The Water Dragon & The Lightning Witch

June 30, 2010
By HLFelix GOLD, Teaneck, New Jersey
HLFelix GOLD, Teaneck, New Jersey
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They could hear the battle raging just outside in the streets. They crouched low under the window, peering out into the town square to see how the townspeople fared against the Empire soldiers. Though the local warriors, witches and wizards alike, fought hard, they didn’t stand a chance against the Empire’s.

“That’s it! I’m going out,” the young man, whispered heatedly, rising from his crouch under the window. He strode to the door of the house they were hiding in. Before he could reach the door, his partner grabbed his arm and yanked him down on the ground. He landed with a thud and whirled to face her, seething.

“Varun, you go out there and they will kill you the instant they find out who you are,” she exclaimed in a hiss. “They will kill you. What good do you expect to do if you’re dead?”

Varun brought his blue eyes up to her brown ones and glared. She glared back, trying to force him to listen.

“I will not sit here, hiding, Aidan, when there are innocent people I can help.” He tried to stand again, but Aidan dragged him back down again.

“You want to think about innocent people? Then think about all the people you’ll be able to save once the Dragons are united. Think about the thousands of lives that can be saved when the Dragons take down the Empire. If you die, then the Empire will continue to destroy this world. The only chance the rebellion has against them is the Four Dragons. The rebellion needs you, Varun, as the Water Dragon, to stay alive and unnoticed.”

Varun sighed, trying desperately to control his anger towards Aidan. She had taken him on this journey to unite him with the other Dragons and all she had done was prevent him from helping the people he was supposed to be saving. And all for the sake of the rebellion and the possible future.

“So, do you expect me to hide under a rock until you can find the three other Dragons? You have no idea where Fire, Earth, and Air are. How do you expect to find them? And in the mean time, civilians are dying!”

Aidan glared back at him, still. “Don’t think I know that? But if you die, there is no hope for the world until the next Water Dragon is born and old enough to help. That will be another ten years, at least. Are you willing to risk that?”

Varun was silent, hearing again the battle outside. It still stormed and from the sounds, the Empire soldiers were winning. Aidan was right; he knew she was, but still…


Varun yanked his arm out of Aidan’s hold and ran to the door. He threw it open before Aidan could move and jumped into the night air and town square.

The fighting was centered round the town’s fountain, the statue of the town founder in flames. Some of the surrounding houses were in flames. Empire soldiers, in their black uniforms and the Jaktuz crest on their helmets, were swarming the town. Some were on the ground, hurt or dead, some were ransacking homes, most were fighting the town’s warriors.

Most of the town’s warriors possessed no magical abilities, and fought with swords and axes, against their Empire counterparts. The witches and wizards of the town were outmatched, and outnumbered, against those of the Empire. A town, if it’s lucky, will have three or four mages living there. This town had been blessed with seven. Varun could only see five, one of which was trying to save the burning buildings, leaving the other four to fight the Empire mages.

Varun joined the fight at a run, heading towards the fountain, calling up the water in its depths. As it rose, he sent the first wave onto the burning buildings, dousing the fires instantly, relieving the local wizard from the task. The next wave he drew towards himself, to have better access. As he saw soldiers overpowering their opponents, whether magical or not, Varun sent a lash of water out at them, attacking unexpectedly and giving the town person a chance to overpower them. Some soldiers came at him. These people he stopped by throwing a jet at them and then freezing the liquid on them, immobilizing them.

Despite being an excellent fighter and wizard, Varun was still unable to be everywhere and help everyone. Especially himself. A soldier was coming up behind him, ax raised to strike, Varun’s attention being elsewhere. The man was about to land the killing blow when he was struck by a lightning bolt.

Upon hearing the sound behind me, Varun whipped around, ready to attack, only to see his attacker on the ground, possibly dead. Varun look over in the direction of where the lightning came from and his eyes widened. There stood Aidan. When she looked up and saw his stunned face, she smirked.

“What? Did you think you were the only powerful fool?”
She brought her hands together and slowly drew them apart. From the center of both her palms, she wrought out a lightning bolt, growing larger and stronger as her hands spread out. As the bolt was reaching the point of being at its most powerful, Aidan looked again at Varun. He had not moved, still in shock from seeing her out there, fighting, and from seeing her create lightning. She shook her head and aimed her hands at one of the Empire witches. She took a step back, drawing her hands closer to her and then shoved out, almost like a slingshot, sending the bolt at the witch. It hit the witch in the small of her back and she went down with a cry of pain.
“You know, you’re not exactly helping, by just standing there, gaping like an
idiot,” she told him as she strode further into the battle, leaving Varun to stand alone,
still gaping after her.

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