Taken Over

May 7, 2010
By Anonymous

Character list:
Emally- A young girl with long pitch black hair, with golden eyes. She’s around six or seven, but has no memories of her past or of herself. She has the ability to control and connect with life forms through their emotions, weather they show it or not.

Rui- A young boy around eight years old. He has sun kissed blonde hair with one deep sea green eye and one crystal clear blue eye. He grew up in Lonia, where the war with Sartan destroyed everything dear to him. He has a multi-personality disorder. He has the ability to control things with his mind. He’s very timid and meek.

Nato- Ruis’ second self. He’s full of rage and hatred for everyone and everything. He loves fighting and watching people die. He has the ability to destroy anything and everything with his mind.

Yui- Ruis’ third self. He’s innocent, kind, and very friendly. However he doesn’t come out as much as Rui and Nato, that’s because he was locked away along time ago. He has the ability to stop time and travel through time and space.

Supporting characters:
Miss Ray- Head nurse of the physic division, where Rui is. She’s twenty-six years old. Before coming to the institute she was a great solder for the Sartan army.

Mediana- A young girl about nine. She’s in the room next to Emally. She’s tough and sometimes mean to Emally. Her ability is make things grow faster.

Dr. Shabushi- He’s the main experimental doctor who slowly goes insane. He harbors dark secrets and a scary past. He was hired to make children into weapons.

Mr. Alex- He’s the caption of the imperial army of Lonia. He was the one who sent Rui to the institute to become a weapon to destroy Lonia.

Act I:
Scene I:

Slowly, the moon brought its light down on the gray building below, next to the small facility. It had trees engulfing the outer part of the building. Gray bars lined every windows and in-closed every door. As if to keep what’s inside from getting out. Within the small compound below there were doors with numbers lining each wall, down each hall. Every room had a small frail body of a child sound asleep on the white beds that blended with the room. Except for one room with the number 63 engraved on it. A small boy sits alone in the corner slowly rocking his body back and forth listening to the screams of his dead family members.

“No. . . it can’t be. . . you said it would be ok.” He whispered slowly.
“You’re worthless! You let them bring us here.”
“No, no, it was that man. . . he said we could trust him.”
“You foul! Do you think some man is going to help an orphan like us. What makes you think you can do anything you want I have a rightful say in what we do.”
“But he said we could trust him. That he would take the pain away.”
“Foul. Nobody can take away the pain of our dead family. This place is just another pit another place full of pain. You have no right to be the head. For now I’ll let you feel the pain of being all alone again. Ha ha ha ha. . . .”
“No don’t leave. . . Nato come back don’t leave. . Nato!!!”
“Boy, why do you have to yell like it’s the end of the world.” Said a smooth voice.
“Whose there?”
{Giggling}”Boy, I’m outside of your room. Do you mind opening the door?”
“Uhh. . . ok.” {Opens door with mind.}
“Hello there, aren’t you a pretty boy.” {giggle}
{Comes in without being ask to come in}
“Who are you?” His voice trembled.
“I’m Emally. Who might you be?”
“I-I-I I’m Rui. . . Why are you here?”
“I felt your sadness and wanted to come see if you were ok, your new here aren’t you?”
“. . .”
“Thought so. Everyone’s like this when they come here. They haven’t done anything to you yet have they?”
“Done anything to me?”
“That’s good they haven’t touched you yet. Let’s just say this place isn’t a foster home it’s a cage. The people here mean business and they can and will do anything to you to get what they wont. So never trust them and always watch your back.”
“Uhh. . . thank you.”
{giggle} “That’s what I’m here for. . . {A loud noise comes from the hall} Ohh it looks like I have to go. Let’s be friends ‘kay?”
“. . . Okay.” He whispers. {She leaves} “Friend. . . what is a friend.”

Scene II:

“Where am I?”
“Don’t worry we just want to make sure that you are health and that everything is well . . . in tip top shape.” Crackled a high pitched voice. {Exits room}
“Why am I here?”
“Foul. They aren’t to be trusted. Don’t listen to them. Were you not listening to the girl from last night, though I wouldn’t trust her either. However she gave sound advice about not trusting these know-it-all adults in lab coast.”
“She said we were friends.” He whispered to himself.
“And you believed her. Don’t ever let your guard down. Ha ha. . Why don’t we trade places for now and give them a show.”
“No Nato. I don’t want to hurt them.”
“Hurt them. Are you growing soft on me like that p**** Yui? I thought we agreed to not grow soft like him that we would become avengers and slay those damn people who destroyed our home, killed our family, hurt us. Do you want them to win?”
“No I just. . .” {Enters Miss Ray}
“You just what, child?”
“I-I-I . . . it’s nothing. Who are you?”
“Me I’m known as Ray, but the other children call me Miss Ray. You can pick which ever one you feel most comfortable with, ok, Rui?”
“How do you know my name?”
“I’m the head nurse of the physics division. I’ll be testing you today to make sure that everything is in order and you are health and ready or some. . . lets just say training.”
“I told you. They have something up their sleeve don’t trust them. If you fail again I wont hesitate to come out again.”
“No. . . Please be gentle with me.”

They exited the room and entered a large room with a table full of knives, scalps, needles, tweezers, and other foreign objects. There was a separate table that just had a white cloth covering it. In the corner to the right there was a small computer that had a blank screen and papers scattered around the key board. The ground was a clear white that had red faded stains near the table with all the utensils.

“Please have a seat over there on the table with the white cloth.” {Goes and sits on the hospital like table/bed}
“I’m getting scared Nato. What are they going to do?”
“Hun. Now you come to me for help. Only when you see something shape and threatening do you ever call on me for help. Like I’m going to help you now. You lost your chance.”
“No Nato, I didn’t mean it please help me. . . Nato please don’t leave me alone again.”
“Rui, it’s not a good habit to be talking to yourself. It’s very unhealthy. We are just going to take your blood today to make sure that you are of the right genie. So if you will relax it will only take but a minute.”
{Pulls up his sleeve and disinfects it. Then pulls out the needle slowly inserting it into his skin.}
“Owww. . . Stop please it hurts!”
“Be patient. It will only take but a minute.”
“I said stop it! You insolent creature you think you can hurt out body and not pay for it.”
{Gasping she steps back}
“Who are you?”
“Insolent woman, I’m Nato. Ruis’ other self. I don’t particularly like you poking holes into our body. For that I believe you have to pay with your very life!”

Quickly yanking the needle out of his arm Nato smirked and stepped forwards. Turning his neck to release the stiffness. Stretching out his arm to her he lifted the hand that held the needle. A wicked grin twitched at the corners of his mouth. Slowly making his way to her he entered a fighting stance. Jumping for her he feels the adrenalin rush through him, when all of a sudden something pricks him in the neck. Darkness floods his vision as he topples to the ground.

Scene III:

“What happened?”
“Well, I didn’t expect you to put a fight. I mean I knew there was more then one of you in there, but I wasn’t expecting a crazy guy. By the way how’s your head?”
{Looking up, he sees Emally sitting next to his white bed}
“It’s you. . . What happened?” {Rubbing his head a little he rises a little} “My head it . . . hurts a little.”
“Well, for one I was hoping you would tell me what happened. And secondly what’s your . . . ummm other self’s name?”
“I’m, he’s well we are known as both Rui and Nato. It’s just that when I see something threatening I change into Nato.”
“Oh I see so you have multiple personalities. Hummm. Well then the more the friends the better.”
“Is this girl stupid?”
“I don’t think she’s stupid.”
{Giggles} “Does Nato think I’m stupid for wanting to befriend both of you even though you are one.”
“No h just hates people.”
“Well, if she wants to be friends make her talk. Who were those people and what did they want.”
“We want to know who those people with the lab coast on were and what do they want?”
“Ok since we are now mates, I guess I have no choice but to tell you. You’ll find out sooner or later. Ok, for starters the reason why we are here is because of our abilities. Each and every person here except few of the workers all have gifts just like you and me. My ability is that I can feel people’s emotions and I can connect and control them. Yours from what I can see is mind control. But that’s beside the point. We are all here because of the war that’s going on. They believe tat they can train us and use us as weapons for the war. So, this really nasty guy Dr. Shabushi does experiments on us to see if we can connect and meld with other abilities to make a super powered weapon.”
“How do you know all of this?”
“Let’s just say I have been here quite some time to figure out what they were doing and as for the thing about the creepy doctor I heard that from the girl in the room next to mine. Her name is Mediana. She has been here longer then I have and has been experimented on twice. She says that they only experiment on those who are compatible with another gifted.”
“How do we get out?”
“We want to know how to get out of here.”
“Get out? That’s unheard of. The Lonia army is always protecting this place it would be impossible to get out unless. . .”
“Unless what?”
“Well there is a way, but it would require all of the gifteds help. If we could unlock all of the doors locking the others in we could get out by fighting. What do you say want t use your mind control abilities to help me get us out of here?”
“. . . Yes.”

Scene IV:

Stepping into the narrow hallway they scanned their surroundings for any sign of the nurses and guards. Placing his arm into the air he concentrated. The doors to the rooms at first were slowly being unlocked, but then picked up speed. One by one each door of every room swung open. Faces started to appear for the inside of the room.

“Quickly everyone we need to get to the doors.”
{Children from all ages came outside of their rooms and started for the bolted doors.}
“Why aren’t they afraid?”
“I changed their emotions so they wouldn’t be afraid.”
{Turning they started for the doors as well}
“Crap they have caught up to us already. You go a head and I will stay-“
“No, leave them to me. I don’t like this place very much, but your helping us escape so I guess I could help a little. Besides I’m itching for a fight.”

Extending his arm he glared at the nurses and guards coming towards them. Smirking he sliced his arm through the air. Causing screams to erupt in the silent night. Blood sprayed from some of the nurses necks. Others lay on the ground blood poring from their very necks where their head use to be. The pounding of feet only raised his blood lust. Others started to show up. One by one the fell onto the ground with a killing blow some where on their bodies.

“Finally some fun. You may have caught me off guard before but this time you are the ones laying on the ground. Ha Ha!!”
{Then a swift movement caught his eye. The man that had brought them here and betrayed them.}
“Well, well, well what do we have here? If it isn’t Alex the very man who brought us to this hell hole. I’m going to enjoy beating the living hell out of you.”

Stepping forward he dashed to the man standing only but a few feet away from him. They started in a hand to hand combat. They fought tooth and nail. Blood staining the white walls. Squeaking of their shoes running over blood to dodge an attack or counter it. Then, from no where Alex pulled a sword from his side. Bringing it up in a killing stance he charged. A scream erupted. . .

Scene V:

{Breathing hard Nato changes back into Rui as blood seeps through his fingers.}
“What. . . Emally. . . What are you doing?”
{Sliding to the ground she grabs her chest as blood pulses out.}
“Saving you. . . What else would I be doing?”
“But, why?”
“Well, that. . . should be. . . simple. . . {ragged breathing} we are friends. I know. . . that sounds stupid. . . but you are my . . . first friend.”
{Pulling the sword out of her shaking body Alex steps back. Enters Dr. Shabushi}
“What is going- {Sees Emally and Rui together} perfect they are the perfect match to make the ultimate weapon.”
{Lifting her hand she places it on his cheek.}
“I’m sorry Rui. . . but it’s time. . . you stopped letting. . . yourself sleep. . . your true self.”

Closing her eyes she slowly whispered words to herself. Light started to emit off of her body. Her hair turned bleach. Feathers scattered as her wings extended to their full length. Opening her eye they shone a crimson red color. Lifting her hand that was on her chest to his other cheek she smiled t him before, putting their heads together. As if the flood gates were open energy sprang forth from their joined thoughts and engulfed the room with a blinding light.

“Yes, finally the true light creature of emotions and power has emerged.”
“Doctor what are they doing?”
“She’s sharing power with him. She must be going into his thoughts and summoning his true self that was locked away so long ago. This is beautiful. Finally the power is here in front of me.”
{Light gradually started to die. Emallys’ fail body smiled at the innocent eyes before her.}
“We finally get to meet, Yui”
“Emally. . . what happened?”
“Thank you. If it wasn’t for you I would have been lost for even longer then I wanted. My really name is Laina. I’m known as the creature of light.”
“Laina. . . You freed me.”
“Yes, you can’t hide from the world forever. Even though you are faced with heart ach and fear doesn’t mean you should hide and let someone else face them for you. You need to see the world through the eyes you have now. I’m afraid my time with you is up, but I hope you don’t live our life hiding but excepting and living.”

Her hands slipped off of his face onto the floor. Her body not long after fell in suite. Light soaked the ground and feather scattered about in all directions as her body disappeared. Sitting on the ground with water in his eyes, Yui began his new life.

The End.

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