Chapter 2: A typical Day

May 20, 2011
By Vixie_Chu SILVER, Mesa, Arizona
Vixie_Chu SILVER, Mesa, Arizona
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I awoke with an all too clear state of mind in a bed with the regulation black bed sheets within a grey bricked wall room that had an ominous looking white door. The only thought that I had within my mind was to get to my regulated community service. I pulled the sheets and to my surprise I was stark naked! I grabbed the pillow and put it on my private parts and scooted over to the grey door closet. I opened it in a hurry, also dropping the pillow, I pulled out a pair of grey underwear, grey pants, grey shirt, and a puke green colored jacket. I quickly dressed myself. Once I finally had the jacket over my frame I walked out the door. I was now faced with a long equally grey hallway that branched off into several other hallways.
“Report to breakfast hall three.” A male voice boomed over the speakers that lined the hallways. I slowly and reluctantly walked down the hallway following the signs to Breakfast Hall Three. Within a few moments I found that dreadful place among the nightmarish hallways.
I opened the white door and walked in to find several rows of rectangular tables with paired up people- one female and one male. A man in a black uniform approached me.
“Ah, a new recruit.”
“Yeah.” I said half heartedly and barely paying attention to him.
“Your name is Zyphron Tenzon and you shall be pared with Zellia Mernon.” He informed me.
“Zyphron...” I whispered to myself. The name sounded so foreign and so full of hate.
He called over a young red headed girl that was dressed in the same drab clothing as everyone else. When she walked over to him he informed her that she would be paired with me. She looked like she couldn’t be any older than 17. She shyly waved to me. “Hello…Umm Zyphron?” I nodded in reply.
“You would be Zellia then?” I asked her and she nodded back.
The uniformed man pulled out two bracelets that were a dark silver color and had a series of numbers etched into it. He attached one to my wrist and another to hers.

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