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July 21, 2011
By hebls GOLD, Cordoba, Other
hebls GOLD, Cordoba, Other
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Practise,makes perfect but nobodys perfect so why practise!

QAs the deep blues water rose above her Ankles and as she felt the sand wedged between her toes a slight feeling of warmth and happiness overcame her body. Sending her into a deep trance in witch she thought about al the mistakes she had made in her life and the choices she had yet to decide. Life wasn't Esay and it probably never would be at least for someone like her. She was special a from all the other teenagers that were 18 years old.she had to gift to draw her dreams. It all started may 19th the summer of the accident. It started like any day .she woke up early,jogged around the beach and rested for an hour on the warmth  of the sand . Then all of a sudden she was pulled the water deeper and deeper until she found herself wedged in the sand gasping for one last breath and that is when it happened. Her eyes were shut closed and her  dreams began. A moment later she was realized from the hard grip of the ocean and tossed to shore were she went running home to think about what had just happend.she asked herself every night how she had gotten to the ocean but never  found a logical explanation. And the day came were she would dream and draw it on her notebook and strangely enough she started remembering some important detail such as how she got dragged to the ocean and the answer was that nothing had pulled her there she had gone on her own will as thought that were her destiny. So in order to follow her destiny she dis iced to persuade painting in order to become a well know painter and one of a kind human. Some moments in her life we're hard to paint such as nightmares,confusing dreams,death. But even so she accomplishes many things and became very famous painter. And the rreason I know this is because I am her.

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