third time's a curse

February 12, 2010
By LOVE_of_ALL PLATINUM, Washington, DC, Other
LOVE_of_ALL PLATINUM, Washington, DC, Other
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“Wait, don’t go!” Ashley yelled reaching her arm out towards the door. It was 5:25 in the morning and she had just woken up to Jason walking out the door with his things packed in a brown duffel bag and slumped over his shoulder. Their apartment was a mess. It was a one bedroom apartment with a kitchen and a living/dining room. There was paper and her clothes all over the floor. The previous night they had a big argument. Ashley had found out he was cheating on her, and he told her he was going to move in with another girl. That was six hours ago. She had taken sleeping pills, feeling very upset and not taking him serious. While she slept, Jason had been packing all of his stuff. She woke up as he closed the door behind him, and she did not get to look at him one last time.

She fell back to a restless sleep. In her dream, she had walked in on Jason and some other girl. She reached into her pocket and pulled out a gun. Ashley had no Idea where it came from, but for some reason she knew she had it. She pulled the trigger, and the bullet came out. But it did not hit Jason. Nor did it hit the other girl, but it turned around and went after her. She had no choice but to turn around and run. As she ran, the bullet just kept growing until it was like a rocket above her head. Then it was about to hit her in the head, and she woke up to jabbing pain in the back of her head. For some reason she had ended up on the floor. She got up, and went to the bathroom, almost wetting herself on the way. Then she looked at the prescription bottle spilled over the counter. She scooped up about six pills and swallowed them all. Ashley went over to the kitchen to make a bagel. She was about to take the bagel out of the toaster when her knees went week and she fell to the floor, and passed out.

She dreamed she was in a river, and she was being swept away by the waves. She couldn’t breathe. She woke up to smoke surrounding her. The fire alarm went off. Ashley couldn’t get up, or move or scream. All she could do was whisper. People walked in. Firemen, they looked town at her, the nurses came and put her on a stretcher. That’s all she could remember. Once again she dreamed she was drowning put this time in a large, but surprisingly calm ocean. She started treading water and saw two sharks coming at her. Then she woke up. She was plugged into an oxygen tank. She took it off her face and looked around. She did not see anyone. She had no family, she had run away when she was sixteen, and had met Jason. Now she was nineteen, and she did not even have Jason anymore. She suddenly felt very lonely.

Ashley got up, and changed back into her clothes. She snuck past the nurses’ desk and walked out into the fresh air. She whistled for a taxi, and one pulled up to her. She got in, and told him where to go. “I have no idea where I am, so I hope you know where you’re going.” She explained to him.

“That’s okay, I know where we are I’ll take you there it’s not that far off.” He responded to her.

“Thank you,” she whispered. She watched the buildings come and go, and then she saw her apartment building, and she told him to stop.

“Sorry, but no. I’m taking you somewhere else.” And he locked all the doors. Ashley was terrified. She looked at him in the rearview mirror. He seemed young, maybe in his early twenties. At least he’s not some ugly hag she thought to herself, trying to find some comfort in her situation.

She fell asleep, and when she woke up, several hours had gone by. They were not in the city anymore, because all was quiet. He had blindfolded her along the way, and she had no idea where they were. The next hour went by like eternity. Ashley began to have a feeling of dread in her gut. Then he finally turned into some gravel driveway, and stopped the car. He got out and opened the door for her. He was completely silent. He grabbed her arm and pulled her out of the car and to her feet. He walked her to a door, and unlocked it, shoving her inside a building. Then he led her down a flight of steps, and onto a flat mattress. He took off her blindfold, but not before tying her arms behind her. Then he took out a needle and injected something into her arm. She immediately collapsed and just lay there.

“I just injected you with heroin, so you can’t struggle with me. Now I will untie your hands and take off your clothes.” He explained. Ashley had no idea how long it went on, but at least he did not hurt her when he did those things to her. She had fallen asleep along the way, and woke up to sweaty sheet, and that man lying on top of her. When she tried to get out from underneath him he woke up, and immediately reached for his jacket. He pulled out a needle and injected heroin in her other arm. Once again, she was helpless. He did the same thing and she fell asleep. He only came in to inject her, and to screw with her. The room she was in was always dark, and she never had the strength to even sit up. She was being starved to death.

Then, one day, Ashley woke up to gunfire. She heard yelling, and she saw the man crawling down the stairs. He had a syringe in his hand. He crawled up to her, and she noticed it contained a lot more than usual, maybe three times as much. Ashley tried to push him away, but did not manage. He shoved it in her arm, and it drained into her veins. She closed her eyes and fell asleep, and her body went limp. But part of her rose up above her body, and she became aware of that man dying by her side. She somehow felt free, and rose to her feet. Looking down, Ashley noticed two bodies- her own, and the man’s. He was staring at her body with a blank expression. She realized she could do anything, and go anywhere. In her mind, she could see Jason clearly, and then she was there with him.

Ashley looked around her, to see Jason, and his new girlfriend talking. In this state, she is able to take over another person’s body, kind of like a demon. She is a free spirit, and free spirits can overpower someone who is still alive.

“I’m gonna take over her body,” she whispered to herself. She walked up to her, and sat where she was sitting. Then the felt heavy again, and Jason was staring at her.

“What just happened, Kayla?” he asked her, “You look different.”

“It’s me, Ashley!”

“No it’s not, what the hell did just happen, and how the hell do you know Ashley?”

“It’s me Ashley, I just died and took over this girl’s body. See, now it my soul in a prettier body aren’t you happy?”

“No!” he reached into his pocket and pulled out a gun. He pulled the trigger and the bullet went straight through her skull into her brain. The body dropped, and she felt free again. But she was very angry. She walked over to his body and took over it. Turning the gun to Jason’s head, now hers, she pulled the trigger, and Jason fell to the floor, dead. Feeling very heartbroken and angry, Ashley now wanders the earth killing anyone who does to others what Jason did to her.

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