cord phone. I picked it up, but no dial tone. I fell to the floor in defeat, for there was nothing I could do. I looked over the dark city all the bright dots had vanished, and the sounds of screams circumvent the valley. Everyone had mostly drowned; survivors would suffer hypothermia.

I sat and cried.Everyone would die and there was nothing I could do. How long would I be here?Abruptly, rushing water overcame the screams, and another wave rushed over the remains of what was a city. The water rushed besieges the mountain, and the shriekssilenced. I knew the next wave would take over the mountain. I knew my parentswere dead, and pretty soon so would I. Looking out the window animals, surroundedthe cabin. Looking for an escape from the pandemonium, the wave had flown in the face of nature. It just was unnatural. I had to know what had caused it. I sat there in the corner of trepidation. What was I going to do go outside andget mauled by a bears or face hypothermia? The third and final wave rolled inand I said my prayers, as it hit the mountain, and the little cabin was demolished.

The cruel water destroyed lives, where their only escape is.The ocean could only reach so far, but now the pit of my nightmares has reachedthe only getaway. The water consumes the earth with the apathetic heartless waves. The once beautiful mountain range is now, the abyss

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