Lost on the Trail

May 17, 2010
“The sun is setting, isn’t beautiful?” A man in a black trench coat said. Behind him, in the back seat of the car was a woman named Charlene. Her wrists and ankles were tied up and her mouth was gagged. She was very distorted; she was not comprehending well due to the drug the man gave her. “We’re almost there, its just a little down the road now. This place is a perfect spot for my friends and I to have a picnic,” The man said with a strange smile. Charlene could feel the car moving slower, then to a complete halt. The man got out and came around to the back and toss Charlene onto his shoulders. “You are quite lucky, you know that, girly?” Charlene tried to say something back, but the words were muffled out to simple breathing. “You get to be the main event for my friends.” The man stopped and threw Charlene to the ground. The ground seemed to be a forest floor according to what it felt like. The sun was already gone and the moon was shining bright. “Enjoy the meal,” the man said with a horrid laugh. Charlene did not understand what he meant by that, she then realized he was not addressing to her. She felt a dozen sharp stings in her back. It soon grew to hundred and then thousands. She now had the sharp stings all over her body and she screamed the most gruesome scream possible. But again, the scream was muffled and the sound of the scream did not carry. The stings were identified as red ants and she found herself lying directly on top of a red ant hill! The ants moved all around and bit tiny bits of flesh off. Later through the painful torture, the ants had caused holes to appear all over her body and blood was flowing out of them. The ant hill was soaked red to match the color of the owners. The ants crawled up her nose and in her hair creating pain to her scalp. Ants chewed at her eyes and burrowed through her cheeks. By morning, the ants had killed her but were still munching at her skin and insides. Caring chunks of blood covered flesh down the entrances of the hill.

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jermdude03 said...
Dec. 6, 2010 at 1:47 pm
I love it so much i couldnt read it
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