Prolouge of Misted Vision

February 22, 2011
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Long, long ago, when Erdah was young and life was taking its first steps onto the ground, the world’s races were formed; the animals were the last to come forth from the nothingness that surrounded them. Among these were the Pegendu and the Draculans. Pegendu were skilled magicians who used their power to grow crops and heal others in times of need, the Draculans were skilled in the use of magic in crafts such as metalworking and sailing. Both were skilled warriors, and both knew how to channel magic one way or another. The Pegendu and the Draculans were meant to be as one community, one people, it was that way for quite some time. Then, a war broke their harmony. The Pegendu people accused the Draculans of murdering the crown prince. The Draculans were proud people and did not accept this criticism, they tried to reason with the Pegendu. Nevertheless, blind with rage, the Pegendu were shut out from all reason. Then, during a Draculan priostss coronation, an intruding Pegendu shot her through the throat with an arrow. The Draculans had been falsely accused of murder and now had one of their priostss murdered – they could take no more abuse; the two kingdoms were separated forever. Blind hatred misting their vision. Several years have passed since then; their separation has only strengthened their resentment for each other.

Alleie is a short-tempered girl from a city located in the kingdom of Juton, a flat widespread area on the fertile plateaus of the continent of Kell.

Across the sea of Aruomon, (next to which Kell is placed) a large island shaped in the likeness of a dragon in flight named Dracul faces is the eleven city kingdom of Dracul, which is home to a fiery-spirited boy named Kullon.

Each has seen seventeen winters. Neither of them knows that they are about to turn back the war and burn away the hate clouding the eyes of everyone in both kingdoms.

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