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I Can Hear You.

I love being able to hear the thoughts of those around me. It helps me choose my friends and my enemies more easily. Like for instance, when I met Tom.

It was the beginning of Freshman year and he and a few of his buds had walked up to me and my friend Jennifer. Who, by the way, has been my best friend since I was six. He casually smiled and greeted us.
“ Hey, there ladies!” He was extremely gorgeous and athletic, too. “ I’m Tom and this is Chad, Mike, and Troy. We’re Juniors and would like to officially welcome you to High School.” He held out his hand and I shook it. The other boys left leaving him with my companion and myself.
“ Well, I hope we can hang out and be friends soon.” He told me. But just then I taped into his thoughts.
What he was really thinking was, God, this chick is hot as heck! I mean she is perfect in every way with black hair, skinny and long body. I’d like to be more than friends with her! The thought made me laugh. He seemed sort of sweet and nice so e did start hanging out, but told him that we were friends and nothing more. And hey, he didn’t argue with me.

But right now, here, I wasn’t thinking it was so cool. A dirty rumor had went around the school that I had slept around with a couple punk guys in the Senior class. As if! I would never do that, I’m only in my second year of high school for God’s sake! Still I couldn’t always control if I heard the thoughts or not, especially when I’m upset or vulnerable. Like now.
That’s that little Junior that had sex with those three punks. How sick! Cheerleaders and the preppy kids mainly. Then the worst think of all was that my once friend Tyler even believed the rumors, too.
Man, Cassie. How could she have done all that stuff, she used to be better than that! She used to be a friend. It made me want to cry to hear him think those things of me, literally cry in the bathroom. I ran into him in the hall on the way out and stopped as everyone was leaving the building.
“ Hi, Cass. Uh…err… how’s it going’” He said. I kept my eyes glued to the marble floor and his Daces.
“ Well, not so good. You’ve heard the rumors.” I looked up at him. “ And they are just rumors, Tyler. It isn’t true. You know me, how could you believe them!?”
“Wait a second!” he said as I sped away. “ Who says I believe them?”
“ You do! I know you believe them! Don’t pretend that you don’t!”
He was silent for a few moments, mouth and mind.
God, how could I have believed them. She would never do those things!
“Cass….oh Cass. I’m sorry.” He hugged me so tightly I almost fainted. “I don’t believe them, okay. I believe you. Let’s get out of here, okay. Hang out like we used to.
That made me feel so much more happier, just knowing that my friends believed me was all that I needed. I didn’t care about the rest of them. As long as Jen, Tom, and Tyler knew the truth, I was fine. We went to Tyler’s house and watched a couple movies, my favorite Dawn of the Dead and Dracula 2000. That really cheered me up and it felt like it used to before the rumors started about a month before. I was laying against Tyler’s side when he put his arms around me and said, “ I really missed you, Cass. I did. And I’m sorry I haven’t been around for you since it happened. But, you know? Those girls only started that rumor because they were jealous.”
This I knew, I heard then think it. They found out that one of their friends, Brooke, got dumped because her boyfriend Ben like me more than her and he didn’t want to settle. So they decided to trash my rep.
God, this is so great. Tyler’s voice came into my head, but not on purpose. I love this so much, being here laying on my couch with Cassie. It’s so… great. I-I-…
“ Cass?” he asked her, his chin on her head.
“ Yes?”
“Have you ever considered that… um, maybe we-? I mean do you think we could be
Why can’t I just say it!? You big chicken! Hmmm, let’s see. Cassie, have you ever considered being with me? Cass, have you ever thought about being my girlfriend? God, I’m such a wimp.
“ Cass, look. I really care about you and… uh, I want you to know that I-I uhh… I think… I may… love you. What do you think about that?”
Then my own voice popped into my head. What did I think about that!? Oh, my gosh. Of course I love Tyler. He’s been my friend for two years and now he is standing by my side, and telling me he’s in love with me.
Tyler… I mean Tyler was perfect in every way to me. His beautiful dirty blonde hair hung just above his eyes in the front and just passed his jaw in the back. He had deep green eyes that showed more emotion that some people’s entire faces. Did I love Tyler? Do I? He has always been there and been a great friend to me and have always loved him. I just never thought of it being that type of love. But, it was.
“ I think…I think it’s just great Tyler. I really do.” I turned to face him. “ I love you.”
“ Good, because I really do love you, Cass. And I’ll always be there for you, no matter what.” He kissed me so gently on the lips it made me melt inside.
I knew he would start something soon that would make it harder to be with him, but I would do whatever it took to help him recover. Cemo will be the biggest challenge, for the both of us, but he is strong and I know he will beat this cancer that is invading his body. And I’ll be with him every step of the to recovery. And soon he will know my secret that nobody ese but I know.
" I can hear you when you think, Tyler. I hear thoughts of people. I can hear you."

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m.s.moore said...
Jan. 13, 2012 at 7:18 am:
i liked this, it was an interesting concept. i did get a little confused when she started to hear thought, just in the big paragraph in the beginning though. that might just be me though. all in all good job.
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ExpRESsY0uRselF said...
Jun. 8, 2011 at 8:04 pm:
Wow, I wasn't expecting this. It was beautifully written, and so sweet! :) I loved how Tyler was the first person you told your secret to in the story. BTW, could you please comment on my poem, The Girl Inside?
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AEAluvsanimals said...
Sept. 1, 2010 at 3:21 pm:

I like it. It rushes, and the part about chemo is a bit sudden, but I like the physic element, and the horror film refrences.

PLEASE check out my work!!!!

ultrabookworm replied...
Sept. 14, 2010 at 7:03 pm :
It's good that you get the points out there quickly. I thought it was cool that she could read people's thoughts, but even cooler are all the elements you've put in- the romance, the dirty rumors, the difficulties of cancer. I'll be looking for sequels!
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