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Island Of The Blue Dolphin

I open my eyes and look out of the flap I look towards the river its not soft and smooth like it normally is something is going on I just don’t know what I hear faint voices in the distance I cant tell what they are exactly saying however it looks as though they are in a ruckus about something I walk down to the edge of the water I take a close look at the water and see something thrashing around in the depth of the water I take a closer look then I feel my feet sliding out from under me I go crashing into the water face first when I finally get my head above water I see my brother looking down and laughing at me when I open my mouth to scream terrible things to him I feel something rub against my foot my facile expression went from angry to terror in a matter of seconds Ikaika I yell to my brother which his name means strong in are language Ikaika help me help me Ikaika face looked worried my face in sure looked terrifying Ikaika can do nothing to help me since the river bank has eroded away I have no way out just then I feel something soft and smooth go under my butt then I am up in the air the next second then I am hyperventilating on the land the next Ikaika runs to me and pulls me to the edge of the river and tells me to look I look eyes filled with a sea of tears a indigo dolphin staring at me I whisper you’re beautiful you saved my life I did not notice everyone from are village is surrounding me my father comes from no where and pulls Ikaika’s arm and asked him are you foolish you trying to damage your sister I just stay staring at the dolphins beauty I hear a faint auguring but I still just sit there memorized by the indigo dolphins beauty you s-s-saved me I stutter out then I feel a violent wrench on my shoulder it was my father telling me to not be seated so close to the waters edge for he was fearful I might fall in again later that night something didn’t seem right in the air something was just off around mid night I peer out of my hut and hear anything nor see anything I take a step out onto the fresh damp ground it feels good under and between my toes I creep slowly past my fathers hut and brothers then take of resembling a lion in the tranquil of night ready to seize its prey were I am running to is something I am uncertain of as I am running I glance to my side to see a boy I haven’t seen before I pause in a matter of seconds to look this boy in the eyes I stand there studying him very directly he does not converse at first then a word slips out of his mouth like a stream of water hello he says in a very deep and low manner then I hear voices in the distance behind me I slowly move my head back then take off running again as I am running back I see a crowd of people surrounding the edge of the water I slip through the crowd to the waters edge and see a severed indigo dolphin blood spewed everywhere resting on top of the water I am trembling at this point the dolphin that had once saved my life is now resting at the top of the water with its blood everywhere at that moment I felt like I could save it I run backwards for a few minutes then lunge into the burgundy violet indigo water at that moment I’m drenched in blood my father hollering telling me to get out of the water then he picks me up out of the water and I go bathe in the river as I am crying sitting there as I bathe and hear foot steps who goes there I say sternly I hear them coming closer but no reply
Who goes there I scold no reply I start to get out of the orange brown water I see a shadow appear I quickly grab my clothes and begin to run where I am running I am unsure of but I know I have to get out of there fast as I am running and putting my clothes on as I run I hear a noise one I have not heard of before it shattered through my ears like a piece of glass it was like thunder across the land that was under my feet I hear trees being knocked against and falling to the ground birds flying up above my head as if they had been bothered then I realize I have a problem I am getting tired I slide down a soil hill and slide behind a immense oak tree as I am hiding I hear footsteps they are running like pound after pound onto the earth as a face appears I am astonished it was the man I saw last moon the one who slipped out a hello he was carrying a long sliver rod with a brown bottom I did not have any knowledge to what he was holding I believe it made the noise before the one that shattered my ears the one that had scared me before I was afraid of this man I truly was I waited till he had ran out of sight then took off back in the direction I had been running before it felt like I wasn’t even touching ground it felt like I was flying across the grass when I finally reached my father I was screaming papa papa there is a man with a object I do not know of he chased me into the woods I was terrified my father looks at me then gathers all the villages men and heads to the
woods five men stay behind to protect us a while had passed but still no noise or return of my father and the rest of the men from are tribe then I glance to my side to see my father and three men caring Pika, pika is the man all the moms want there daughters to marry their I was just standing there pika and I had something going but now that seems to be gone father father what happened? Not now Aanadi father says to me I reply and run off I am tired of living here it’s not worth my time I am out of here I grab some things out of my hut and start walking I walk and I walk till night fall when it gets to dark to see where it is that I am going I lay out an old blanket of mine and lay to rest was this the right decision to make for myself I am afraid of what is to come of my life if I am a run away for the rest of my long miserable life just then I hear a growl in the distance instantly I am afraid I lay really still and stop my breathing through my mouth and just silently out of my nose just a little whistle then I hear the sniffing I know this sound it is a Chupacabra I feel its wet nose on my warm face my heart is pounding a mile a minute then thankfully walks away I stare up into the night sky wondering what I am to do with myself I stare at the stars which there was not many on this cold wet night I gently close my eyes and fall off to deep slumber I am awakened to a little girl on the edge of the water at first I am startled then ask myself if I am dreaming I blink a few times then come to realize I am not dreaming I get up and walk towards her I am scared that I might frighten her but I am not caring at this point I slowly walk to her side and ask in a gentle voice are you ok? She looks at me in fear and says I lost my mommy awhile ago she went to go get food but never came back I reply I will take care of you don’t worry are you hungry I ask she reply’s with a yes very I scramble around to find something serrated and pointy I find a barnacle I cut my hand open pulling it off the rock then I go to find a long branch or stick something sturdy ah I find one a long piece of bamboo perfect I think to myself then I take off the bracelet my mother had given to me to tie the two together then start towards the waters edge I see one I throw my makeshift sphere back and chuck it at this nice juicy fish I got it right in the swim bladder my next obstacle is to make a fire and keep the wind from blowing the flame out I fetch some sticks well not some a lot and throw them all in a pile hum I think to myself how am I going to start a fire? I try to remember what my father had taught me before then I came to me rub the sticks together until a spark becomes a flame so I rub the sticks together as hard as I can then see sparks then poof a flame I put the fish right in the fire then twist it then finally give her the food she ate it very quickly and thanked me after she then says she is thirsty I spot a coconut high up in a tree I take the makeshift sphere chuck it at the tree then watch as the coconut falls to the ground I crack it open then tell her to drink the coconut milk that falls from it soon after she falls asleep I look around for things to build a shelter out of I find some remains of a shipwrecked boat I take some wood from it and gather some sticks then I prop the wood up with the sticks and throw some grass over the top of it I felt good that I could provide shelter for me and her just as I was thinking that it began to rain I watched as the little girl gets up and began to hurry into the shelter I had made for us before long she said she was hungry so I got my makeshift sphere and caught two trout in the rain it was so difficult to see what I was doing I couldn’t see where I was throwing the sphere then the rain let up a little bit and I could see the two big fish just sitting there still right though the center of my rod then I realized I couldn’t make any food until the rain stopped the little girl said that’s fine I will wait patiently a few hours pass and the rain finally stops then I realize I have another problem the sticks are too wet to make a fire and the sun is beginning to fall behind the clouds and if the sunshine goes away the sticks cant dry I look to the little girl and tell her were going to have a really good breakfast she looks at me and smiles I say sorry she says its fine at least your trying that night as we fall asleep I hear footsteps in the distance but they aren’t slowing down just then I hear my name over and over again it was my father and almost all the men from are village I run to him and jump into his arms he gives me many apologies and I reply with silent cry’s then say we have a new member of the village father he goes we do? I point to the little girl as he walks over to her and asks do you want to be a part of are village? The little girl nods and we all are on are way to the village. Let this be a lesson learned never run away from the ones who love you because they will fallow you were ever you go.

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