November 20, 2011
By Orestes GOLD, Oakland, California
Orestes GOLD, Oakland, California
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I stood, naked, atop the green hill, shards of emerald scattered in the grass, glistening. The yellow-orange sunset of the clear blue sea cast a swarm of gently floating beams of light, like bright fireflies.

I chased them excitedly, my wind blowing them in chaotic swirls.

One of them flew into my mouth, down my throat, and hardened in my chest, for I felt a weight on my breast.

I spat it out, a shining sunstone that fluctuated in midair before me, as if waiting for my slender fingers to wrap around it. It was gold like a dinosaur fossil with spots of crimson. I grabbed it.

And upon doing so, my body felt much heavier.

But stronger.

Barefooted, I began to run, rushing past the shining blue rose fields; they harbored a magic more mystic than the fairies that dwelt among their petals, and a power more behemoth than the dragons above the many rose-white clouds, their shadows barely visible. Their vanilla aroma coated my body.

I picked one up and watched its petals fly with the wind, each chaotic trajectory leaving an iridescent trail; the clandestine colors of the wind.

I climbed a sparkling diamond boulder to witness the grand ocean.

How frightening its roars; what unfathomable blights lurch below that surface, waiting to loom before me and do to me what I cannot even bear to imagine?

And amid this seemingly adverse enigma arrived an odd sensation of beauty that stimulated my sunstone; it illuminated a brightest, meteoric yellow that shook my feeble fist, hidden beneath the overwhelming cocoon of light that crackled like a blissful firework.

Its sparks fell like beads; they slid across the brown earth and unto my skin, until I was veiled in a thin, gold shimmer that transformed into a loveliest silk.

Then the warm, rose sky dimmed to a menacing violet, then black, as the sonorous wind howled in my direction, blowing my hair. The sea's hostile roars augmented. There was a booming CRACK! above the clouds, as if the sky itself had been torn, and a flashing bolt of lightning pierced through its rip. Soon after, a fearsome storm commenced, and it drenched me and I wrapped my arms hopelessly, trembling.

The cocoon of light vanished.

One of the fairies flew before me and began waving her arms frenetically. She pulled the stone from my gripping hand, motioning me to cast it away into the waters, as if to end the storm.

But the sea roared fiercer than ever, and it roared of death. I looked the fairy in her sapphire pupils, glowing in the night, and shook my head in fear, keeping the sunstone pressed to my stifling breast, for it was my only shield.

A lightning bolt struck the fairy and, in a split second, was before me no more. I jumped off the boulder and found her lying motionless atop the pitch-black burn on the earth. Her milky, gray eyes stared at nothing.

I watched the fairies tremble from beneath their only haven, the still shining roses that illuminated the dark so beautifully. A myriad of glowing pairs of sapphire eyes stared anxiously at my stone, as if it were a beacon of hope. Their shared, tremulous expressions mirrored the paralyzing anxiety within me, and I could not help but to begin to believe them.

I , scared, watched the rain fall upon the fairy's corpse. Then I turned to my sunstone, unlit and lifeless like a common rock. I stood staring at it, immobile, doubtful, and hesitant.

Another lightning bolt struck the rose fields and a fire erupted and my wide eyes watched their magic atrophy into gray smoke and I heard the sound of a thousand wings, crackling and burning.

An interior poignancy fractured my anatomy, and I understood pain. On my feeble knees I screamed, as if I could disgorge what was hurt. My clenched fist felt mucilaginous, and I opened it. The crimson spots on the stone had significantly expanded. The palm of my hand and my fingers were coated with blood.

Another bold fairy came before my suffering and cajoled me as her unfortunate predecessor had.

“Go back,” my croaky voice beckoned But I could not hear my own words as the pain obscured my vision and the frantic fairy became a distant shadow.

There was a great white flash and the shadow was there no more.


The familiar shock recovered my senses and I looked into those milky gray eyes once more and again found nothing. My eyes stung and and my body trembled in a new-born fury. The pain inside warned to attack again and I clenched all my body and all my mind, barely managing to suppress it. I knew then only a blind rage, for it was all that tolerated the storm inside.

But it was the storm outside I wished profoundly to end.

I put the stone against my prominent lips and felt the adhesive redness. I tolerated the unrelenting force within once more, breathed in, inserted the stone in my mouth, and swallowed.

I could stand again. My skin was glowing with sweat, my hair plastered against my face. There was a blotch of red on my lips. The fire still hissed and crackled, like tormenting snakes.

But my determined eyes were fixed on those mighty waters. The unfathomable adversities they harbored I would soon apprehend.

I darted towards the shore.

The sand I ran on was composed of the same grain-like gems washed ashore form the bottom of the ocean floor: pink diamonds, pearls, poudreittes, jeremejevites, taaffeites and misgravites. They formed clouds and their tiny grains fell upon my hair, where they aligned themselves perfectly and coalesced to form a crown of a most aesthetic value.

The storm seemed to have seen it, for, in mere seconds, the sea level rose to a tsunami's, thunder made the sky day, a meteor shower commenced, and swirling yellow balls of gas, remains from striking solar flares, burned in midair.

The Earth began to shake, emitting a booming rumble that rendered the cacophony of the calamities inaudible. The Earth was flashing; night, day, night, day, night, day...

As the wave fell, its mass seemed to press on the rumbling sound, gradually falling on me, so that I suffered to a most disturbing noise, not much different from the unison of a thousand bungling violinists.

Amid this awful confusion, my head seemed to have expanded, and my body swayed side to side.

I left a trail of stardust behind me.

Then, all at once, the collision hushed everything. The conspicuous difference in sound convinced me of a nascent pair of ears, a nascent me, a nascent world, a nascent everything.

I sunk to the ocean floor, where I discovered several billion souls like me.

And among them, I voyaged through this strange new world.

You know too well this world I speak of and the hostility that goes with it. You know the byzantine and the injustice.

But you also know the “lost” land, idiosyncratic, and the hope of rediscovering and reviving it, for the sake of hope.

You know the grand of essence of hope.

And you know this world harbors a mystic force of its own, stemmed from the medium that connects both, for the fragile sunstone has metamorphosed into into a fragile, permanent, carnal, blood-red entity, that no longer shines, but beats...

And you know its elephantine power.

There came the day, in this world, where arrived a distant familiar sound I had long forgotten.

But this time it was euphonious.

Once more, I found myself, my soul, under the sea, inside my golden vessel and her long golden dress that stretched and wandered ever so lovely amid the water's fluidity.

I turned towards the surface, for a ray of light ran through me, consuming my body in its light and running all the way to the ocean floor.

I heard the low rumble of mourning. It was the rasp sound of melancholy and regret. I sensed no remorse towards me, only a slight envy.

Glancing down, I could barely discern the slimy, blue-green Kraken upon the ocean floor, and her slits for pupils. The million voices seemed to come from within those aculeated, malignant fangs.

I smiled at it, and it scowled back.

I looked towards the surface and began to swim upwards, through the diagonal path of light, which seemed to be a protective barrier from the deleterious sea. I was eager to discover what awaited on the otherside.

To my disappointing surprise, I was brought back to that archaic, arduous state of one hundred years ago. The energy in me vanished and my feeble body was left floating on the surface. I grit my teeth when that ever so familiar pain commenced, barely able to suppress it.

But eventually I could no longer fight back. Blood gushed from my mouth and into the water, where, underneath, it wandered as smoke does in still air.

I was unwitting of the myriad of blue roses and petals that surrounded me, for the entire infinite sea's surface seemed to be covered with them, remains from the primordial cataclysm. They were seldom glowing and lifeless.

The blood that traveled across the surface touched a petal and it became red and, just like that, they all became red. All the infinite sea glowed a marvelous red, the transformation occurring in a spiral motion around my body.

I took one of the roses and raised it above me, witnessing it in front of the gentle sun. Its florid color flashed my life before my eyes in a split second and I smiled, for I understood how precious and beautiful it had been, and I was profoundly content to have unearthed this new magic.

I closed my eyes, smiling.

The red, sanguinary stone exited my mouth and flew towards the sky.

As it did, the light of the sun replenished it with its wondrous gold sun light so that once more it resembled a dinosaur fossil.

Its magnificent crimson spots would always be engraved upon it.

I aimed for the rose-white clouds where, on the otherside, I would at last discover the dragon's shadow.

The author's comments:
Very simple and symbolic piece about childhood, the imagination, life, and death.

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