Number 29

March 30, 2011
She sat in a small wired cage at the far end of the room: cage number 29. Next to her cage, number 30, a monkey, had once rested…but he was long dead…(supposed ‘food poisoning’). Her face was pale and tortured; her hands and feet torn from numerous injections and DNA scrapings. As She glanced nervously around the room she noticed a large, metal instrument resting in the center of concrete floor that (as she observed) had never been seen before. Attached to it, was another inmate, a dog. The yellow lab sat smiling, with her collar attached to a small handle on the opening of the machine. The poor thing looked as if it had no idea what was to happen next…and neither did She. It was a new machine that sat, almost with an evil disposition, in the middle of the room. On the side of the metal casing was one word: Warning. She had no idea as to what that meant. It was just a scramble of letters that only ‘superiors’ were allowed to know the meaning of.
The only words she knew were her ‘callings’: 29 and She. She heard them often and loathed them both. Hearing those words meant that Master was calling her. Telling her to come. And listening resulted in more and more pain. More torture. She figured that nearly every inmate of hers knew what their ‘callings’ meant. She saw it in their faces as they moved slowly across the floor to Master and his ‘inmates’. That was the term used around the place in which She and other creatures stayed. Inmate was a term that was used to describe those who you lived with or hung around with. Master had a lot of ‘inmates’. They were all very short, piggish creatures, who always wore long coats and goggles.
As She glanced quickly around the outskirts of the room, Master and his ‘inmates’ entered through a large wooden door. A few of the ‘inmates’ surrounded the machine, while Master stayed far behind, holding a camera. While the other creatures of the room watched Master, She kept her eyes glued on the yellow lab, who had just had her head forced into the opening of the machine.
Master spoke a few confusing words to his ‘inmates’ and then gave the word “Start.” She knew what that word meant. She had heard many a time before. It meant that she was about to be in pain or (if not then) then very soon afterwards.
A screech was heard in side the machine, and the room filled with a green-yellow glow. She scanned around the room, in a nervous-excited manner, quickly glancing at the other cages that stood, stacked on one another. The mice, occupying cage number 2, hid themselves in their little plastic tube. The birds in cage number 76 were flapping their wings widely in an attempt to break out and escape their prison.
She heard a bang, and focused her attention back on the dog. Its head was still in the machine and her body was moving violently from side to side in an futile attempt to break free. The dog was barking and crying from inside the metal casing and She began to cry as well. Then, suddenly, Master yelled, “Cease!” The whirring of the machine stopped, his ‘inmates’ stepped back, and the dog was released. Pure shock filled the room when it stepped, blindly, into the lamp light.
The dog’s face was contorted and lopsided with a brown-blackish hue. Her eyeballs drooped downwards and her nose was completely mashed inward. She, who sat terrified inside the cramped quarters of her cage, watched helplessly as the dog stumbled a few feet before collapsing dead in the center of the room. One of Master’s ‘inmates’ began checking the dog for any signs or sounds of movement within the body, and when the conclusion came that there weren’t, the dog was pronounced dead and her body was stuffed into a garbage bag.
Master and his kind sat for several minutes debating on what to do next. They had already determined that the machine could not work on animals…it was too dangerous. But, as they concluded, it had to be able to work on a human. That was what the machine was designed for.
Master straightened himself and shook off dust had collected on his glasses. The other ‘inmates’ of his had already begun prepping the machine for its next victim.
When the room had grown quiet once again, Master had the opportunity to make his decision on who was to try the machine next.
She sat far back in her cage as possible. Her eyes watered from the dust in the room.
Suddenly, Master let out a long groan and turned his focus toward She. He called out, “Number 29! Come!”
She was let out of her cage and was brutally dragged to the center of the room, where one of Master’s ‘inmates’ tied a cord around her neck and forced her head into the opening of the machine.
Terrified, She listened to Master as he read out the normal information and procedures leading up to a test…even though She had no idea what they meant:
Name: She or #29
Age: 29 years
Last test: Steroid injection in lower abdomen.
Species:…( Master took a breath)…Homo Sapien…

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