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Red Clouds and Black Roses

"I'm so sorry William...very sorry...if there's anything I can do, you let me know..."
That's all William heard in the past month or so. Truthfully, a response for that statement didn't generate so well in his mind. But that's okay, William didn't really think he wanted to respond. All he wanted fade away he guessed...
Yet, that's all he really ever did now, was guess. William guessed he wanted to go and morph into one with his bed for all eternity and do nothing more; he guessed that familiar pang in his stomach was that feeling universally known as hunger; he guessed that the gaping hole in him could only be filled with his fatally missed family; he guessed running away from that memory filled house with all the familiar creaks and cracks would be a stupid idea...but then again, he could only guess.
Suddenly he heard the humming of a car engine pulling up in his driveway. Well, what he thought was his driveway. His father had owned the house and William was his last son alive, so he simply assumed it was his property now.
Knock Knock Knock
That was the first time, since the house was lively and inhabited, that someone had knocked on the door. William sat straight up in his bed, wondering if he should even waste his energy.
Knock Knock Knock
Well, the matter seemed important... Slowly and lazily he trudged out of his room, into the hallway (which usually would've been full of life with his 5 buildlings), down the all-too-familiar stairs, and rested his hand on the doorknob.
"Who is it?" William was shocked at the sound of his voice. It was raspy, rough, and even a bit squeaky, though not like when going through puberty, but as it should be when unused for weeks on end.
The only answer from the other sde of the door was more hurried knocking. William slowly turned the doorknob towards the right, pulling slightly as he went. As the door came halfway open, he saw the old man that seemed simple and harmless enough.
"Hello," William greeted, still getting used to the peculiar sound of his voice. The man simply nodded in response. He quickly handed over a large yellow envelope with a title reading, "URGENT. Get to William Straynoff as soon as possible." William stared at the envelope now in his hands, wondering whether it'd be considered rude if he opened it now.
"You are being summoned to court on the account of the 'Straynoff Family Death'." The elderly man said, his face showing not even the slightest hint of sympathy or affection for the young boy standing in silence in front of him. Not that it would matter anyway, William was shocked numb and into silence. The air between and around them had an awkward and unearthly chill to it. Seconds passed and soon turned into minutes. The quiet old man was about to spin on his heel and be on his way. William seemed about to let him leave without any protest, when suddenly words began to form in his mouth and he managed to sputter out a few words.
"You mean...they're saying...they think my own family's my fault!" With that statement his voice began as a whisper that was noticeably full of confusion, but soon grew into a yell of entire frustration and madness
As an answer, the old man simply nodded, never making eye-contact. William ripped the top off the envelope in complete anger.The only answer to these actions William received was a warning from the elder, advising him to be careful with those papers since William would have to present those papers to the judge soon.
"Oh, will I now?" William was about to throw the papers on the ground and stomp his dirty combat boots on them, showing just how much he seemed to care. But instead, William peacefully dropped the papers and walked right past the old man. He walked slowly down the driveway, listening to the somehow comical sound of the old man yelling out his name and telling him to come back the awkward and familiar porch, and the somehow comforting noise of his shoes crunching on the gravel. But most of all, listening to the insane and maddening mixture of thoughts running a muck in his mind.
But William continued to walk, then began to jog slightly, trot, and then he broke into an insane mad run. He ran, into the woods, letting the tree branches which poked out, scratch his bare arms and face. Letting the cold, clear-cut, autumn air blow right past him. And just letting his feet guide him to who-knows-where. He ran for seconds, minutes, hours, and what soon enough began to feel like days.
With legs going from feeling sore, to feeling like JELL-O, to feeling just plain numb, William eventually came to an air-gasping halt. "" He managed to choke out between struggled breaths. He stared at his surroundings, as if trying to identify where on the map he was, but gave up and just took himself as lost.
"Well, I don't think I'm in Kansas anymore!" He said to no one in particular, but just trying to lighten up his mood. He'd not even the slightest idea where he might be, yet it didn't seem to bother him in any way. He thought, as long as he was far away, distant, from the world, he'd be alright. "For all I care...I in a place with...with..." He searched his surroundings quickly for something to put into his sentence, and then he saw the bright red roses and carnations, and the glooming clouds getting closer by the second, and finished his sentence by saying, "A place with red clouds and black roses!"
He then stood there and thought about what he'd said. After having a mental laugh about it, he then stood there with weariness and a hint of delight overwhelming him, pondering what stupid thing he'd do next. And that's when he felt a drop of rain on his head. William was just about to comment on how perfect it would make his day, when he looked up to see bright red clouds overhead. He was stunned , though not for the first time. Then he looked to see where the raindrops were falling and jumped back at seeing that the red roses that were sprouting out of the Earth only seconds ago, were now an ebony black.

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Anonymous_7 said...
Mar. 28, 2012 at 12:36 pm
Very good ending! It was written super well. I only wish there was more of it to read. Keep up the good work!
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