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Vampires of England: Master of Time Ch. 1

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I have been alive for almost a thousand years, but even now I still cannot fathom why that boy requested his immortality. It seems strange to me how the world is against me. Even the entire council of the V.E. wants to kill me; even I know it, though they are stopped by my father, Dr. Jonah Miller, the king. I say that he is my father, but in reality, he isn’t. He saved my life eight hundred years ago by making me a vampire.

Yes. A vampire. Hard to explain, really, but it gets much simpler as it goes. Trust me, life was much harder. Now I have nothing to live for. So, here I am, sitting once again at the intersection of 31st Street and Elm, where the abandoned and forsaken buildings of London crumble.

My father was at my side, reading over my shoulder with amazement, as if he had never read a book before. It was a book that I had written long ago about a boy, alone, who discovered his true inner power. That, of course, was long ago, when I was a human. Sometimes I truly think that I still am alive even though my heart has stopped beating. What is life, if not just living? Is there something that gives life? If so, I would like to see it and feel it. I let go of life those many years ago, and I truly wish for it to return to me.

“Incredible,” my father muttered. “Did you write this by yourself?”

“I did,” I replied, half-acknowledging his existence. Is that it? An existence is all I was searching for? After all these years, existence was it? No, more than existence. There had to be more to life than that. If I only knew what it could be?

Flash. A blinding light attacked me suddenly. I crumpled to the ground with my father lunging at me.


I am at my bed. I can’t see anything, but I hear many voices. I feel a warm, soft hand at my side.

“Mother?” I seemingly asked. “Father?”
“Yes, son,” came a reply.

“Is the doctor coming soon?” a voice demanded.

“We can only hope so,” a deeper, stern whisper replied.

Three knocks on the door came. That’s all I can remember.


“Andrew? Andrew?! Andrew! Wake up!”

“He won’t wake. He will never awaken from the spell I’ve given him.”


“Silence, you fool of a king!”

Considering that I am awake, I’d like to disagree with you. It is really strange how it seems that every vampire is out to destroy me. Just because I am the son of King Miller doesn’t really mean you are allowed to kill me.

“Venesel!” I yelled, jumping up from the floor into a stance. I saw my captor, a slender man with blue-ringed eyes: the sign of the Forsaken Vampire, a vampire who was formed by force. His back was hunched into a small curl, and his face was expressionless except a strong hate. He grinned malignantly and with lust for the throne. My throne.

“Hello, Andrew. Very nice to see you…again,” the Forsaken laughed. His cackle was that of a chainsaw unable to crank, the rusty, dried-out guffaw. Anger roared inside me like wild dogs two feet away from their next meal. I screamed and launched myself into combat near my father. The Forsaken fought for breath in bewilderment. I don’t blame him. It is nearly impossible for a vampire to jump into battle the near second he got up. Call it one of my many abilities.

“TerCon!” I vociferated at the top of my lungs. Instantly a large ring of fire appeared at the Forsaken’s feet. His blue-encircled eyes flared at my own, trying to depict our “layers”, as we call them. I could literally see the hungry flames in his eyes as he began to rip the layers of my own. He shrilled a deep pain from the circle of fire I had summoned. They already encompassed him and singed him skin to a deep black. Slowly ashes fell on the ground near him. I still heard his deep bellows and his body faded into nothing but ash. He was now gone from this world.

I wiped off the dirt and ash from my jeans. “Well, then,” I said to my father, “ready to go?”

“Ready, Andrew. Once again, a failed attempt to murder you. Are you sure you’re alright?” Dr. Miller replied.

“I’m fine,” I muttered. I was weak, weaker than beyond measure after conjuring the TerCon spell against the Forsaken. How could I know that, considering that I had never used it before? It was a spell for the resort after the last one, never to be used by anyone. It was called the forbidden spell. I knew at that point that I would be forced to leave… to be an exile of the V.E.

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