The Middle or Knowhere no More

January 27, 2010
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Day 1
We have begun our journey into the forest where we believe there is a ancient alien ruin. We beleive it could have advanced technology. That is why me and my 5 friends are here today. We have water, food, and determination to get us through this.

Day 5
The distance we have covered in one day was amazing. But yet we have only have a quarter of the water left. To hold back on how much water we use we have only been drinking the precious dew of the back of the upturned green leaves. As we continue through the jungle I begin to here the far off sound of leaves crunching. I believe there is a person following us.

Day 10
We have finnaly run out of water. I dont how it happened but it did. The leaves are much higher up that were farther in the forest and we cant get the dew. We need to find a spring soon or we may not make it back or even to our destination.

Day 13
The group and i are so thirsty we may not be able to make it but I think i can hear the sound of running water but it may be in my head.

Day 15
We found water but not in time to say my one friend now were down to five instead of six. But right now were filling up our bottles with water.
Day 19
The thing that was following me it has caught up. It was no man but a man-eating-monkey. He ate one of my other friends but the other was able to kill the monkey with his elephant gun before killing the other survivors. This is just to gruesome.

Day 21
I believe I can see the top of one of the ruins we are almost there maybe a will reach it in a day or two.

Day 23
We made it. It was much more spectacular then i could have ever dreamed. There was rocks with glowing inscriptions on them and very weird technology.
Day 24
We stayed in the temple for a night thinking nobody would care but they did. The aliens there here they have already gotten the others now I lay here hiding hoping they will not find me.

Day 25
There still here and will not leave. Either they know im here or they believe now that it is discovered it will be under siege. Either way im gonna get out of here.

Day 27
I have been studying one of the pieces of alien technology. But it is no technolgy it is a weapon than contains the power of lightning. I may be able to use this to escape. But until then I will learn to master this weapon.

Day 28
The time to escape has come i believe i know how to use this weapon. As i back out of the corner ive been hiding out. I spot two of the aliens i take them out. But i never have fired this gun before and it is louder than i expected. It made the sound of a thunderstorm. I began to run then i dove into a little cave and hid for a tad bit.

Day 30
I have made it out of the city but now that im in the forest i have no idea where i am. I have started to argue with my pencil thinking it was plotting against me.

Day 31
Know i am just pure lucky. I have found abandon hut i shall call it The middle of knowhere no more.

Day 35
I can’t believe it. There’s a running stream near by and enough creatures to hunt i think i may just stay here.

End of story 1

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holy_crazy_man911 said...
Feb. 4, 2010 at 8:03 am
Nice!! Could use a little work though.
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