Technology Overtakes Family

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I stood on the electronic footprint recognition mat outside my front door as the computer quickly analyzed my boots. I'd just left my technologically advanced middle school, and I was comfortably carrying my hot pink study tablet.

Within two seconds, my boots had passed the test, and a green "WELCOME" flashed on the black mat.

Stepping through the front door, I immediately spotted our ComputerMaid;"Good afternoon Elizabeth. You r father is working in his office in employment building number 12, and your mother is working in employment building number 14. She's staying for an extra three hours today. Anyway, would you like a snack?"

"Another three hours!? But she's already been staying an additional two hours this entire year! And yesterday she stayed two more hours too!" I groaned as I stomped over to the dining room and smashed my study tablet onto the table. ComputerMaid followed me, silently poured lemonade, and set out a dozen chocolate chip cookies.

"I know you don't want to hear this, but your father has been given a promotion. Now, he'll be spending more time in his office as well."

"Ugg! Why is everyone so busy?! We never get to do any family activities anymore! Everyone is always working!" I shouted as I finished my second cookie.

Gulping down my lemonade, I thought back to my childhood. My sister, who is five years older than me, used to constantly be at home to keep me company. Also, both of my parents were only working eight hours a day, six days a week. Our family always reserved time for Sunday games, movies, and outings.

Now, I noticed, I was generally alone at home, and our family never spent any time together. With my sister off at college, and my parents working nine to twelve hours a day, seven days a week, the life I'd known has completely disappeared.

Of course, all of the work that the adults have completed over the years does provide a benefit. Countless new inventions have been put into effect that advance human life, and technology has basically taken over our entire world. Suddenly, I realized that my whole life revolved around electronics, and that my family barely had any mutual contact. Both of my parents were working for SeeNew, an enormous company that comes up with new technological products faster than any other company. Over five years, my dad has contributed to the creation of two different inventions, and my mom has played a major role in creating one device: the sound activated, color changing jacket.

With all of the tasks and research that SeeNew requires its workers to do, my parents spend nearly all of their time in their offices, hunched over a desk.

"You need to start your homework now. I received the message from your father," ComputerMaid stated, interrupting my thoughts.

I glared up at the black camera above the door, which allowed my parents to monitor me from anywhere.

Sighing, I picked up my study tablet and indulged myself in ancient Greece.

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