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The Little House under the Apple Tree

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Joey looked at his sister across the table. There was no expression; there was no light in her eyes which were glancing in another direction. His only older sister. Emali; that kind, understanding girl that was the only one who really looked after her little brother was now always gazing in the clouds since that one day that affected her perception and to Joey; her general sanity. It started to happen when she came home from school crying because she destroyed her little tepee for social studies and had failed; being a studious girl who was sensitive about her schoolwork. They contacted a therapist after Joey’s parents noticed Emali’s abnormal behavior. Emali would never go to college, she would never get her driver’s licence, she might never meet the one she loves as she used to talk about her dream marriage most fondly. The dreams cherished were scattered across the floor. Joey’s parents had always misunderstood him, but it had gotten colder since Emali’s light died out of the house.
“The fairy folk say that I should come soon.” She said dreamily. Their mother itched behind her ear worriedly. Joey gave an exasperated sigh and wanted to scream; “They aren’t real!” It has been over half of a year since her sister has been talking about the imaginary ‘fairy folk’ and nine-year-old Joey only wanted his sister back.
Of course; Joey had given up pounding on the walls at night with his anger, but he still felt the pain and it was only his newfound independence and good judgment to keep him not wearing out his fists on the wallpaper. Instead; crying was his only escape.
“May I be excused?” Joey asked his mother without looking up. Not waiting for a response from his mother’s worried demeanor; he took his plate and stormed from the table in a huff.
The next day at five-o’clock in the morning; a recurring time for Emali; Joey found his sister in the fields talking to her little toy house under the apple tree. The house was only doll-size and it meant the world lately; it seemed; to Emali. She looked scared. Emali murmured rapidly; whispering as if talking to someone close. Her white flower sundress flowed beautifully in the wind. Joey knew she was far away.
At the school play he searched the crowd, at his speech for student council he looked everywhere, and at his Bar Mitzvah he hoped and hoped and hoped that Emali would make it; but no. And today was the his first soccer game of the season. He hoped that the earlier scene with Emali and her toy house wouldn’t stop her from coming again. He scanned the row of excitable moms, dads who yelled to the players at their practice, and bored siblings. None of them were Emali. Rage surged in Joey’s heart like it never had before.
That night; Joey snuck out to the pasture to the apple tree. Emali wasn’t there like she usually was and it was five-o’-clock. He looked at Emali’s toy house with pure hatred; and seeked revenge at the toy for just being there; taking away Emaili. Taking away his parents. Taking away his life. Without thinking; Joey’s foot hovered over the house and he let it fall. He stamped on it and cursed and threw the small parts and wailed at his life and cried and cried. Joey ran all the way home and sobbed in his pillow as the stars went away and the rain fell.
Soon Joey felt himself in a dream. There was a horrible looking creature gazing at him; with scales yet a feminine figure with small fangs that smiled at Dream-Joey grimly. The winged beast was surrounded in a yellow mist. It was small and spoke in an ancient tongue that Joey could not decipher. She spoke again and in English; a voice like shards of solid honey. “Now you will see.” Joey was as paralyzed as was scared; but before he knew it; dawn woke him.
Joey was not himself. He heard voices that spoke to him in a chanting tone. He didn’t seem to understand what his parents were saying. Something was drawing him to the apple tree and he obeyed his wanting.
He made it to the tree and looked down at the house. It was drenched in a red fluid that smelled putrid like vinegar and small clothes were seen scattered everywhere. Within the horrible seen a small article of clothing caught Joey’s eye is particular; there was no mistaking it. Emali’s white flower sundress lay stained before Joey’s eyes and all Joey could think about was wishing that those voices would get out of his head.

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soldout said...
Sept. 7, 2011 at 8:53 pm
I don't know why the semicolons are bothering people so much bcuz i think its an intriguing story anyway. u should write fantasies more often, u make them really interesting to read.
thepreachyteenager said...
Oct. 23, 2010 at 7:32 pm

Good storyline :)  Very interesting, and yes, creepy.  I must say that Auntie is right- you didn't use semi colons correctly and there were too many of them.  Also, I'd try to vary the words you use to start your sentences.  Most of the time, you'd use a name, he/she, or a common word like 'it' or 'there'.  Try spicing them up a little.  If you use boring words to start your sentences too much, the erader feels like they are reading a list.  I sort of felt l... (more »)

Auntie Cat said...
Oct. 22, 2010 at 5:07 pm
Very interesting story . . . a little unnerving.  Excellent vocabulary.  Look up how to use semi-colons ;-)
MamaBear said...
Oct. 22, 2010 at 3:23 pm
Wow a mix of Poe and Vonnegut!  A true Halloween treat :)
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