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Vampires of England: Master of Time Chapter 2

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“Guilty!” The gavel hit its pedestal with a loud bang that almost broke the desk. I lowered my head in defeat. Dr. Miller flung his papers on the floor. His face was scarlet, ready to throw all the insults he could think of under the sun at the jury.

“It was from his self-defense! If he died, there wouldn’t be a king once I left!” he screamed.

“And that wouldn’t be bad, how?” A voice muttered.

“This is my SON!”

“We won’t murder him,” the judge said, “for two reasons. One, because the Forsaken was, well, a Forsaken, and two, he’s the prince of the V.E.”

“What, pray, is his punishment?” My father questioned the judge.

“He must become an exile of the V.E. until he becomes age for king.”

“What? Are you mad?”

“No, King, I am merely just.”

The bailiff led me out of the courtroom solemnly. “I hope you can come when you come of age,” he began. “I would enjoy you being King.”

“Thank you,” I replied. Then I asked, “What is your name?”

“The name’s Exlysia, or X, as I prefer it.” He mumbled a few words as a sharp and dreadful pain hit my left hand. I looked at my hand and saw a scar that resembled the symbol of the V.E. The pain faded away.

“That,” X began, “is the curse of the Aging. Any time you step in to the boundaries of the V.E., you will age, starting in three days. I wish you luck, good Andrew.”

X silently disappeared in the misty air. I saw Dr. Miller run out of the courtroom with an anguished face of disappointment.

“What’s wrong?” I asked him.

“They changed the sentence. You have to be exiled… as a human.”

“A human?!” I yelled, thrusting my arms to my father. “This can’t happen!”

“There’s more,” Dr. Miller said. “The sentence is never released. Your release is never going to be given.”

“So,” I whispered, “I need to give the crown away.”

“That’s how it seems. I will be leaving the crown on the ground.”

“Wait! What if I gave it to a different heir? I could give it to mine, couldn’t I?”

“You already chose an heir?”

“I did. His name is Exlysia, or X. He is the bailiff of the court.”

“Then I suppose it could be done.”

I took a deep breath and silently exhaled. So this was it, I thought. This was the only choice. I had to give it to Exlysia, you see. He was the only vampire I knew to be qualified for the throne. He was kind and just and willing.

“Well, then, I hereby name Exlysia as the Prince of the V.E.”

My father thrusted his hand forward. He grabbed my hand.

“We need to hurry. The last stop to America is in an hour,” he said, and I reluctantly shook his hand in agreement.


“Did you do what I asked?”

“Of course I did. I wouldn’t want to disobey the oh-so-great ‘Master of Time’, now would I?”

“No, Justice Brown, you wouldn’t. And if you did I swear…”

“What? What could you possibly swear? You’ve already taken everything from me.”

“I haven’t taken your life, you scoundrel! Now shut up and do my bidding before I kill you!”

“Go ahead. It would relieve me of this torture you call life.”

“Very well, Justice Brown,” Matthew whispered, and he thrusted a Death Blade into the judge’s chest. “You are relieved of your duties.”



I feel like the world is crumbling around me. Even if this does get to you, I don’t think it will help. You probably forgot about me. It is okay if you do think such, but I was your best friend, even though it was four hundred years ago when we dueled and I learned you were an immortal. Listen. I went to the brethren of Power, like you suggested. I am now a vampire. Please understand. I know you told me to never become one, but they forced me. You know what else? I still have the Death Blade. And I’m coming. For you.

Your Friend,

Matthew Newman

The letter I received burned through me like a thousand flames. Matthew, the supposed “Master of Time”, was after me in the middle of the exile. How could I escape him? I was about to become a human! He was going to kill me. At least my legacy will continue through Exlysia, I thought.

I was on the plane alone for about an hour. My patience was wearing thin. I was on the way to my own death. Everyone knew it, but none knew it would be too soon.

“Get him!” I heard. A stewardess grabbed me by my hand and threw me into the cargo hold before I could yell, “Help!”


“We have decided our new king of the vampiric democracy: Natalia!”

I cheered for myself. I heard the hoops and hollers of my friends as I advanced toward the throne. Pride is my enemy, I thought.

“Let us all cheer for the new vampiric King of America!”

“Long live the King! Long live the King!”

“Thank you!” I yelled. “Thank you all!”

I sat on the golden throne and saw my friends bowing down at my feet. I heard the trumpets sound in honor of my name. I was the most famous vampire now; I was the king of the V.A.

“Excuse me,” a guffaw came. “We hate to ruin this party, but sadly we have to.” A vampire jumped up onto the stage. Three others followed.

“We are the Fury,” the tallest one said, “and we are taking over this joint!” Several men and women screamed as the vampires pulled out several Death Blades at once.

“Give up your throne,” the youngest one snickered, “before I kill all of your subjects.” He flung a blade at the High Priest as he squealed at his own death. My eyes augmented at the sight of the death of my friends.

“Fine,” I whispered, and I threw the crown to the floor of the throne room. It was a good few seconds to be king. The Fury sheathed their Death Blades and proceeded to the throne. The middle one blasted me to the left wall.

“First new law,” the largest Fury said, “you must all know our names. I am Yvette. That is Narkham. Then Devonia, and the youngest is Daniel. Second law, all of you become my servants or die.”

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