March 10, 2010
By Logan Blackwell BRONZE, Cave Creek, Arizona
Logan Blackwell BRONZE, Cave Creek, Arizona
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Apollo twenty was preparing for lift off. Ten, nine, eight, seven … Meanwhile, on the space shuttle, Thomas “Tommy” Miller, James “Jimmy” Riddle, and Neil Anchor were sitting in their seats, they’re hearts pounding. Apollo twenty took place on Apollo eleven’s fiftieth year anniversary (July 20, 2019). Three, two, one, “Houston, we have liftoff.” The shuttle quickly shot off the ground. It was a little shaky for the first ten seconds or so, which only made Thomas’ heart nearly fly out of his chest. With the newer technology, it only took seventeen hours for the lunar module and the remainder of the shuttle to reach the moon. After those seventeen hours passed, the lunar module separated from the shuttle. Thomas and James would be the two to walk the moon while Neil would standby in the shuttle to save the two if there was a disaster.

Three hours later, Thomas opened the door to the lunar module. Both him and James exited the module at the same time. Without warning, there was a deafening noise. They turned around as quickly as their suits would allow them. The sound came from Earth. Japan made a deadly mistake. They dropped a nuclear bomb on Germany. World War Three lasted as long as the bomb descent lasted. The only words James could fit out of his mouth were, “Houston, we have a prob—”
“Don’t even bother, the attempt is futile. They’re the ones with the problem, Jimmy.” The shuttle descended to the moon. Neil ran out in his suit, with a lack of breath.
“No, we have a problem! We’re the only surviving humans and we’re stuck on the moon!” There was nothing to be said. They were all speechless. They all went back to the shuttle to make an attempt to start the shuttle back up. They climbed into their seats. Although, the shuttle was shut down after Houston was officially… shut down. James ran out of the shuttle angrily. Both Thomas and Neil quickly followed to calm him down. By the time they got out there, James was crying. Neil was the first to respond.
“What’s wrong?”
“I have a pregnant wife,” James bawled “or had one…” What Thomas realized after he said that put a lump the size of a grapefruit in his throat.
“I… I’m married, too.” Thomas could barely speak. Thomas was heartbroken, but then he thought, Jimmy must be hurting so much. His unborn child is gone. They sat there in the moon’s sandy surface, silent for hours. After about two hours of sulking, they heard someone talk.
“Did you say something, guys?” Neil mumbled
Thomas and James said in unison, “Nope.”
“Then who said that?”
A purple man walked up from behind them and spoke loudly, “It was me.” This made all three of them scream like never before. The man was rather tall and had no nose. He had a loin cloth on. He introduced himself, “Sorry to startle you. I’m from the dark side of the moon. My name is Jurastee.” As he talked it was visible that he had sharp, yet small teeth and a forked tongue. He had red irises. He looked rather intimidating. “I see your shuttle has broken down.”
“Y-yes it h-has.” Thomas trembled.
“Maybe my colony and I could be of service?” As he said this, at least 500 aliens similar to him emerged from the dark side of the moon. About fifty of them were heaving a U.F.O. towards them. The U.F.O. was immense enough to fit all of the aliens and the three astronauts onto it. The three thought they were dreaming. They boarded the ship with the colony. All three noticed a room off to the right that resembled a hotel room. It contained three twin beds which they went straight towards and fell asleep within seconds. They woke up to the sound of the engines powering down. They were home. They landed on the street that they all ironically lived on. All their houses were destroyed, but they noticed to people in the distance running towards them. As they drew closer, they recognized them as Thomas and James’ wives. The two astronauts sprinted towards their wives and hugged them lovingly.
“I know this is probably the worst time to say it, Tommy,” Thomas’ wife, Jennifer said, “But I’m pregnant.” At first, Thomas rejoiced, but as he thought about it, there we’re no surviving doctors as far as they knew. Who would deliver Jennifer and James’ wife, Julia’s babies? As soon as the aliens exited the spaceship, Julia screamed.
“What are those things? Why are they here? Did they bring you here? Did you bring them here?” Jennifer interrogated.
Thomas sighed. “To answer your questions, they’re aliens from the dark side of the moon, they saved our lives, and they brought us back to Earth.”
“Um, Jimmy we have a problem. I’m nine months pregnant and there are no surviving doctors that we know of. We need to search the nearest hospitals for a doctor. We need to do this fast, because the baby could come any day.” Julia said nervously
One of the aliens emerged from the group with his hand in the air. “I’ve studied human child birth for around seven years now. I could give birth to your child.”
Julia walked up slowly and shook the alien’s hand. “My name is Yerspear. I am honored to be granted the responsibility to deliver your baby. Julia cried happily and hugged Yerspear. He was surprised but hugged her back. He was about three feet taller than her. Jurastee walked up next to Yerspear and patted him on the back.
“Yerspear, you get to know the five survivors before us. The rest of the colony will begin to rebuild Earth.” Jurastee said, “Also, if we can find enough people, we may be able to recreate the human race. We will help you fix Earth as if Japan never bombed Germany. It may take decades, but when we’re done here, we will go back to the moon.”
As Yerspear got to know everyone and the race of aliens called the Trapueries rebuilt Earth, they found around one hundred survivors in the U.S. Julia gave birth a week later. It was a baby boy they named Alexander. Jennifer gave birth around eight months later. It was a baby girl they named Karly. Throughout the world, the found 734,104 people. Out of those 734,104 people, 253,957 of them were pregnant women. The human race was back underway within 73 years. With the new generations following, after the lesson told of the near death of all, there was worldwide peace. There would never be another war, not enough a simple rivalry. The Trapueries went back to the moon after 76 years. A statue of Jurastee was constructed in Washington D.C. to remind the world of the leader of the race that brought the Earth to one piece once again.

The author's comments:
This was originally an essay for English class, but my friend insisted that it was an amazing writing. He called it a masterpiece.

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