The Kissed Part 2

February 23, 2010
By pencilchick GOLD, San Jose, California
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2: Dawn of Darkness

Annie watched the paramedic explain that her grandmother had suffered a serious heart attack and needed to be sent to the hospital immediately, “… so if the kids could come in another car that would greatly be appreciated.”

“Thank you doctor,” Father Marcus turned and looked at Annie. Then looked at Neal who was in a deep conversation with Luke. And then at Luke who kept sneaking glances at Annie and being none to secret about it. “Annie, I’ll try and find a ride for you , but it might be kind of hard at this time of night.”

The Father smiled weakly and turned to head to his office were the phone was kept. “Wait,” Annie turned to see Luke standing, “if you guys need a ride I could just take you in my truck, I mean if you want to?”

Father Marcus smiled again, and nodded towards Luke. Annie nodded, “Yeah that would be great, thanks Luke.”

Luke beamed another one of his 100 watt smile and turned to head to the parking lot, Neal fell into step with Annie. He gently grabbed her hand and smiled up at her, His light green eyes shining.

It turns out Luke was right his truck could hold all of them, it was humungous. The thing was a hulking, red monster. Luke smiled at her as he helped her and Neal up into the cab. The ride was silent; it wasn’t an uncomfortable one though. Annie couldn’t help herself, she kept staring at Luke; and was happy to see that he occasionally glanced over at her.

The hospital was about thirty minutes from the church. God, please let them have gotten her here in time. The drive was long and on an unsettling road. She was actually surprised Luke arrived at the hospital so quick; it had taken them less than twenty minutes. Had he really been driving that fast Annie was in shock she didn’t remember if he had or not; in fact she couldn’t remember anything about the drive except Luke looking at her and she at him.

“Wow we got here quick”, Annie said to express her wonder.

“What you didn’t think that this monster could get here?” he indicated his truck with a slight gesture and then beamed at her again. Jees, that smile. Annie began to feel the worry dissolve as she looked at Luke’s smile.

“Hey, Annie do you think that Grandma is okay?” it was Neal his thin face showing the tale tell signs of exhaustion and worry.

“Of course she’s gonna be okay. Neal don’t worry, okay?” Annie tried to put her best motherly voice on but didn’t think that it would work. However Neal awarded her with a slight smile and a tired nod.

“Hey, um Annie. Do you want me to come inside… or I could just wait outside, in the truck I mean?” Annie turned back to Luke, and was surprised to see that he was blushing. It was cute; it made him seem more human. She smiled at him, and gestured for him to follow her and Neal into the hospital.

The hospital itself was dreary, like it had died itself. Annie walked into the trauma unit, which was even worse. All the people who sat in the waiting room had red puffy eyes as if they had been crying or either looked entirely devastated. It made Annie’s stomach flip and bile rise in her throat.

She looked around and finally saw the information table. The woman behind the counter was just as drab as the rest of the building. She wore a gray pant suit, had gray hair and gray eyes. Everything about her was gray. Even her pen and paper seemed to take on the grayness of the place.

“How may I help you young lot,” Annie was surprised to hear the gray blob talk with a southern accent. Annie answered the woman’s question by giving her, her grandmother’s information.

The woman smiled, “well let’s see,” the woman typed something into her computer, “Ah yes she’s alright she got here just in time. Her room is down the hall on the left, room 154. And good luck to yawl.”

Annie couldn’t believe it their grandmother was okay. She let out a sigh of relief and looked down at Neal. Neal was all teeth he was smiling so hard, “Go on go find her Neal.” Neal took off at a dead run.

Annie turned around and faced Luke, “Hey thanks for the ride Luke, but I think we’ll be fine now. So if you want to head home you can.” She expected to see another one of his blinding smiles but instead his face looked grave. His eyes now entirely black, except for the whites looked, upset. In fact his entire stance had changed; it went from calm and cool to that of a predator. “Luke is everything …”

Annie never got to finish her question; Luke grabbed her arm and dragged her down the hallway Neal had run down just a minute ago. He half pushed half dragged her down to room 154. He stood outside the picture widow that looked into the room. ”Do you want to save them, give them the perfect life, huh do you?”

Annie looked into the room, Neal stood there talking to their grandmother who laid in a hospital bed laughing at what Neal was saying. Annie turned back to Luke, “What do you mean do I want to save them, save them from what?”

Luke stared at her with those dark creepy eyes, “I mean, I could give her another heart attack, or have him get hit by a car.”

Annie’s eyes widened, was he really talking about her family? “Are you crazy!? I think, Luke, that its’ time you left, go home.”

Annie began to walk into the room. Just as she passed the threshold her grandmother began convulsing. The monitors that were hooked up to her chest began to send out warning sounds. The room filled with beeps and cries from Neal. Annie began walking further into the room, until she felt someone catch her arm. She didn’t need to turn around to know that it was Luke.

“I can help her Annie,” he grabbed her other arm and spun her around to face her, “but there is a catch.” He eyed her longingly, “I want your soul.”

Annie looked into Luke’s eyes. Is he serious? My soul. Annie looked up at Luke with what she hoped was a look of pure hatred, but he seemed unfazed. In fact he was smiling, but now his smile had elongated and his teeth seemed sharp, “So Annie what’s it gonna be, huh? If you say no, say goodbye to grandma and Neal. But if you say yes… well.”

Annie didn’t know what to say. Luke had seemed so nice, but he did make some weird comments. Luke could it be… It did remind her of something… but what? Annie began to mull over Luke everything he had said, and then figured it out.

“What’s your real name?”

“Oh, Annie. You already know the answer to that; you’re a smart girl.” Annie couldn’t be right, if she was, she didn’t know what she would do.

“Have you really not figured it out yet?” Luke looked generally disappointed, “Wow, maybe you’re not as smart as I thought you were. My name, little Annie. Well my real name, is Lucifer”

Annie turned around and looked into room 154, Neal was still screaming and her grandmother was still. Still, but the machines let out tiny beeping noises. She turned back to Luke. He smiled, “Have you come to a decision?”

Maybe if I play his stupid game he’ll me alone and I can get help for Grandma I can always call the cops later and report him. Huh, maybe they’ll lock him up. God knows society wouldn’t suffer from it. Annie looked him square in the eyes. “Okay Lucifer, or whatever your name is, take it. Take my stupid soul. But right now I need to get help for MY family. Get out of my way.”

The author's comments:
This is the second part of the story,again please let me know what you think!!!

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