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Worm in My Poisoned Apple

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Celena used to be the most beautiful dragoness. She had eyes of pure purple that dazzled. Her skin was of the deepest maroon color with spots of black. She had powerful, yet graceful and elegant wings. Plus she had a fashion sense that was rival by no other female dragon. Yes, Celena was a prime example of dragon beauty … that is until Sirius-the-dragon kissed her and she turned into a princess!
This was one of the worse things he had ever done and not a day went by that he didn’t regret it. He would tell his best friend Shelby-the-sea-dragon, that he was over Celena, but they both knew it was lie.
“Why don’t you just admit that you still have feelings for her.” Shelby said one day, while Sirius drooled over one of his pictures of Celena as a dragon.
“She’s not my type.” Sirius said hiding the picture behind his back.
“Then why do you still have all those pictures of her?” Shelby said snatching the photo from him.
“Okay, so, I’m still kind of stuck on her,” Sirius said blushing. “It doesn’t matter anyway, she’s one of those ‘singing powder puff princesses now’.” He cringed at the thought of how Celena looked now and how it would be déclassé to even speak to her.
 “There has to be a way to make her dragon again!”
Then a wicked scheme sprung into his mind. If magic made Celena pretty once, it could make her pretty again! 
Shelby frowned at the smirk on his face and said, “What are thinking of doing to that girl?”
“Whatever do you mean?” Sirius said chuckling.
“Don’t try to act innocent,” Shelby said putting her claws to her sides. “I know that smug look, the one you get when you’re about to do something stupid!”
“Now, Shelby, baby, I’m just going to invite the girl on a picnic,” Sirius said slyly. “Now that’s not wrong is it? It’s borderline cheesy, but it’s not wrong?”
Shelby gave him a distrustful glance. She was happy that Celena was out of the picture and a feeling in her gut said that he was going to do something to ruin that.
“Fine, but I’m coming, too.” Shelby said, feeling the jealousy that lay dormant in her bubbling back up.
Sirius nodded and went to give Celena the invitation. The girl was more than happy to accept. Being a princess she had no other friends who weren’t princesses also. It would be good to have a conversation with someone who didn’t talk about knights and princes all day long.
“Do you want me to bring anything?” Celena asked.
“No, baby, just bring those pretty little eyes of yours and an empty stomach, you’re going to need it.” Sirius said with crafty smirk.
However, on the day of the picnic, neither Sirius nor Shelby were anywhere to be found.
“Where is that goofball?” Celena said to herself, as she sat under the tree where they were suppose to meet.
She was just about to leave when she saw a thin tree with shiny apples on it. Pressed by curiosity, the fact that Sirius had not shown up with the picnic lunch, and the fact that she hadn’t eaten since breakfast, she ventured towards the tree. As her belly rumbled with hunger, she twisted one of the fruit off a branch and took a bite of it.
“Oh, I feel awfully faint,” she said dropping the apple. Suddenly her skin tingled and a pair of leathery wings sprouted out of her back. Then a tail appeared from her rear. She grew bigger and bigger. Her long hair and skin became hard and scaly. She was turning into a dragon again!
“Oh, no! This is dreadful!” The now fully transformed Celena cried. “I must find a knight right away to kiss me or I‘ll be stuck this way forever!”
Just then, the sly Sirius swashed his way over to her. Grinning at the fact that his enchanted-tree=plan had actually work.
I can’t believe she fell for the old ‘Snow White scheme’! Now all I have to do is play along and she’ll be all mine.
“What’s wrong, honey?” he said pretending to be compassionate.
“Oh, my dear friend,” Celena said weeping. “I have been bewitched once more!”
“Well that’s a shame, but don’t cry, little lady,” he said, giving her an artificial rose with the price sticker still on it. “You squirt acid out of your eyes when you cry.”
“Thank you, Sirius,” Celena said declining the rose. “But I had a feeling sooner or later this would happen again It’s a miracle that the forest is full of wandering knights looking for good deeds.”
“Did you say wandering knights?” Sirius said, sensing a tiny draw back in his plot.
“Yes,” Celena said, wiping her acidic tears with her princess handkerchief, burning holes in it. “I’m sure one of them would be glad to kiss me.”
“But what about me?” Sirius said as she left. “I did it before and I can again.” He knew that if he was able to kiss three times after she ate the apples, she’d remain a dragon forever.
“I do like you, Sirius,” Celena said not wanting to hurt his feelings. “You always make me chuckle, but I will never love you. You are an oaf and we have nothing common.”
“We can work it out, baby,” Sirius said franticly. “Is this because my best friend is girl? Cuz’ I can break it off with her, just say word.”
Celena gave Sirius a sisterly pat on the hand and headed into the forest.
“What do I have to do to impress that chick?” Sirius said to himself, pouting once Celena was gone. “I’m not giving in to all that fairy-tale mumbo-jumbo. I’m going to Plan B.”
He got out a magical red cape and wrapped it around himself. Then he, using a series of shortcuts, caught up with Celena, who by now was in the deepest part of the forest.
“Where are you going, beautiful?” He said to her in the sweetest voice.
Celena turned around in irritation, for she would know Sirius’s voice anywhere. However, to her surprise there appeared no pestering dragon behind her, but one of the most handsome youths she had ever seen.
“I am looking for a knight such as you to … uh, kiss me and turn me back into a princess,  the dragoness said blushing.
Sirius sneered at this, but she didn’t see. The cape disguised him perfectly.
“Have no fear, pretty medieval mama … I mean fair damsel in distress. For I, Sir Kempe Owen, the most hunkiest hero to ever be a part of King Arthur’s square table, will save you from this glorious form.”
“Glorious?” Celena said, becoming distrustful again. Sirius was the only one who ever called her dragon form glorious!
“I mean grotesque,” Sirius corrected himself. “Now come over here so I can give you a token of my love and all that lovey-dovey Grim Brothers stuff.”
Celena approach him with caution in her amethyst eyes, for though he was handsome, he was also somewhat odd. She had never seen a knight behave in such a manner as he did.
When she got close enough, Sirius kissed her on the right cheek.
“Tell me, Sir Kemp Owen, I know knights are supposed to have lovely locks, but your man of hair is very big,” Celena said once he was done kissing her for the first time.
“A hero with big hair always gets the babe that’s fair, honey.” Sirius said still smirking and giving her a kiss on the left cheek.
Celena looked at him and frowned, for she felt there was something he was not telling her.
“Sweet Kemp Owen, why does your eye-wear have dark lenses with rhinestones on the frames?”
Sirius was becoming impatient; she was asking too many questions.
“The sunglasses are to keep the fairies and gremlins away. Now let’s break this curse so we can get to the preacher before six o’clock, the wedding chapel is always busy after six.”
“Of course, my lord, but I must say that your voice is certainly different from what I am use to.” Celena was trying to stall. Something wasn’t right!
“Yeah, well, sugar, the whole ‘old English’ thing makes my tongue ache,” Sirius said, leaning in to kiss her on the mouth.
Celena sighed., One rude and handsome knight was better than one less rude running away from her in fear, she figured, She finally closed her eyes so she wouldn’t have to look at him as he kiss her.
Yet, before their lips could meet, a voice broke the peacefulness of the forest.
“Sirius, you got a lot of nerve giving me a fake map!”
The two looked around to see Shelby wading her way over to them. Her eyes flickered with jealousy as she saw that Celena was now a dragon.
“What’s she doing here?” Shelby demanded. “And why is she one of us again? And why are you wearing that stupid cape?” She snatched the cape off Sirius, revealing his true form.
Celena was furious. Dark clouds of smoke fumed from her mouth, nose, and ever her ears.
“Now, moonbeam, let’s not do something psycho that we might regret,” Sirius said putting Shelby in between him and Celena. Shelby made an excellent barrier.
Celena bare her teeth and growled at him. “Fine, fool, if you wish to be my true love, you must answer a riddle!”
“What kind of riddle?” Shelby said holding her ground.
“It is a riddle that will prove how much this grub cares for me.” Celena said now starting to calm down.
“All right,” Sirius said, no longer using Shelby as a shield. “Bring on the riddle.”
“Dear foolish dragon, do you want a wife that is scaly like yourself and hates you or do you want a friend who is mortal, and who will love you like a sister?” Celena asked, looking him in the eyes.
“Are you kidding me?” Sirius said almost chuckling. “Why on earth would I want to be friends with one of those Cinderella types when I can be married to someone pretty enough to put medusa to shame!”
“You made a good choice, for me that is.” Celena said as she shrank down back into a normal human princess.
“You mean I lose again?” Sirius said holding back tears. “Aw, I’m just a big, good-looking loser.”
“Yes, but there may be hope for you yet,” Celena said trying to confront him. “Isn’t that right, Shelia?”
“It’s Shelby,” the sea dragon said with too much gentleness.
“I guess you guys are right,” Sirius said trying to put on a tough act. “I’d rather be a hunk in scales than a knight in shining armor anyway.”

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Fizza_98 said...
Aug. 25, 2011 at 3:02 am
you've posted very nice stories about sirius. its like sirius is always upto something crazy and funny. nice work. :)
mudpuppy replied...
Aug. 28, 2011 at 6:48 pm
Thanks! :) I'm so grateful you commented! You're the first person to write something on this story!
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