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Vampires of England: Mater of Time Prolouge

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I looked through the holes in the wooden plank that seemed to be considered a door. Three coatmen were sitting on one of the two leather couches. Each had a hood covering their emotionless faces. I grinned.

“Silence is golden.”

The Passkeeper plastered an unreal and malevolent smile. “Welcome, brother of Power.” He opened the door and allowed me in the small room. I welcomed myself to the second couch and seated next to another of the members. Suddenly, a loud knock sounded through the room. The Passkeeper walked to the door and looked through a small slit in the plank.


The boy closed his eyes and smiled. “Silence is golden.”

The Passkeeper gave a menacing chuckle. “Welcome, brother of Power.” He unlocked the door and gestured to the boy. His eyes were brown with many layers. He looked close to my “age”. I frowned. He was not our kind. I stood and began to examine his shivering body. I looked into his deep eyes. It was impossible to look in his mind with so many layers. I looked at the Passkeeper. He nodded.

“This boy…” he began, “is not one of us.” Several members laughed. “And what do we do to those who are not our kind?” Even more laughs followed. I searched in my pocket and took out the miniature hourglass.

“Do it,” one of the members commanded. I stared at him grimly.

“What is your name, boy?” I asked.

“M-Matthew, sir,” the boy stammered.

“And what age do you wish to stay?”

“I-I like t-this one, sir.”

“Wonderful,” I said, and I lunged at his neck. He let out a small shriek, but only one. When I was done, his eyes had a thin red ring around each: the sign of our kind. He sobbed. He was now in my family.

“Welcome to the Newmans, Matthew.”

Matthew gave off a small smile. I smiled back. Then, the Passkeeper began to speak. “You are now the apprentice Timekeeper. Daniel, if you will.”

“Of course, sir.” I handed Matthew the small pendant hourglass. His smile faded away. Something in his past clouded him, but I couldn’t make it out. Maybe it was because he was one of us now. Whatever it was, something was up.


“Run, Matthew!” I screamed. I never expected this to happen. After the many years, I have only given him nothing but eternal life. That is, if he will ever escape the Brethren of Power. I was chained in silver to the wall because of my help to Matthew. He knew too much of time. I told him time and time again that such a thing is dangerous to mess with. His ability, as all of us vampires differ, was the ability to see that which was to come soon. Everything he saw was inevitable, leading me to the fact that fate truly ruled.

He was currently running for his life (in literal terms). I could do nothing more than to watch him sprint, only to fail. He saw it. They would catch him sooner or later. I bawled, turning my head to the side to see the fate of Matthew. I had the same ability as Matthew did, but mine wasn’t as strong as his. I closed my eyes.

The boy stopped to catch his breath. Two coatmen raced to him. Matthew’s eyes widened as he sprinted down the alley, only to see a dead end. The Passkeeper grinned. “This ends now, Matthew.”

The boy smiled. “No,” he said. “Not quite yet.” His eyes became a pure red, and a vortex of green mist surrounded him. When the air finally left, he was gone.

I smiled. At least he was safe somewhere. It didn’t matter where or when he was, as long as he was safe. Then, I saw the Passkeeper. He looked at me and grabbed a Death Blade from his cloak.

That is the end of Daniel the Timekeeper.

Much +++++ Later


I feel like the world is crumbling around me. Even if this does get to you, I don’t think it will help. You probably forgot about me. It is okay if you do think such, but I was your best friend, even though it was four hundred years ago when we dueled and I learned you were an immortal. Listen. I went to the brethren of Power, like you suggested. I am now a vampire. Please understand. I know you told me to never become one, but they forced me. You know what else? I still have the Death Blade. And I’m coming. For you.

Your Friend,

Matthew Newman

Four Hundred +++ Years Earlier

Morning came quite early for me. The sun shone brightly in my face. It was about time. I sat up and looked at the clock. 8:26. I had about four minutes to get dressed. Not that much of a problem for me. I touched the miniature stone hourglass and closed my eyes. 8:03. That was much better. I crawled out of my “Temper-Pedic” as I called it. It was basically a stone tablet covered with a thin layer of feathers mixed with hay. I walked to the door of my forsaken home and rubbed my eyes. I took a quick change of clothes and walked out to the busy streets of London. Today was the day that I was waiting for.

I ambled my way across 31st Street until I spotted a small intersection that was terrible in appearance. The road was crumbling into small pebbles, and the buildings were home to moss and vines. The world seemed to revolve in perpetual darkness, which was quite odd despite the time. Is this really where I was told to meet Andrew?

As I walked closer to the crossroads, a small boy came into view. The boy was young, about my age. He was reading a large book.

“You’re late,” the boy said, not looking off of the pages.

“I don’t know about that,” I replied. He finally closed the book in silence, placed it at his lap, and sighed.

“I’m just glad you came,” he responded, smiling and looking at me with his red-ringed eyes.

“Let’s cut to the chase,” I said, frustrated. “I know who you really are. There is no denying the truth.” His eyes widened. He was full of fear. He got up from his chair and walked toward me. His eyes became deep blood-red, but a ray of light came from me.

“Oh yeah,” I said. “You can’t hurt me. It’s one of my many abilities. You want to see another?”

The boy had enough. He clenched his fists as large flaming whips appeared. He whipped one after the other. I did what I could, and all the fire was absorbed into a large fiery ball I had formed. The boy jumped back.

“Matthew Newman, master of Time Itself. It is a pleasure to meet you,” I said. Then I blasted the fire ball at the boy. He barely dodged it. I had to distract him more. I shot out a thousand daggers at him through my fingertips. The daggers went straight through him.

“You’ve forgotten. I CAN’T DIE,” the boy said. It was time. I slammed him against the wall and pulled out a purple dagger from my cloak.

“No, you’ve forgotten,” I stated, holding it to his throat. “A Death Blade can kill you.” The boy ground his teeth. Fear was in his deep brown eyes.

“Listen to me, idiot,” I said. “You tell me where I can become a vampire. Now. Or else.”

“You have to go to the Brethren of Power. Don’t do it!”

“Of course I will. What is your name?”

“Andrew Lakan, Prince of the V.E.”

“You can say Vampiric England, if you’d rather.”


“Yes, Andrew, I do. Thank you for the wonderful information you just provided me.”

With that, I withdrew my blade and walked toward the old shack at the end of the street.

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