The Time Traveler (Collection 1) part IV: Soul Murderers

December 7, 2010
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The Time Traveler (Collection1)
Part IV: Soul murderers

“How will we kill them?” Sally asked.
The time Traveler looked at her. Shaking his head, he glared into her eyes.
“We do not kill” He stated, “We need to suck out their souls.”
“How?” Sally asked.
Smiling, the Time Traveler reached into his pocket and pulled out a banana and a small mirror.
“With these!” He exclaimed.
“How on earth will bananas save the earth?!” Sally asked.
“What? Do you want an orange?” The time Traveler asked.
Reaching into his pocket, the Time Traveler pulled out an orange.
“NO!” Exclaimed Sally, “I want to get my boyfriend back!”
The Time Traveler peeled the banana and ate it.
“Always eat before you suck a statue’s soul.” He stated.
Suddenly, the control panel beeped. Jumping up, he ran over and typed at the control panel.
“Oh, yes!” He exclaimed, “This is good!”
“What is it?”
“We’re in the past!”
Jumping to the double doors of his space ship, the Time Traveler threw them open and stepped out. Sally was hot on his heels as she ran out the double doors. Stopping, she saw that she was in an abandoned parking lot.
“This is the…” She began.
“…abandoned hotel.” The Time Traveler finished.
“What are you going to do about your space…” She stared.
Looking back, she saw that the ship that was huge on the inside was now a moldy shoe that was lying on the ground as if it had been there for years. Suddenly, she saw an object standing next to the shoe. Gasping, she grabbed the Time Traveler’s arm.
“There’s one right there!” She screamed.
The Time Traveler turned around and looked at the still statue. Walking calmly over to the statue, he sniffed its mouth.
“No” He said, “This one is not going to hurt us, he’s to…ginger.”
Sally awkwardly watched as the Time Traveler walked away from the statue. Grabbing her arm, The Time Traveler walked away from the statue that was frozen in time.
“How did you do that?” Sally asked, “I mean with the ‘ginger’ and all?”
“Statues hate being called ginger so all I had to do was say that to that particular one and voila! He’s locked in time!”
Suddenly, he stopped.
“What’s wrong?” She asked.
“That smell” He said, “We better start running.”
“That’s there sign of an intruder.”
Suddenly, there was a statue blocking their way. Stopping, the Time Traveler looked into the statue’s face.
“We’re here for you souls!” the Statue spoke.

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